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No further updates · 6:48am Jun 15th, 2015

There will be no further updates to any stories here. Sorry to any followers/interested parties.

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Gosh, it really is empty around here. You got Deal to comment on your page, which is usually a sign that it's empty (or that he really likes you).

I love your dinosaur thingies, btw. Cute :rainbowkiss:! If I remember correctly, you also ran some sort of tumblr about them? Idk, I could be mis-remembering things. My gifs aren't as cool as Deal's, but I'll leave a sage advice gif, which is almost as nice as a cool dance party gif.


Stay true to your style, Mereneth, if you want to continue writing stuff that is (you never know when someone wants to quit). You got something good going so far.

Geez, this page is pretty empty.
Let's spice things up a little, shall we?

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