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In Alex Warlorn's 'Conversion Bureau: Not Just Ponies' setting, Equestria's dragons have joined the others on Earth in gaining new members of their species. In southeast Pennsylvania they've done so well they want to celebrate it, transformed human New Whelps and Trueborn alike. But not everyone is happy at the idea of millions of new dragons existing, either among humans or ponies.

Still, it's a party. For New Whelp dragons and their mostly-human friends and relations. And some local frat boys. And angry movie-goers. Surely this can't cause any problems. Right?

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Very interesting, I hope to see more!

Thanks. The final chapter should be up tonight. Soon, in fact.

Awesome, I'd love to see a sequel to this someday.

Maybe, we'll have to wait and see. And thanks for liking the story enough to comment on it.

Comment posted by Ardashir deleted Jan 27th, 2019

No time for mammalian stuff? I'd assume the human preoccupation with capitalism would be noted as having caught on more with the whelps, given it leads to money.

A very touching ending, though him becoming a dragon is just about the only thing that coukd make it even better. If you DO make a sequel I'd be overjoyed.

Thanks for the like on the story, for enjoying it enough to comment on it, and for the watch. I hope that whatever I post here in the future entertains you as much as this story did.

Not with the Trueborn dragons, as they tend to more of a 'pillage and plunder' economy than one where you make wealth by hard work or investments. They would rather either dig wealth from the earth with their own claws or take it from someone else by violence or threats. That's one of the things Ember is hoping the New Whelps will change about dragon society by making it less brutal and viciously competitive.

Some other dragons realize this and they're not happy about her plans.

By shifting it to a totally different kind of brutal, vicious competition? It seems Ember is woth the humans aim8ng for a more classically draconic goal (gooooold!), but with the lessons she learned. Basically obtaining treasure via cooperation. Sorta. You get what I mean.


That was a great story. I hope it get a sequel or maybe a crossover with another Not Just Ponies story.

Thank you. I have some ideas I want to use, but they've got to wait until after dealing with some important family problems.

Comment posted by Ardashir deleted Feb 19th, 2019

Okay. But here a idea that you could use for the sequel how about something that involves Dragon Town and the Dragons from there like Mina from the MLP comics series:
And maybe have Mina the young dragoness comics fan being at a comic or anime convention on Earth like here.

It's certainly an idea, though I always felt Dragon Town was an odd fit given how the ponies seemingly knew nothing about dragons while having a whole town full of them living in Fillydelphia. And I do like the idea of Mina the dragon comics nerd.

Of course I could always have a 'New Dragontown' starting up in the story setting.

Thanks for reminding me of it.


You're welcome. I'm just glad to help.:twilightsmile:

And now its gone from a lawsuit to a major international incident that has the potential to shift public views in such a way that it could end up killing billions. Plus even they technocally followed the letter of the law, its violates the spirit of it in rhe ass with a cactus. Even if it was a fake attack they'd be justified in killing him, given they had cause to believe it was a credible threat at the time. Plus they almost permanently crippled a foreign dignitary. And the guy in question has publicly admitted to doing what he did. And inciting violence/murder to both foreign and US citizens. Possibly killing millions of Americans by not letting them transform. Seriously, Ember may be acting little like a cunt but she's totally right and should under no circumstances apologize. Hell, this should already have the highest national authority involved given what's happening.

And please for the love of whatever you find holy don't turn this into a crapsack world. I like the series specifically because it avoids that.

It will not end up a crapsack world, no.

Bram just can't get a break it seems. I think that Gilda really doesn't understand the severity of the situation if she wants to visit at the same time as a rally of people who hate all non-humans.

Everything turned out good for them then, though Ember could turn this whole thing into a big PR win. Given the public saw "her dragons" stop a terrorist attack.

Also seriously Bram, put yourself on the list ti become a goddamn dragon already! Even if its not going to happen anytime soon making sure they'll have a potion for you is something you're going to need to do. Really at this point him turning into something other than a dragon would be a dissapointment.

I'm almost sure he'll become a dragon in the end. Say 90+%? At least by now I can't see him becoming anything else without something going very wrong.



“I didn't use my beak or talons until I heard Mewsette yowl and saw her on the ground clutching her arm.” His face darkened. “After that, buck that scat. I started clawing.”

It seems that maybe Granch and Mewsette are more then just friends due to his reaction of Mewsette getting hurt. Maybe that might be something in the next chapter.:trixieshiftright:

Nice story man. You're planning to do more stories that take in the TCB: Not Just Ponies universe?

I'm pretty sure I will, though I can't promise it.


Maybe something involving the Yaks or the Gargoyles like Scorpan and his mother, Queen Heydon. Or maybe a story of the Students Six visiting Earth as a class field trip.

I think most of the Student Six are near-adult by this point; I'm working on the idea that these events are happening a few years after the show ended. They're probably already working with the Clinics on Earth simply because they're some of the few non-ponies with experience dealing with other species.

I want to smack that little sister now. Or at least get her booted from that project (a letter to Twilight about how she treated her mother and treats Starlight should do). Few things can tick me off more than such casual disregard for family.

Yeah. If she shows up in the future she'll be even worse.

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