Night of the Living Cute!

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Hi- fuck I'm late

Comment posted by Ironfire Skies deleted Feb 7th, 2017, might as well.

"I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger,
a travelling through this world of woe.
Yet there's no sickness, toil or danger,
in that bright land to which I go."

Like I have done with Paradox, there is no reason to follow a man that no longer exists. So with that, farewell.

*presses the unfollow button*:ajsleepy:

A shame, too. You told me all about the story, and now you'll never have the chance to finish it. Such a shame.

Well, I shall be taking my leave.

2246318 I am leaving, so I'm sorry I never spoke with you. You were and still are an amazing writer. Your clop and more was well written and I always forgot to give you a follow. I will be banned tomorrow upon request, so here is my email should you ever wish to talk.

I wish you much luck in your bright future, strongest writer alive.

  • Viewing 6,795 - 6,799 of 6,799
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