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A tired dude.

Helloooooo and welcome to the realm of a normal (and certainly most rational and sane) individual doing normal, sane, and logical activities.

Then of course there is the fire. Glorious pyromania inducing fire.

Also why is my name Everwinter and my page covered in fire? Cause I can bitch. Deal with it. (This is in no way me lashing out at random people in a pathetic and shallow attempt to create a false sense of control of my life through this site and therefore to boost my self esteem and defeat the crushingly depressing shitty reality of adult life, Nope and even if it were you can't prove it.................hahahahahaaaaaa take that random individual who clearly has almost as much free time as myself to be reading this horribly grammatically butchered run on sentence.)


200 Million words! · 3:15pm Jul 7th, 2015

I just realized that my library is now over 200,000,000 words (technically 217 Mill.) so I'm celebrating this milestone.:pinkiehappy: Over three years of dedicated effort. Now if you'll all excuse me I think I'm going to go see an eye doctor............and maybe a bar to help me forget those Displaced HiE stories. :facehoof:

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