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1863779 Well thank you for specifically thanking me for it! :3

The story was well written, made fairly good sense, and was touching! Better than a few other fics related to that changeling. XD Keep up the good work =)

Thank you for the favorite. :pinkiesmile:

1785839 All things considered, I think you did a fantastic job! Thank you for creating it and sharing it with everypony ;3

1785790 Well, when writing Monarch's chapter, I was mostly trying to write a finale. The Stay universe is meant for the reader to complete, as you can see, it's open to recursive fiction for anyone who wants to do it. But I felt I needed to to two things first; one, was to give some closure to the readers of the original one, and two, create a north for future stories to happen.

Also, i'm not too familiar or kind to write tragedies, so I gave all the character the happy ending.

I'm sorry it's too short, but most of that is against type on what I usually write, so it was actually hard to me.

1785738 Okie dokie!

Well, the premise was interesting! Not sure that I've seen that exact idea before.

I enjoyed the moral conflict; I completely understand wanting to be free. Still, being willing to sacrifice hundreds, if not thousands, of lives for your own wanderlust is horrible. XD

I think the part I enjoyed the most was the Monarch chapter. There's so much other backstory referenced that it really shows the detail of your mental universe.

My only gripe is that overall it was too short, and a few scenes and ideas weren't given enough attention to be fleshed out.

  • Viewing 59 - 63 of 63
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