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A group dedicated to our favorite spa pony twins. For anybody who is confused as to which is which, Aloe is the gorgeous pink mare with blue hair, and Lotus is the alluring blue mare with pink hair. Who better to service Ponyville than these two mares?

Stories can be put in all groups they fit in, but if it's clop, it should only go in the Clop folder. That way, if you just came here for that, you have an easy place to find them all for easy searching.

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Hey guys the uh thread posting notifications are gone so I wanted to tell you guys that I have put up a thread on this group right now.

Radiohead is relevant to everything ever.

i joined because every pony has to look good :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::heart:

Radiohead song is relevant.

I'm glad to see another group dedicated to Lotus & Aloe on here. Ponies like Twilight, Luna and Applejack have lots of groups for them, so why can't these two have a few? :raritywink:

I added my story. Hopefully, it will be a welcome addition to the group! :scootangel:

Well, what a coincidence. :raritywink:
And wow, I didn't know about the first group... but I have no regrets!

But yeah, if it's clop, would be best to put it only in the clop folder. Better organization, I would say (though I expect most future stories to go in there).

Glad to see I'm not the only one who really loves Lotus & Aloe! They certainly deserve this second group dedicated to them, if nothing else. :twilightsmile:

One question about the folders. Can a romance have the mature tag (as long as it's tasteful), or do you want all forms of clop in the clop folder? I have spa pony story I can add to this group, but I just want to make sure I put it in the proper folder. :eeyup:

*Salnalus god your username is hard to spell LOL

How you doin Salnalus? I joined ^^

Let's hope we can get plenty of that, then. :raritywink:

I came for the porn!

Get it?

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