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Midnight is a changeling... who works and lives at the Golden Oaks Library with Twilight Sparkle herself. It wasn’t a very smart decision, but the reformed changeling needed a place to stay. Now she’s building herself a new life in Ponyville, but as the events of season three play out it gets increasingly harder to keep her identity secret. Combine that with her new friendship with Lyra and Bon Bon and sporadic appearances from the Doctor, can she keep her cover and defend her new life in Ponyville?

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Alright 'ol chaps, I'm going in, TALLY HO.
I'm truly sorry, But I see the same basic mistake over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.
time after time after time after time.
It really get's on my nerves to see it.
Just break it up into paragraphs using the enter key every now and then.

With much rage, Liam Cahill, You're resident asshole.

Could be interesting. Keep writing.

Beginning of 6th paragraph

returning to the street

need to capitalize the R. Also break it into paragraphs for easier reading.

Otherwise, I liked it

For someone that didn't want to write one in the first place, you seem to have a knack for it.

Except for the paragraphs. Definitely need to work on putting an extra 'enter' between each paragraph.
It breaks things up a little and makes it easier for people to find their place if they get distracted part way.

Other than that, pretty good. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

Hmm interesting way, i though you gonna make something with real Pinkie Pie like eat half of her loves and she will start that emo part of episode etc

So far? I like. :pinkiesmile:

A little uncertain about this mother figure though. It’s hard to tell given how you worded it but it sounds like the mother was consciously (if not openly) encouraging Midnight to hate herself. The generalised idea that ponies are good and anything that tries to hurt them makes that thing bad seems a little extreme in the black and white sense. Then again this is clearly a caring individual of some description. I’ll admit it has left me mildly conflicted, was that intentional? :applejackconfused:

Either may, best of luck with this story.


Unintentional, but understandable this early in the story. This will (hopefully) clear up in later chapters. rest assured, hating herself is only a by product of basically being ponyfied by her mother when she spent so long thinking that ponies were only a food source. Add to that the fact that she's only been thinking this way for about a year, accounting for her black and white ways of thinking. This is supposed to be her first time spending a significant amount of time away from her mother since the canterlot wedding, so it's not yet clear to her that some ponies are good and some ponies are bad.

Oh, it was after the wedding that Midnight was adopted, I got the impression that she was a baby or something when she was adopted. Assuming she was much older than that; old enough to lay siege to Canterlot anyways, it's kind of unsettling that she got so attached to somebody that she considers them a mother despite being full grown.


I didn't say she was full grown. I consider her on the same maturity level of about a teenager. I also think of changelings on par with bees (Except where the queen makes all the babies :P) this means that though she has a real mother, it doesn't really matter who she is. changelings are changelings and no changeling is different from another. It isn't likely she even knows who her real mother is.

I like it! Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:

I love this story, please continue, and if the ponies must freak out please don't make it very harsh "beaten and thrown into dungeon with no trial and treated like an animal" type of reaction since its been done in similar stories before, but the way this story is going I doubt it will go that far into the deep end.
Again I love your story! :pinkiesmile:

I like the title as it is. I'm not really fond of people changing the titles of their stories.

The title doesn't really matter. Just get a good summary and good cover art to first attract a reader, and have a good plot (hehe) and story

Well, it was a not bad explanation why Twilight failed to do that spell, after all she is the most powerful Unicorn in Equestria, she liften 20 tones giant bear with her magic ( weight of light tank ), I do not buy it when she said " thats only for highest level Unicorns ".

Anyway it would work only if you close eye on scene where Twilight try to change flower age and fail.


when I wrote it, I wasn't really coming up with an explanation why Twilight failed the spell. I was really just trying to make a scene that we've already seen in an episode have more substance on paper :D

It had been two days since Princess Celestia’s letter and the odd magic box man and Twilight’s assurance in her abilities was beginning to fray again.

Man, you say? Not stallion? :trixieshiftleft:

All of my Squee, and ALL OF MY ALLONS-Y!

huh, how about that. i enjoyed this chaper o.0
not bad at all :D i caught a grammer issue or two but nothing bothersome i assure you xD oh and you to huh? yup im guilty for getting my yaoi obssessed otaku younger sister to love MLP as well xD :rainbowwild:

bigger on the inside love that part

Pinkie Pie: physics natural predator

Not bigger on the inside. Smaller on the outside.

GO doctor!
i wonder if he knows shes a changeling! X3
also...do you listen to doctor whooves and the assistant? because form the few lines i read it seems like you do! X3

I'm starting to suspect this is turning into something of a Doctor Whooves fanfic.

I approve. :yay:


I do actually. I also watch Doctor Whooves Adventures, though I wasn't basing any lines off of either of them :P

As for the changeling part... :P just you wait.


The Doctor is scheduled to make several appearances, though Midnight will remain the focus of the fic. I've not yet planned any problems concerning the Doctor, though I do have a rough idea of the times he'll appear.


Not a predator in the literal sense. More of a cat toying with a mouse.

You and me both, buddy.

Why, thank you, good sir!

As for those I haven't replied too, thank you for commenting. I can't respond to every comment, but know that each and every one is appreciated.

ha i knew it! XD
i do too they are aweosme and im dieing to see what you have in mind for that! >:3

The doctor needs to be important. Please.

Pinkie can’t just

Yeah... nopony tells Pinkie what she can and can't "Just".:ajsmug:

Does Bon Bon work at Sugarcube Corner or is LyraPie going on?.


I love it. Keep writing! Pwease?

I originally came here because I thought this was a changeling fic, not a Doctor Who crossover. His appearances are more than just "sporadic". The story may be told from the changeling's perspective, but the plot now has little, if anything, to do with the fact that the character is a changeling. It's now about the Doctor. You've really gotten carried away with that subplot-- you've combined it into main plot, if it hasn't become the main plot itself. Either way, you're going to have to add a "Crossover" tag and update the description now.

I also can't stand how you're portraying Doc and Derpy. You're using them almost like Mary Sues.

It is for these reasons that I've decided to stop tracking this story. You have steered it far away from my interests and I see no hope of it ever getting back on track. Goodbye.

Apparently, Midnight made/makes a very good impression on the Doctor last/next time they met/meet.

lol nice! good old doctor always cryptic and one step ahead!
cant wait for the next one, and does this mean the new companion is a Changeling? XD


Thank you for sticking around as long as you did. I'm sorry you didn't find what you were looking for.

2597216 I might drop in now and then and skim a bit out of curiosity. Considering how often I look for changeling fics, it's almost inevitable that I'll stumble upon it again someday. For now, it's not to my tastes, though.

“Princess Celestia is still in Saddle Arabia, and without Spike I can’t get a message to her.”

Is not Spike free to do whatever he want in Library, unless Trixie giant glass trap can intercept magical dragon fire teleporting messages, should not Spike just send letter himself to alert Celestia, come on, he is not stupid, and he did alarmed Celestia when Twilight go insane in lesson zero episode.

Good that at last Luna was mentioned here.


One plot hole at a time :P


It is one plot hole I mentioned here, unless you find more then just one in what I said, anyway this plot hole is actually a plot hole from the show, you can fix it in your story by finding an excuse why Spike can not alarm princess himself ( without a simple explanation that he is not smart enough to do it himself ), or not, up to you really.

Anyway I hope that Luna will contribute in the story, she is being kicked out of action in the show to often and I do not like to see it happen in fanfics as well.

please keep more original content! it is way better and is more fun to read!

i laughed hard when i read it lol
and yay! go doctor! :D
hopfuly he comes back X3
i wonder what will happen if twilight founds out shes a changeling O_O


In order:
My thoughts exactly
Yes. He will.
You and everypony else. (Except me. I know exactly what's going to happen.)

awesome X3
and yeah i just hope it ends well for her X3

Was it really necessary to get Cadance and Shinning Armor back from empire so they can go to Ponyvile and in exchange seek excuse why Luna would not attend ?


I feel like it wasn't an excuse. I like Luna, and I originally had her as the one Midnight would go to. But I feel like Cadence usually gets the short end of the stick. She's not really counted as a real princess, but that's just me.

The real reason I had Midnight go with Shining Armor and Cadence was so she could learn just how sharp the sword she was walking on was. she now knows about Twilight's brother, and this will motivate her to keep her secret later. ex: I wished I could tell Twilight I was a changeling, but changelings interrupted her brother's wedding. there's no telling how she'd react.

so yeah, I thought that decision through. It's not that I don't like Luna, I do, but this was the smarter decision in my opinion.

Thanks for your comment.

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