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Reed Libro

Twilight Sparkle is the best !!!! Well at least in my opinion. Then Fluttershy .Then Pinkie Pie.


I have 7 watching me... · 5:59am Aug 15th, 2012

I never thought I would even get one!!Thanks everypony!!

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99236Corrected now!Thanks !:twilightsmile:

93671Well thank you.It means alot to me when someone older than me says I may be more mature then them.:twilightsmile:

For a 12 year old you seem mature. I'm 18 and you're probably way more mature than me. You seem alright here have a new follower.

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Ponies I like and reason(s) why.

Twilight Sparkle:I like Twilight Sparkle because I can be refered as an "Egghead''like her.She is also the most mature or the mane 6 and I love that about her.I also love the fact that she is "Twilightlicous".It shows you that Egghead can be just as cool as Rainbow Dash!Twilight also looks good with glasses....Ive always wanted glasses...Anyways, ever since I was just a (Smaller)Child,I was always attracted (Not as in a crush)to the smarter ones ,or the leaders,for some particular reason.