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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Give me monies or you'll never see it again. Except in the photos I send you of me molesting it with my futa parts.


After the epilogue poll · 6:04pm November 9th

Poll for how many years in the future you think the epilogue was and which characters you'd most like to see go nuts in a story taking place right after: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VPYN5G2
(If for some reason you want to change your vote, let me know and I can delete your old vote, at which point you can just take it again.)

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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Join my Subscribestar (PREFERRED) or Patreon or buy me coffee or you'll never see it again. My fan club is here. Avatar is an edit of art by SweetFilthyFun.

More art of my OC can be found by searching OC:Crimson Prose on depibooru Keep filters on unless you want to see horrible things.

Some people have commissioned art and such of my character, which I appreciate, but make sure that the artist will allow it to be posted on places like Derpibooru beforehoof. This may seem obvious, but I've had people commission images for me only to find the artist won't let them post the art they had paid for due to content.

My OCs and worlds can be used freely by almost any author or artist, so long as it's free or agreed upon as otherwise by me. Artists and authors that refuse to allow commissioners to do what they want with what they pay for do not have permission, but I can't stop you.

Notice: Headless Rainbow/Crimson Prose is a fictional persona. Personal information divulged by Headless/Crimson is not guaranteed to be factual.

Oh and one more thing:

Stop annoying poor staff with futile complaints.

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media.discordapp.net/attachments/564766398656806914/634970965020770315/unknown.png?width=885&height=498 Don't question how a 15 year old knows your page just enjoy our weird Roblox art. It's probably okay

Did have a few ideas, but mostly working on other things and commissions.

I'm kind of surprised you haven't done anything with Cozy yet.

I did write it before my erotic-only account existed, and still need to request it to be moved somehow.
I was going to do a chapter based on Crusaders of the Lost Mark, but never got around to it

I keep hoping that one day you'll update MAS:HOO (why it's on this account I have no idea, other than that maybe you wrote it before your clean accounts existed?) but every day my hopes are dashed. I don't really care for the other stuff on this account, unfortunately.

For me, it's one of my least favorite fanfics ever, for two reasons:
1. The aforementioned ratio of Gore to Story
2. Pinkie's characterization is just close enough for me to feel uncomfortable reading it.

For comparison's sake, I'm going to bring up Rainbow Factory, easily the second most well known grimdark MLP fic.

In that:
1. There's an actual story. The gore itself, while there, is ultimately a relatively small part of the whole story.
2. a. It's explicitly set in an AU, which helps distance it from the canon characterizations already.
b. Dash's behavior is so different in that fic from canon that I can feel comfortable enjoying it.
c. There's an in-universe concrete explanation for why Dash's behavior is the way it is at that point.

I honestly didn't think Cupcakes was that bad, and sadly lacking in sex.

I just realized something:
On average, most of your fics have about the same Gore to Story ratio as Cupcakes.

Yet I'm able to go back to your fics FAR easier than that

I'd suggest creating a fourth account as a place to put fics that are too tame for this account but are still non-con, but I think having 3 accounts is already enough.

And while true, I still think in a situation like that, the other Wonderbolts would back off once Dash made it clear she wasn't interested, unless they were also drugged on top of that. But I already said my piece on the fic itself.

Speaking of, here's how I currently rank the fics from you that I've read on this account:
Every Little One She Snuffs
Spiking the Punch (though I still need to finish actually reading this one, and I've only really read it the one time)
It's Easy Being a Griffon (Dark Version)
My New Friend Thinks I'm Delicious (specifically chapter 2, since that's the one with the direct mind control)
Bad End: Crystal Empire
Oviposition (something about the mind control/breaking in this one feels too subtle, oddly enough)
Twilight Takes Charge (just feel it's kind of meh overall, though it has been a while since I last read it)
Windy Whistles Upgrades to Gilf (Non-Con version) (as I said)

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