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Well, let me start by saying that I will mainly be writing love stories! Being that it is my favorite genre of literature, I find it much easier to write. Of course I will get out of the comfy zone!

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I Need YOUR Help: Enough Fucking Around! · 1:52am May 5th, 2016

YOU SEE THAT! I'm all flustered, now that ya'll got me swearin!


Now... Down to the matter at hand! As you can tell, papa HeartBeat has been away for quite some time. College life isn't as glamorous as they claim! My grammar has gotten better, atleast a decent bit in my opinion. I feel the need to continue my stories. It's almost becoming a tradition! Each summer brings new heat: so new stories damnit! But I need YOU! Yes, YOU!

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74577 im sorry your getting negative feedback i know how you feel i have a lot to and thanks for your comment on my story it made my day:twilightsmile:

No! :applecry: It's just that i was getting such bad feedback, I decided to take it down. Maybe give it another shot in the future. Rewrite it were things are a bit slower and not so crazy. I let you down :fluttercry:

:ajbemused:73398 y u delete? i didnt get to read it im going to unwatch u now

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