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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Give me monies or you'll never see it again. Except in the photos I send you of me molesting it with my futa parts.


Fallout and Crimson · 11:19pm Oct 29th, 2023

For those interested even though it's not as explicit as the stories on this account, Fallout Ashlands occurs in the same universe as Crimson's Cutie Mark and Fallout Happy Horses and features Crimsom Prose as a character.


I write to get the darkness out, as a way of coping with childhood trauma. My therapist and psychiatrist know about and encourage me writing extreme content. It's all about understanding the difference between fact and fiction, and that getting things out in fiction keeps them out of real life.
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Art and stories of my content is encouraged so long as it is non-profit and is allowed to be posted. Check with the artist as some have strange conditions on how you use the art you pay for. Please let me know about it so I can see or link to it, especially if it occurs in the same universe as one of my stories.

Why Would I Do That?

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yeah, even if it's probably not for the way it was supposed to be consumed

Well I'm glad if you get anything positive out of them, if you can manage to do that

i don't really go into darkfic often but i don't have anything against people who write it, especially when it's coping or w/e. there isn't a wrong way to cope w/ trauma when it involves fiction, and i'd be lying if i said i hadn't had similar ideas... i used to binge loli/shotacon a lot.

your fics are really interesting in a morbid sense, so uh... thanks? it definitely made visiting this site after months of stagnancy rather intriguing

I really like your stories with face-sitting in them

Hey, okay so saying i'm not fan of the stuff you write would be an understatement, however i must say that despite it i feel admiration for you. Reading about why you write what you do was honestly eye opening, the fact that you do all of this so you wouldn't hurt peoples irl honestly make you a better person than most of us given the circumstances. You are brave, and even if i'm kinda terrified by you, you have all my respect.

I also really appreciate how honest you are with all of this, and the detailed CW, that's nice of ya.

ahh okay just wanted to make sure :)

I don't think I wrote those, sorry. They do sound like things I'd write though!

there was one about twilight snuffing out spike by sitting on his face and there was another one where twilight, celestia, luna, cadence and a couple others were having a gruesome orgy and it ended with twilight on a stick and being eaten. maybe im misremembering who wrote them but i swear it was you

I haven't deleted any that I remember. What are you looking for? Maybe you read them on my archiveofourown account instead?

did you delete a couple of your stories? i’ve been looking for two of them and i couldn’t find them anywhere :3

  • Viewing 305 - 314 of 314
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