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If I didn't respond to you · 3:28am Last Monday

I'm sorry if I failed to respond to a recent comment on my stories. Between being sick for a while, being somehow unable to see my new notifications (I get told I have new notifications, but not what they are), and waiting on my editor as he wrestles with work and health issues I've been kept away from here.

I am trying to get everything moving again soon. My apologies to the readers of the Silver John story in particular.

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Thanks for the watch, it is appreciated! :pinkiesmile:

My editor wants to set all my stories in an unspecified point around season 3 or 4 to try avoiding that. Myself, I don't care.

I’ve been curious about something.

Regarding the series’s recent developments from the 8th and 9th season, they wouldn’t happen to be causing problems for your stories, would they? You know, for if they can be part of the head canon or not?

Thanks for the fav!

You're very welcome! Thank you for sharing your work here on FIMfic.

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