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Rewriting. · 8:57pm Feb 17th, 2017

I am currently re writing and adding on the most if not all the chapters in Peace. So if the words are disappearing and changing you'll know why. I'm adding more info to the story and plot. I've had a lot of time to think about it and this needs to be done.

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2401706 haha thank you! I really appreciate it.:twilightblush:

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Now I just have to keep dozens and dozens of people happy...

Thanks for the fav on Double Vision :heart:
Next updates on sunday

Thank you for the fav it is mucho appreciated.


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1. A poem of fate.

Oh how I wish to have an adventure. I see the mane six solving puzzles and moving through life without a care in the world, achieving their destinys, completing their fates..

I watch them on the other side of my Ipad, wanting desperatly to escape my inevitable fate on this wretched world. Why I even tried to hypnotize my self into one. Alas, fate made me stay...

Oh how i wonder what adventures I'd have on the other side of my screen, how I'd, save the world, or even just be sitting with my friends in the Ponyville park...

Oh fate! Why art thou so cruel and heartless!? Why must you torture me so!? Do you enjoy my suffering, my knowing that I can not reach through my screen and be happy!? I want to leave but thou won't let me! I want to to say good morrow to the earths soft soil but thou won't ever let me leave...

Fate, why won't you even let me peek?...

2.Figure in the darkness

Walking down the street in a lonely city, the city's corruption becoming more visible at every glance. Why does this happen?

Does this world not know of its own destruction? Why do the people we trust betray us? The answer is what we seek but are we asking for the right answers or are we just listening to the wrong questions?

Only by chance do we see this world's beauty. It's figure in the darkness. For every murder there is two births, for every birth there is another. But you still ask yourself why? Why am I here? Am I truly important in this crowded world? How do I see this worlds figure in the darkness?

MThe answer? You don't. For without a clean mirror you're looking at the wrong figure in the darkness of this corrupted world.
Thank you.