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I'm now only at thefrrealdeal.deviantart.com/

This account is pretty much dead.

If you need me for whatever reason, contact me through my Deviantart account thefrrealdeal.
I take art requests too...


I'm done. · 8:43pm Aug 2nd, 2015

I haven't been on this website for a good long time. It's been more than a year. I've gotten really busy with university and work. I just don't have the time or desire to write or do any kind of editing that isn't required for school. I'm done with this website, it's been really fun, but I need to move on. I won't be coming back to this website so if you need to contact me, you can send a message to me through my deviantart account,

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Your friends... What kind of... people are they? I wonder... Do these people... think of you... as a friend?

My works.

The right thing... what is it? I wonder... if you do the right thing... does it really make... everyone... happy?

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1304439 Yeah, but what happens in ten years?

1301027 Oh, that.
Sorry, I thought you were talking about something else. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, no sequel to Iron Giant is pretty sad. I dunno if it really needs one though. It's pretty good as is.

1299988 The Iron Giant's creators did.

Who said there would be a sequel?

They said there would be a sequel... No sequel makes me a sad panda...

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