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Pushing Daisies · 9:26am April 8th

Anybody here a Lackadaisy fan? Anybody here a fan but haven't heard about the animated pilot? Well, I hadn't. Very happy to report that I am no longer out of the loop. If by chance you, like me, have not experienced the cats for yourself I wholeheartedly recommend. Seriously, there's a web comic, deviant art, animatics, awesome tunes and now an amazing pilot that brings a lot to the table. 1920s bootlegger gangster cats, what's not to love?!

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Updates Daily! Weekly! Whenever Dollars happens to remember it exists...

Current News 9/8/22

Hey all, we've been gone awhile but here's what's coming.

Current Project Status

Infinity's End: Times Gone By.
Chapters sixteen - eighteen nearing completion!!

Single chapter story: Dashie Punches a Shark!
Status: 100%
Release date: Posted

/ / / / / / /

Infinity's End: Times Gone By
Chapter Fifteen
Progress: 100%
Status: Posted

/ / / / / / /

Infinity's End: Times Gone By
Chapter Sixteen
Progress: 98% Ish...
Status: Final Edit / Next in line
Release Date: Very Soon!

/ / / / / / /

The Inexplicable Adventures of Button Mash and Professor Explodium
Chapter One
Progress: 85%
Status: Final Draft
Time to Release: Soon
/ / / / / / /

The Bottom Shelf
Chapter Twenty Five
Progress: 95%
Status: Final Edit
Time to Release: Very Soon

/ / / / / / /

New Projects

An Easy Button Finds Twilight Sparkle
Single Chapter Story
Progress: 15%
Status: Storyboard / Notes / Basic Structuring
Current Word Count: 1,000
E.T.A. Eventually / Temporarily on Hold

Future Projects

The Inexplicable Adventures of Button Mash and Professor Explodium
Inspired by the Back to the Future movies and the show, Rick and Morty.
E.T.A. Soon ish...
Status: In Progress / Story boarding / Rough Draft

/ / / / / / /

Mares in Black
Inspired by the Men in Black movies and the show Soul Eater. With just a hint of Hellboy for spice.
E.T.A. N/A No current updates available
Status: Story boarding / Rough Draft

/ / / / / / /

A Nevem Jorge
Inspired by the Halo franchise and by the story M.I.A. written by Gravitys Rainboom
E.T.A. Winter?
Status: Story boarding / Rough Draft / Research
Chapters 1-5 in progress...

Anypony else feel those little Tremors lately...?

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Alive might be overselling it a little, got pretty busted up a bit ago doing, well, I'll leave that up to your imagination. Never the less things could certainly be worse....
Can't say much about Jake at this exact moment but I'm confident in his abilities to see him through. Next time we can speak I'll pass along the message.

Sorry about the delayed response, haven't been on much, though I am trying to devote more time to writing again so that should become less common. I insta failed my new years resolution to post something substantial every month but am on track to offset that this month soooo, yeah....

For better or worse though, I have no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon. :twilightsheepish:


Besides, I have a whole new generation of ponies to blather on about now adays...

Yes Dollars! You’re still alive hope Jake is as well. Man life has been, well life lot has happened since last talking to y’all but I think for the better yes

Hola my friend, how's life treating you?


DOUBLE God blesses! God loves you, now and forever.

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Every time you lick a stamp, you consume 1/10 of a calorie.

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Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, was allergic to carrots.

That's all for this week folks, see you next time.

I'm gonna add something to this since Dollars always screws with the page without telling me.
India tested its first nuclear bomb in 1974. -Jake

Honestly, I forgot this was even here... Dollars.

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