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The things that hairy beardface American says sometimes...

Excerpts from Skype conversations - evidence why I enjoy having him as a friend.

[02.04.2015 21:51:13] CaveMonkyNick: Maritn help. I found out that I can buy like 1,550 live lady bugs and send them to S. as a joke for like $15. Talk me out of this please
[02.04.2015 21:52:33] Martin: Oh god stahp
[02.04.2015 21:52:38] Martin: I'm dying
[02.04.2015 21:52:49] Martin: Imagine that arriving on their wedding day
[02.04.2015 21:52:55] CaveMonkyNick: IM FUCKING SERIOUS
[02.04.2015 21:52:59] Martin: NO! BAD NICK!!
[02.04.2015 21:53:39] Martin: Also yes, I'll be back at my desktop around the 7th, at the earliest. But we have tomorrow and saturday
[02.04.2015 21:53:54] Martin: And it would be a terrible if hilarious idea
[02.04.2015 21:54:14] Martin: She would probably not have you over for half a year at least
[02.04.2015 21:55:39] Martin: So you should not do that. Absolutely not. Even if it would be the best prank ever, but no
[02.04.2015 21:55:52] Martin: (At least not until I'm there to see)
[02.04.2015 21:58:52] CaveMonkyNick: Martin... MARTIN I have a rewardes balence. I CAN DO IT FOR FREE.
[02.04.2015 21:59:23] Martin: NO! BAD IDEA!
[02.04.2015 21:59:36] Martin: I AM DEAD SERIOUS DON'T YOU DO IT

[14.05.2015 17:01:33] Martin: or he's [Garrus from Mass Effect] just bird twilight, and goes though the fifteenth checklist to make sure everything's in order
[14.05.2015 17:02:48] CaveMonkyNick: "bird twilight". Godammit martin. I'm never going to be able to get the mental image of Garrus surrounded by books about calabrations out of my head
[14.05.2015 17:03:34] Martin: hahaha mission successful
[14.05.2015 17:07:00] CaveMonkyNick: You know, if any of the crew is Twi it's Tali
[14.05.2015 17:07:18] Martin: well, you got a point
[14.05.2015 17:07:45] CaveMonkyNick: Young, excitable, loves to learn. Is purple
[14.05.2015 17:08:26] Martin: that last bit should have been a seperate message
[14.05.2015 17:08:42] CaveMonkyNick: is purple
[14.05.2015 17:08:44] Martin: it would have added to the impact of seeing into your thought process
[14.05.2015 17:08:50] CaveMonkyNick: quote away
[14.05.2015 17:08:56] Martin: hahaha
[14.05.2015 17:09:19] CaveMonkyNick: It's sad because thats what I though of first
[14.05.2015 17:09:30] Martin: I know

[20:47:55] CaveMonkyNick: "Fear where I tread, for there is a Grammar Nazi in my wake." -Me, just now, why did I quote this?

[15.07.2015 15:50:48] CaveMonkyNick: You should make a google doc, put a bunch of bizzare prompts in it, then throw it at me to see what I come up with.
[15.07.2015 15:51:47] Martin: I might do that once I'm off school and away from my desktop for a few weeks
[15.07.2015 16:06:11] CaveMonkyNick: It could make for some fun on these rae slow says like today
[15.07.2015 16:07:15] Martin: hahaha
[15.07.2015 16:11:55] CaveMonkyNick: Also I think Vinny just gave me a new favorite quote.
"Every man is happy until happiness is suddenly a goal."
Its from a Tame Impala song
[15.07.2015 16:13:28] Martin: keyboard cat solar panel colonist
[15.07.2015 16:14:27] CaveMonkyNick: I'm sorry. What?
[15.07.2015 16:14:46] Martin: you wanted a bizarre prompt. your wish was granted.
[15.07.2015 16:15:09] Martin: you can not see this but I am dying of laughter
[15.07.2015 16:17:05] CaveMonkyNick: What the FUCK am I supposed to do with that?!
[15.07.2015 16:17:47] Martin: write, of course. throw together a bunch of random ideas, it doesn't have to be long. go nuts
[15.07.2015 16:27:14] Martin: by the way, this will get copied to the blog page for storage and further reference
[15.07.2015 17:09:01] CaveMonkyNick: Welp, i've got nothing.
[15.07.2015 17:09:23] Martin: dang it nick
[15.07.2015 17:09:41] Martin: how are you ever gonna become a writer at this rate? you're a failure
[15.07.2015 17:09:55] Martin: you know I'm kidding and teasing, right? right?
[15.07.2015 17:10:29] CaveMonkyNick: brb, commiting seppuku with a pencil
[15.07.2015 17:10:58] CaveMonkyNick: For i have shamed the great sprits of writing and do not deserve to draw breth anymore

[25.07.2015 16:51:50] CaveMonkyNick: How those first two chapers going?
[25.07.2015 16:52:32] Martin: almost done. I remember now why I liked celly in this so much
[25.07.2015 16:53:00] CaveMonkyNick: Because lightsaber
[25.07.2015 16:53:26] Martin: because planning ahead at least five steps and a hundred centuries
[25.07.2015 16:53:36] CaveMonkyNick: And lightsaber
[25.07.2015 16:53:44] Martin: dammit nick

[26.07.2015 18:10:03] CaveMonkyNick: Also I've found a surefire way to sober up
[26.07.2015 18:10:16] Martin: which is?
[26.07.2015 18:10:37] Martin: standing outside in the winter after being drenched with icewater?
[26.07.2015 18:10:46] CaveMonkyNick: Five Nights at Freddys 4
[26.07.2015 18:10:55] Martin: oh god why
[26.07.2015 18:11:29] CaveMonkyNick: It's intence, and adriniline can totally wash out 6 shots of rum
[26.07.2015 18:12:25] Martin: or whatever that thing is called/spelled
[26.07.2015 18:12:52] Martin: sometimes I feel quoting you for all too see is almost too funny
[26.07.2015 18:13:27] CaveMonkyNick: And just for that we're watiching mark play fnaf4 later
[26.07.2015 18:13:40] Martin: that reminds me, I still need to pull the thing from a while back
[26.07.2015 18:13:54] CaveMonkyNick: Which one
[26.07.2015 18:23:04] Martin: check my page and you'll remember the one
[26.07.2015 18:27:39] CaveMonkyNick: Godammit martin

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Dear ShyYoungBrony,

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~ KR

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