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Fathers serve as role models for their children. However, when your father is the cruel and evil dictator of the Crystal Empire, all you can do is run. It doesn't help that you look identical to him either. Where do you go? What can you do? How can you live when everypony thinks you are the evil tyrant?

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Wolframclaws (cover art)
Raaron (proofreader)
Unimportant (editor)
LupoMikti (proofreader)
FloydienSlip (proofreader)

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Sombra? Done right?

Yes please.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Shouldn't you thank the FBC too? It looks like all your comments came from their promotion.

Anyways I really like start. :pinkiesmile:

Featured Box Crusaders sent me here. :heart:

2991657Well if I get featured, I'll add them like they said to. They have my total thanks! I wouldnt have gotten half these comments without them.

2991799 I'm sure they sent just about everyone here ;)

This story needs more comments.


Interesting. Will read.

2991327 You fucking ruin everything you get your grimy little fingers on, and I can only hope this isn't one of those times.

2991875 No, probably not. But at the same time, it's a great group to get publicity through. Just ignore/insult ImJustAnotherBrony, and you'll be golden! :pinkiehappy:

2992553 I'm not quite sure what's going on between you two but thanks I guess :)

2993308 He's a massive douchenozzle who spews bligey vag water upon us all. That's all you need to know.

And you're welcome!! :pinkiehappy::twilightblush::heart:

Glad to see this! I will give it a read soon, but tonight I am writing.

2993512 Probably doesn't meet anything you've written ;)

2993406 lol I guess I'll bring an umbrella then.


I feel oppressed.

2993720 2993735 I like how my story has come to this. It's pretty funny and it gives the story heat. Please continue...

While they're at it, does anyone else want to argue about something stupid as well? How about if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

2993794 There's always someone or something there to witness it so yes, but on a quantum level, if there is absolutely nothing to ever acknowledge the tree's falling, then no. It sure don't make none sounds. Err... it makes no sound.

2993829 Thought that was just the morsels left over from dinner. Huh.

2993852 Energy is produced by the flow of electrons. Here is a nifty little video explaining why IJAB talks out his doucheass.

2992476 You asked for comments. I'm not sure this is the kind you had in mind lol.

2993927 Well, at least it's devolved into science. I like science. Though you can safely ignore anything a non expert says that involves quantum mechanics. Just a general rule of thumb…

Plus IJAB's not a bad person. I can't speak for Doc Crowl though…

2993940 Well at least it's a bit entertaining to watch.

In a fandom built on the foundation of tolerance it really shouldn't matter to anyone here who they are or what their opinion is. Can't we all just get along?

Nice! Give us the deep one. :pinkiehappy:

A story with Sombra and not "GRAAAAGH CRYSTALSSSS GAK" Sombra?

faved and like

2996238 Thanks!

2991657 I don't know if I should still mention the FBC now that they were shut down.

2995457 I'll try my best!

3002816 Rest assured dear reader, more is coming very soon. :twilightsmile:


The FBC still deserves some mention...

Other than that, great start up. I wonder how the reaction will be once there is a "formal" meeting.

I can't quite pinpoint the reason, but I feel very captivated by the words in this. :raritystarry:

3004613 I gotta agree with you on that. Who knows, maybe there won't be a "formal" meeting... maybe there will be... I guess only time will tell. ;)

3004622 I guess AP English in highschool finally paid off ;)

OK what is FBC

wait i know you (get the game reference)
you made the other good story quickly brofist! and i fav this one also.....
never mind already did that cE=

3005292 FBC was a group, Feature Box Crusaders, that would help stories gain heat for more publicity with the goal being to get the story into the feature box. It was recently deleted by knightly because it would take advantage of the way stories gain heat.

I'm also not sure what game you're talking about...

"Come to the darkside, son." :scootangel:

So you'll make one chapter a week or when you'll feel like writing?

3005882 haha I'll do my best but I think it'll be a bit longer than a week for the next chapter. Im pretty busy but I'll write when ever I get the chance.


I guess i gotta wait anyway. So have fun writing.:pinkiehappy:

Nice. :)
I lil bit slow paced for my liking, but I will be patient!

"Fake! Everyone knows Sombra can't talk." (jk :rainbowwild:)
I'm surprised that no one noticed a solid black stallion board a colorful caboose. Actually, what am I saying? The average laws of the Equestrian universe dictate that anything suspicious goes unnoticed unless necessary to the plot.
Next stop: Canterlot!

3008312>> No one notices him because he is so dark that its like a built in ninja suit. ;)

3008149 Yeah the pacing probably won't change much from what it is right now. I say probably because someone else might think differently and its still being worked on.

I like this I myself am writing a story that has sombra's son (very diferent from your story when I actuly post mine) anyway I'm very courios to see what his memours are. I would have done it a little diferent but its your story and I won't be anymore of a shit and I'll upvote this


Null problemo!

As long as you won't write 2+ pages to only describe the weather, I won't complain (much)! :twilightsmile:

3008696 Nice! Great minds think alike ;) You should tell me when your story is up, I'd like to see where you take it!

3008840 Go ahead, complain away! The more the merrier!

3030638 I never got around to that game.

you should it is a nice game heck i have seen fimfiction stories with skyrim characters and skyrim based worlds:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

its a fact so why people disliking your comment

Well shewt. Chapter 3 is finally up!

I may have just taken all that potential the story had and threw it out the window...

3072385 how so?

also i get the feeling that since he is in Equestria his nightmares caused by Sombra will draw Luna to Umbra

So, will the vagon have it's own history? Also, I like the way you created the internal conflict with the oblivon.
Go on. Go on. :eeyup:

Uh oh. ...Uh.... Luna. We need yer help here, Moon Butt. .... Luna? ....Luuuuuna? :|

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