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Sup. Name's Red. Take a look around, ya might find somethin' ya like.

Know That This Author-

Is obsessed w/ this guy

And This One-

...And These Two


Welcome to my page, hope you enjoy your stay-

Make yourself at home, all I've got to offer for now is some stale reads, but I'll try to bake some new stories soon, so if you're willing to wait, check everything out and give something a try!

You might just find something you like... :pinkiehappy:

Library O' Works

My Absolute Favorite Stories

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1568119 quite right.... quiiiiite riiiiiight....

Yes, I did get you... a stetson, bowtie, and fez. One can never be too cool.

1567539 WHERE!?
*narrows eyes*
well you got me.

Well... that was certainly interesting... OH LOOK! Something Timey whimey!

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