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Welcome to the Three Stooges Fan-club, Where we add Stories to Our Favorite Knuckleheads. N'yuk! N'yuk! N'yuk! N'yuk! Woo-Woo-Woo!!!

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First one I read and I was attached right away. Can't wait to read more about our three favorite numbskulls messing up.

Buncha wise guys around here. :pinkiehappy:

Hello, Hello, Hello, hiiiii

As someone who has seen a collection of 'Three Stooges' material, including that one feature film that came in theaters a while back, it's safe to say the trio are among my favorite trios. They may beat each other up, they may do dumb things, and they may lose their temper at times, but the slapstick element they provide makes it enjoyable. Course, of my favorite alignments, hands down it's the trio that involves Moe, Larry, and Curly.

Shemp is okay even though the argument goes he originated the Stooges line-up before leaving for Hollywood. Joe... Eh. Curly Joe... I'm a bit on the fence about him. Nope, for me it's got to be Curly with all that energy and memorable lines.

I can think back to when I found this alarm clock that showed the three at a golfing range. While the theme music plays, Curly would smack either Moe or Larry while trying to hit that ball and they'd bash him on the head. So funny!

It’s just a joke.

Of course, the only way pants could walk without people in them would be if a monkey was inside of them.

How can pants walk without people in them


ah, you guys must've been drinkin', pants are walking around...


Your pants are walkin' and you ain't in 'em!


Don't tell me how to run my business! Beat it!


this house has sure gone crazy!!


Hey, no wonder the water don't work! The pipes are plugged up with wires!
A fine place for wires!


But it ain't spring yet!
oh yes it is, see the pretty grass?


Look, a rowboat!
Rowboat? You're crazy, that's a horse trough.
Horse trough, rowboat? In a hotel? That's a bathtub!


I Got the Deetee's! I'm Seeing Gorillias, I Tell ya!
Ah You're Crazy... The Joint's Haunted, Look the pants are walking!

I Love Both Of the Shows!!!

There's no good reason to not like that show.
Hell, The Three Stooges is my favorite TV show of all time in front of MLP!

I got 'em! I got 'em! Moe, I'm seeing gorillas!
Don't look at me when you say that!


Say a couple of adjectives!

301668 That movie is tied with Avengers: Age of Ultron and Terminator: Genisys for my favorite movie.
301670 In How High Is Up?. Me and my dad cry laughing at that bit.

I forgot to throw out the anchor!


NIAGARA FALLS!!! Slowly I turned, and step by step... Inch by inch...

352868 Watching Grips, Grunts, & Groans.

Say a few Syllables.

i have the vol 3 and movie of the three stooge oh youtube or any site have the three stooge online for free but try youtube okay?

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