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Recent Cognitive Science graduate. I love languages and linguistics and would love to speak Spanish, German, Dutch or Japanese with you.

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  • TBred for War
    Ponies and Griffons have been fighting for twenty-four years without either side giving up territory. The Ponies are losing, but a new addition to the army has been made. Bred for fighting, he'll discover what it means to be a warrior.
    LupoMikti · 23k words  ·  11  1 · 603 views
  • TMind vs Matter
    The history of Equestria before unification of the tribes has been one lost to the fate of time. When an evil from that time returns, along with an unexpected ally, what will Celestia and Luna have to do to save the lives of every thing in existence?
    LupoMikti · 16k words · 892 views
  • ECuriosity
    A stallion comes across Twilight's "hidden-in-plain-sight" diary and curiosity gets the best of him.
    LupoMikti · 1.1k words  ·  18  1 · 588 views

Stories I've Proofread (at some point in time…)

Lupo's Long Bio

Hello, I'm LupoMikti, Lupo for short (I go by Leila as well). I'm 25 years old and have been away from the fandom for a few years now, mostly focusing on school. And I've graduated at last! I'm no longer that interested in writing however, but I still very much love world-building and I think eventually that'll turn into motivation to write, but that's just not the case right now. It's nice to have ideas still flowing though ^-^

Musical Interests:
- Rock/Metal of most types.
- Classical music, particularly involving string instruments of any kind.
- Electronic/Dubstep occasionally. I have this fandom to thank for that.
- Others ranging from Jazz to Blues to Soundscape.
- Favorite Instrument(s): Cello, Double Bass, Electric Bass, Piano

Goals and Aspirations:
- To absolutely learn to play cello and play well.
- To, in my spare time, build my own Operating System, and call it Lupo OS. Whether or not I make it publicly available (if I do, it will be open source) is still up in the air.
- To design a large scale MMORTS videogame where you control an entire country (Think Risk meets Command and Conquer meets Civilization, and turn it up to 11)
- To learn as many languages as I can. In addition to the four I'm already focusing on learning, I want to eventually be able to speak: Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Swahili, Romanian, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Irish, Vietnamese, and Latin. Oh, and French too, I guess…
- To take up martial arts, specifically: Internal Chinese Martial Arts (Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Liuhebafa Chuan, and Yiquan). External martial arts include, but are not limited to: Northern Shaolin, Hap Gar, Southern Praying Mantis, Jiujitsu, Aikido, Krav Maga, Capoeira, Judo, and Muay Thai.

Facts about me:
- I am a furry.
- I am learning German, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese right now. You can find me on Duolingo under the same name as this profile. Español es el idioma en que soy el más fluido.
- I am in the process of constructing two languages: one for the dragons of MLP, and one for wolves. The one for wolves is called Lykärn. It is a language that I developed to fit right into the Germanic language family, but isn't German, Dutch or English (it's most similar to a cross between Dutch and Low German). The Dragon language will be called Vespin and is planned to be an Agglutinative Language, though I haven't come up with much of anything beyond that for it.
- My two favorite animals are Lions and Wolves.
- I love Mythology.
- I am nonbinary (so please use they/them for me)
- I am pansexual

And that's pretty much it for an intro. I still don't know if I'll actually be active here again, but it's nice to come back here and see many of my favorite stories.

Stories I Haven't Read Yet

The Stories I Wish I Could Write

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Saluton, new follower!

1272409 Hmm, sounds interesting. If you want, you can PM me details about each of the races. Often, it's beneficial to know the culture and general attitude of the race to decide certain things about their grammar and phonetics. Though, like I said, I'm not really linguist, and it depends on how detailed and deep you want to get. If you're looking for a full-fledged language created from scratch (meaning a priori) that you could see others wanting to learn, I'd be happy to get the ball rolling, but I suggest finding someone professional to polish it up and come up with the "derivational morphology" (the roots of all the words in the language).

In my case, I only have enough experience to make a posteriori languages at the moment. That means my words come from a language or languages that are already in existence. For example, Lykärn comes from Modern Greek and the general sound and feel of Latin-based languages. When I begin work on the next language, I want it to be a priori and based off of Middle Eastern, Eurasian and Asian languages, like Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

So, if you're not looking for anything incredibly intricate (perhaps several hundred words, phonetics, basic grammar, numbers and basic writing) then I might be able to help. But like I said, I'm fine with doing some more research (y'know, beyond what I've already done with my own languages), but after this weekend. I have a Statistics final this weekend, so lots of things are on hold until that's done.

1272335 Ok then. The only two languages I need built at the moment are Orcish and Umbrian, the languae of Shadows Demons, a race of my own design. It's for a graphic novel I'm working on. I'd ask you for any Irish or Scottish, but I can just find a Rosetta Stone program on them.

1272316 Heh, well no. I would love to study linguistics, but my calling lies in programming and astrophysics. I was planning on majoring in one of those two (astrophysics most likely) and minoring in linguistics, but at the moment, the plan is to double major in computer science and astrophysics and use a couple linguistics courses as technical electives. But I'd still be happy to assist you in whatever you need. I'm no stranger to research and if it requires that I rigorously teach myself linguistics, chances are I'll do it. :twilightsmile:

1272143 so you're a linguist? I may have need of your talent

1272063 Well, up there in that long-ass bio (:twilightsheepish:), I mention that I'm creating a couple languages. This one is called Lykärn (pronounced Li-, as in lick, -care-n). It's coming along well, but I've run into a block on the grammar and there aren't many words made…

1271248 you're welcome and what language is that exactly

1270930 It literally translates to "Stick to the shadows" but is meant as an idiomatic expression for "take care" or "best wishes." At least that's what I plan for it to mean… :applejackunsure:

Oh, and thanks for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

Emoredoma wid dom sylon

This translates to English as what?

Big, retroactive thanks for favoriting The Twin Mountains! It really means a lot.

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