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Hakuna Matata

What a Wonderful Phrase

Hakuna Matata

Ain't no passing craze

It means no worries, for the rest of your days

It's our problem-free philosophy

Hakuna Matata~!

Does anyone remember these famous words from this familiar song? I certainly do! But does anyone else besides me remember where this song originally came from? For any of you who don't remember, allow me to refresh your memory and tell you that this amazing song is from the one and only 1994 movie of the Lion King!!! And this group right here is for the one and only movie that I believe is the best movie ever to exist ever in the history of Walt Disney! Anyone who is a fan of that amazing movie has come to the right group to post any stories, or plan to post any future stories involving the one and only Lion King! I am sure there are plenty of others who are just dying to post or create their own stories and post them here so they can at least be noticed by other readers and writers on here. So, I'm going out of my way to do just that for the people already here, and the people who will surely come onto this site as well:raritywink:. All types of stories are allowed, and anyone who already has stories based on The Lion King is more than welcome to post stories they already have on the lion king here! Just be sure to follow the rules listed down below:ajsmug:.

1. No spamming, flaming, bullying, or trolling of any kind.

2. Be kind and respectful to all in this group, no being rude or hateful towards others. Most of all to those that are sensitive and delicate.

3. No bashing, hating, and criticizing others who write fics involving darkness, violence, gore, horror, or, most of all, clop. Clop especially. I cannot stress the last one enough:facehoof:!

4. Violation of the three rules above will lead to you getting one warning only, then a temporary ban or a permanent band.

5. Stories rating M and Anthro are allowed. Just be sure to put them in the correct folder, along with the ones that have the E or T Rates on them.

6. Other Crossover fics are allowed, just make sure they have the Lion King crossed over with them as well:scootangel:!

8. Have fun, and remember... Long Live The Lion King:yay:🦁:heart:!!!

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Alrighty that sounds nice! Feel free to add it here if you’d like! I’m also working on an MLP/Lion King crossover myself. It’ll be in the equestrian universe, but it’ll be more wild and desolate, with most of the characters from the Lion King there, except with additional ones. It’ll also have stories like going back to when before Mufasa, and even his parents became King of the Pridelands and what happens after Kovu and Kiara become the next Prideland Rulers:raritywink:.

Asante. (thank you) :twilightsmile: By the way, I'm working on a new Lion King crossover story. However for this story, its rarely gonna involve the more popular characters like Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Mufasa, Zazu, Scar, etc., instead its gonna involve the new gen characters, with the five main ones for this story being Kion, Rani, Surak, Baliyo, and Nirmala. But since this will be an AU story, all 5+ characters will be different compare to their Lion Guard counterparts, physically, personally, and background wise.

Whoops! I'm sorry! That was a big mistake on my part! Rule number 7 was meant for another group entirely and I did not mean to put that little bit there! I'll get rid of that:twilightblush:

Hey there. I've been reading the rules on the main page of this group and I'm kinda loss at rules 5 and 7 as rule no. 5 states that stories rating M and anthro are allowed as long as they're put in the right folder but rule no. 7 states no anthro stories. so I must ask respectfully: what kind of oxymoron, contradictory, or paradox am I looking at here?

By the way, I recently discovered this group since I found out two of my stories are in this group. So I decided to check it out and I must say, I'm glad that they're others in this site who writes Lion King crossovers.

Yes! Forgive me for not leaping with joy. Bad back you know

I'm actually planning to release my very own Lion King/MLP fics in here myself some time in the future. Mainly so everyone here can have something brand new to look at:raritywink:.

There's an error in the description. The Lion King was released in 1994, not 1996.

Well it's about time a group like this cropped up!

Oh, right that:pinkiegasp:! I'll see if I can get to it:twilightsheepish:.

Like, promote it on the "Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau" group?

That's what I often do in order to give my stories and groups noticed more.

I'm not sure what you mean... could you be more specific?

When do you plan on promoting this group to give it more notice, by any chance?

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