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Power to the Masses!

The time has come for the working pony to realize himself and shake off the shackles forced on him by the status quo. The time has come for the upper class to tremble at the power of the masses. the time has come for the old world of competitive war to be replaced by a grand association of the working pony.

But while we must rely upon the blade, we must also rely upon the pen. Hence, the FIMfiction cell of the CPE! PonySquare Group

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The only liberation communism brings is the liberation of liberty and individuality

This was always a joke

Finally! Some people who share my ideals!

(I got no clue if this group is a joke, or if it’s actually made up of communists. But I have you know I am a cold hard communist, for real. And I am ready to die for the revolution when it comes to my country.🇨🇦)

Ain't no party like a Communist Party!
Oh yeah. Socialist Parties. Dammit...

377821 Yeah.
Let's not have revolution. Or rebellion. Or uprising.

This group is Fimfiction history. How the Hell does it not have more members?

403241 I am a nazi, I am not however racist, or against any one relligion.
I hate everyone equally.

377820 Okay then. As long as things don't get too serious.

I'm getting a feeling it's kinda both

One question, though. Is this a real communist group or just a joking one?

363489 I'm a purebred Marxist all the way, bitch. I ain't doin' non of this "Lenin" bullcrap. Pure, uncomtaminated Marxism is the solution to all the world's problems! :pinkiecrazy:

Glory to the masses! /)

lol is everyone here really like a leninist or bolshevik sympathizer

the bolsheviks made no effort to establish socialism in russia, in fact all they did was establish a form of primitive capitalism

anarchists in the house

313432 Stalin was a bastard that took the idea of true communism and twisted it to form his own dictatorship.

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