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Exchanging Living Arrangements · 3:46am February 26th

So back around the start of this month, I made mention of how my financial situation was starting to become...problematic. I now come to announce that it has unfortunately not been improving a great deal, and I have reached the point that I have decided I cannot presently afford where I am currently living.

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It's all relative. As you said, they were outside of time, where it couldn't affect them. All that meant was that time ceased interacting with them for a time, and only resumed when they returned again, picking up from where it left off. As a simplified analogy, it's like when you're microwaving a burrito and then stop the microwave before it finished for a certain space of time. When you resume the microwave again, the burrito doesn't suddenly overheat catching up during the lost time it could've spent heating up in-between, now does it?

Another way to look at it is that simply not nearly as much time passed from their perspective while they were in Limbo. That's actually a bit simpler to picture, honestly.

Thank you for noticing that and also, how come Starswirl and his friends haven't turned to dust by time. I mean they been outside of time and how come time doesn't affect them? Magic cannot do the impossible, science can screw time & space but not magic. No matter how powerful it is.

Thanks for the fav!

If the next chapter of Grief is the Price We Pay has a part where Fly Leaf explains to Spike and Thorax how she got past the guards and locked her doors, I'd think it be funny if Spike says, "You're not worried that Twilight could just teleport herself out of your store?" and then Fly Leaf tells him, "Well, I figured that Princess Twilight would be too surprised by the fact that I've managed to take down her guards and magically lock her inside to even remember she can do that."


Hurry up stupid clock! Hurry !:fluttercry:

  • Viewing 29 - 33 of 33
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