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Starting to write. · 11:11am Jan 17th, 2016

I have been on the site a while, never got a story published... I finally feel I am good enough to try. If any one wants to help proof-read they can(You will get your name in the credits.) However you will need to:
Be able to handle grimdark clopfics without being sick.
Not question my randomness.

That is pretty much it. I don't need you to work fast or anyrhing.

What I am writing: I will be writing dark clop involving my OC: http://pastebin.com/62m8r7gX

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Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

Notice to all ponies that have notticed all the pepole that I follow. I do not aprove of what they write, I simply follow them for pushing the limits of free speech.
So... yea

Thanks so much for the follow, you are awesome. XD

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