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Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pony procreation...


"Doctor, please take care of her."

After taking Ditzy Doo and her husband on an intergalactic journey as a wedding present, they encounter some... resistance, and The Doctor is left to take care of the couple's foal.

Escaping the aftermath triggered The Doctor's last regeneration, so, with not much time left, he vows to make it up to Ditzy to make sure her daughter grows up and gets looked after. He skips to key stages of Jenny's life, all the while keeping a close eye on her in his final moments.


A/N: For update progress, please refer to my user page.

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Dammit! I first look at the cover art, then read the blurb and was on the verge of tears....


Great job!

Good work, here a favorite and a upvote! Wait for the next! :fluttershyouch: :pinkiesmile:


... I'm sad already.

I have no words, after a series of strange noises from almost dying of feels. Excellent story. And poor Jenny... I hope the Doctor keeps an extra special eye out for her. :pinkiesad2:

oh god...this hurt more than Amy & Rory's farewell.




NO. If the name is Jenny and it involves The Doctor, real one or gtfo. It's like saying Susan and having it be a Dalek, or using the name Spock in a Star Trek fanfic and having it be for a Klingon. Or saying that Twilight Sparkle is a lavender unicorn over and over in a story. There are some things that you just don't do.


I chose that name for several purposes. One has already been pointed out, and there's more to come.

You made a hell boy reference there


You're the only one to pick up on it so far :rainbowlaugh:

River and Harkness and Mickey. References right?

6642042 It's good to know you enjoy it to want bit uncancelled!

The sad part is I lost any and all desire to write this anymore, unfortunately. I still have plenty of other things for you to read, though!

This was one of the few decent FanFictions you've written. One of the few fertile tracts on land amidst a desert of filth and decay.
And you cancelled it!
As if this story wasn't sad enough already.

6681093 It's quite alright. I'm just tired of seeing would-be decent authors who write nothing but clop.

Lack of desire to write it, huh? Too bad.
I mean, I sometimes get that too. And it takes months for me to get back on track.
But it's too bad you cancelled it

8209720 Exactly how long did it take you to find that blog?

8209818 well, I waded through from the start of your blogs, going through 30 or so blog pages worth, so I have no clue.

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