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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Give me monies or you'll never see it again. Except in the photos I send you of me molesting it with my futa parts.


Spikey Wikey Too · 2:07pm Nov 30th, 2018

I published Spikey Wikey Too and apologize for the delay. I encourage fans to rate and vote on what happens next in the description. Yay?


I have Rainbow Dash's head. Join my Patreon or buy me coffee or you'll never see it again. My fan club is here. Avatar is an edit of art by SweetFilthyFun.

Thanks to Pokefound for the art in my avatar. More art of my avatar can be found by searching OC:Crimson Prose on depibooru Keep filters on unless you want to see horrible things.

Some people have commissioned art and such of my character, which I appreciate, but make sure that the artist will allow it to be posted on places like Derpibooru beforehoof. This may seem obvious, but I've had people commission images for me only to find the artist won't let them post the art they had paid for due to content.

My OCs and worlds can be used freely by almost any author or artist, so long as it's free or agreed upon as otherwise by me. Artists and authors that refuse to allow commissioners to do what they want with what they pay for do not have permission, but I can't stop you.

Notice: Headless Rainbow/Crimson Prose is a fictional persona. Personal information divulged by Headless/Crimson is not guaranteed to be factual.

Oh and one more thing:

Stop annoying poor staff with futile complaints.

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But if he's mad at me, why would he say something so flirtatious?

ell, he wants all of her. he said if he doesn't get all of her back, he will and I quote

rip your head off and blow my fucking load down your god damn neck

Well, we can compromise. I can give him the rest of Rainbow's body. That has the part a husband wants to use, right?

Tell him you have good news for him. He's widowed! That's like being single but even better because you can get pity fucks from some of her friends. I bet Fluttershy is all about pity fucks.

you have Rainbow's head? you should give it to me. My OC is a bit pissed off that Rainbow has been gone this long. He's orried about her, saying they are married.

That was my immediate question. Which is why I had to post it.

Why did you cut Rainbow's head off? Or did you find it?

How have I never seen this? :rainbowhuh:

  • Viewing 207 - 216 of 216
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