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A griffon is a creature that has the head of a bird, the hindquarters of a feline, and many of the character traits of both mixed in. Some of those traits show more obviously than others, especially one side more than the other.

And guess who, as Gallus's roommate, has to put up with them?

Cover art credit goes to Evergreen-Gemdust

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Ah, Calvin and Hobbes references. Brings back memories.

Great story!
On an unrelated note, Gallus seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from a certain homicidal psycho jungle cat...

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Dammit, both of you beat me to it. :twilightangry2:
Friggin' love Calvin and Hobbes.


Somepony needs to start carrying a spray bottle.

this is all adorable

i love how just throwing himself on whatever you're paying attention to instead of him feels so perfectly in character for Gallus

If Gallus was like my cat, he'd spend most of the day napping. Nice story, by the way! :pinkiehappy:

He shrugged. “I just figured there would’ve been a few more involving…you know…the bird side.”

Sandbar sighed. "Yeah, about that... The one time he does act like a bird? It's this:

Having been the owner of a cat... yes, a lot of these are true. You missed Gallus curling up on top of Sandbar and purring at night through.

Half of those scenes were from Calvin and Hobbes! I love those comics!

First, I see you are a Calvin & Hobbes fan too.

Second, this is totally going on my list of reference fics for how I’m gonna be writing the Student Six.

the hindquarters of a feline

And yet so many fics use griffon eggs. >_>

I was kinda hoping Gallus would do some of the affectionate cat stuff, like rubbing his face on things and/or people, and not just the mean cat stuff. :(

"... It's a cucumber."
"Earth pony, dude."

In any case, delightful stuff. Gallus channeling Hobbes is equal parts ridiculous and wonderful.

This story was both hilarious and adorable.:rainbowlaugh:


I can't help it. It just sort of happens that way. :rainbowlaugh:

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I actually did have a few scenes like this in mind initially, but opted not to pursue them, under the fears it'd be interpreted as Gallbar when that wasn't my intent. Ultimately decided I didn't want any shipping in this fic, see. But maybe another time. :raritywink:

Well...externally the hindquarters of a feline then. :rainbowlaugh: In the defense of those who write griffons as egglayers though, that is how they were long portrayed in legend after all. Further, non-egglaying would suggest they would probably be mammalian instead...and considering those beaks, I certainly wouldn't want to be the poor female that would have to nurse the chicks. :twilightoops:

Did consider ending with a scene loosely like that too...but Gallus doesn't exactly strike me as an early riser, so... :trollestia:


that is how they were long portrayed in legend

Doesn't really cause it to make sense... (Ask me about Hephaestus and Athena sometime!)

Yeah, well...a lot of mythical creatures don't really make a lot of sense when you really think about it. :rainbowlaugh: Personally, when it comes to dealing with mythical creatures, you gotta be willing to just roll with some of the details anyway. Or just reinvent them from scratch, putting a new spin on them...seen a few instances of that before. That usually requires a fair bit of science and research though, but if one is up for that...


That's fair. I'm not a fan of Gallbar myself. But you could still slip it in near the end after it's pretty solidly established that it is a "cat thing" and not a shipping thing, especially if Sandbar immediately talks about how he does it with their other friends, too.

Sandbar glanced down at him and smirked at how the griffon had rolled onto his back exposing his belly. “What do you want me to do then?” he asked with a chuckle. “Give you belly rubs like you were a dog?” He reached down with one hoof to jokingly do so.

Cat owners minions will recognise this as a "Venus hand-trap" configuration.

Also I am surprised Sandbar has not experienced Gallus hunched over, neck straight out and *horf!* *horf!* horf!* *gaaaakkk!!!* a hairball out on his (edit: Gallus') sheets.

Meanwhile on the other side of campus, Gallus is discussing life with a pony roommate with new students Geoff and Mandible...

"And the snoring! You two would not believe how loud Sandbar is. Like a hydra singing This Day Aria with sore throats. Never mind the other end; I swear Sandbar produces more hot air than any three of Chancellor Neighsay's speeches combined!"

(one of the seldom remarked upon perils of sharing a room with a well-fed pony)

I would think Gallus would know to try and hack out a hairball into the appropriate receptacle if possible. Actually, he probably would hack up pellets like owls come to think of it, given the beak, though I guess in the end it doesn't really matter to the outside observer. :rainbowlaugh:

I actually hadn't ever really thought about it, but now that you mention it, ponies probably would be a bit...fartsy...all the time in real life, seeing their diet would perpetually produce a fair amount of gas. If one was inclined to do a more heavily factual-based MLP story, I could see how one would want to detail that more...but on the other hand, I can also perfectly understand why most have chosen to avoid broaching the subject. :twilightsheepish: But now you've put it in my head, so it'll probably nag at me until I do something with it at some point, so I hope you realize what you've done there. :trixieshiftleft:

The most HILARIOUS story EVER! I ADORE this story! This is just so incredibly funny. Kinda reminds me of the sketch comedy in Jan Animation's "Button's Adventures". OMG, imagine if someone went ahead and animated this story! I'd pay $50 to see that done, easy! Someone get a Patreon going, NOW!
Futurama Guy: "Shut up and take my money!"

But now you've put it in my head, so it'll probably nag at me until I do something with it at some point, so I hope you realize what you've done there.

Well then I'll be patiently impatiently waiting for you to write that story.


hack out a hairball into the appropriate receptacle if possible.

"Appropriate" as defined by a cat translates to "Where ever I bloody well please"

I could see griffons with more cat-like tendencies (and therefore a more marked propensity to cough up hair) carry around a little "cough catcher" baggie in much the same way as tobacco chewers carry a trusty (preferably opaque) bottle for their "deposits"...


A sapient cat would probably eventually figure out that hairballs don't clean themselves up, and ultimately get tired of lying in their own filth, since cats like to stay clean.

Or, since Sandbar likes to counter Gallus's antics, he could just move the hairballs from his bed to Gallus's bed and passive-aggressively ignore his protests. "What do you mean? Ponies don't make hairballs. Maybe you should cough those things up into a garbage can or something so they don't end up in your bed."

I'm loving the silly simplicity of this fic so far, but I have one itty-bitty criticism about sentence structure.

He then proceeded to stroll confidently past Gallus, only to fall on his face as Gallus angrily and deliberately whipped his tail under his hooves so to trip him.

I think there are multiple examples of this throughout, but it was at this line that it started getting to me. When the "response" (Sandbar falling on his face) comes before the "stimulus" (Gallus whipping his tail), some readers may have to pause for a sec to re-play the action in their head. Uh, the best way I can communicate this is with the example that taught this to me. Compare these:

Suzie flipped off a truck that had almost run into her.
A truck almost ran into Suzie. She flipped it off as it sped past.

It's like you have to mentally backpedal to properly picture the scene again. It's a very minor hiccup, especially with the example from your story, but hey. Marginally better is still better.

K am goin back to readin nao

You didn't even include a scene of Sandbar opening canned pineapples?

on a different note, I wonder how catlike Hippogriffs or Yaks would be...

I take it you’ve never seen a platypus.

Back when it became a fad to write fics based on random horse facts that the writer happened to know, someone already wrote about all the farting in an attempt to take the... well, that's actually a different orifice for mammals, but you get the idea.

You're trying to bring up those in a discussion about sensible anatomy practices? Seriously, actual biologists needed a live specimen before they were willing to believe that the platypus was a real thing. Also they're more closely related to cats than they are to birds, but not by a large enough margin to matter (much like how bats are more closely related to horses than they are to rodents).

As I said in the author's note, this was scarcely even edited, so I fully expected clunky sentences like that to be found in there. I might go back at a later date and see if I can tidy 'em up a little, but we'll see.

I did consider it. But I didn't want to get too focused on the pouncing gag, and I was already pushing it. :raritywink:

Part of me wants to ask for a link, but I'm almost afraid to. :rainbowlaugh:

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It is true the platypus is a good technical example of a mammal that lays eggs (and have bills of a sort), but they've still always been fairly oddball in comparison to other mammals. Little wonder that people had a hard time believing they actually existed when they were first discovered, because they are just about in a league of their own, those platypuses.

Still, the point is if platypuses can do it, why not a griffon? Though I suppose live birth still isn't out of the question...I could see that working...but as I said before, probably no nursing of young with milk, not with those beaks. :rainbowlaugh:


A sapient cat would probably eventually figure out that hairballs don't clean themselves up, and ultimately get tired of lying in their own filth, since cats like to stay clean.

Sorry, for clarification I was referring to Gallus couching up in his own bed randomly throughout the day (like after grooming himself for example). He would obviously clean it up (or better yet spit it up into a special (opaque!) baggie for such a purpose), but I would imagine the noise would come as quite a shock to poor Sandbar.

Of course not everything is all woe and inconvenience. I could see them having fun dust bathing together

Or in a modern era, Gallus curling up on the keyboard when Sandbar is trying to type.

Honestly, though, I don't think dust baths would really be all that out of place for most of anyone in Equestria. I mean, I'm pretty sure there was a scene where Pinkie Pie was doing basically that once. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh my God... How did I miss that it was you? Like 90% of my favorite Student Six stories are written by you! So, no surprise that this one was, too.

I needed a good giggle today. And this did not disappoint. :rainbowlaugh:

Hyperactive Roommate Friendship Griffin

Hilarious adorable and now wondering if sandbar has any quirks for gallus to complaine about

Finally managed a read, and that was excellent! Cat/bird antics with griffons are always a great time.

But this reminds me that I rarely explore the differences between species in my own writing. I should do that more often.

Geez, Gallus was kind of an asshole in this fic. I fail to see how Sandbar tolerated it.

The same reason cat people tolerate it from their cats. (Note: I do not know what said reason actually is; our cat was just a stray that we never even technically adopted but instead just let inside the weird room on the one side of our house where only the inside door locked)

so you done a gallus likesnto pounce fic and showing here he does it alot lol i wonder if theres a pouncing/prankwar between them both at somepoint (yes i renreadnthis its that good)

To the author - Read this fic yesterday and several hours ago. such a cute, fluffy and adorable work!
Oh yeah btw...i totally in love this pairing/ship:heart::heart::heart:

I was going to comment on how it’s sort of odd because the young sex all have separate rooms, but it’s still a fun story

The show was actually very inconsistent about how the dorm rooms work at the school. One instance they show a scene suggesting they all had separate rooms, as you say. Another closer to the end of the show showed Yona and Ocellus sharing a room (leaving the rest easy to deduce, assuming the dorms are not co-ed). And every interior of a dorm room shown throughout (which was only, like, two or three times altogether) always had a bunk bed, suggesting a roommate format.

So basically, at this point, its up to personally interpretation, really. Most fic writers assume the dorms are shared because that's usually how it works in most real-life schools (it saves space), but there's really not anything stopping one from assuming they're separate (indeed, I was toying with a story idea for awhile where it assumed they all had separate rooms).

Heck, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm sure it'd only end up wandering into the more lewdy territories, I'd be game to see someone have the dorms shared but co-ed, if only just to shake things up. But I digress. :ajsmug:

Ah I can see your points. It’s like trying to debate if the school had a cafeteria or not which we never see. But yeah I guess they could be shared dorm rooms I got a look at them those episodes again

Well, in one of the shorts, we are shown Twilight, Smolder, and Gallus sitting down at a table to eat soup for lunch, so that might've been the cafeteria.

It almost certainly has one, it just was never relevant to the show to have it make an appearance, I suppose. :applejackunsure:

He had just time enough to see the griffon all coiled up and ready to spring before being slammed backwards by a wall of blue feathery fluff as Gallus pounced on him with enough force that they both went skidded back out of the room and across the floor of the corridor outside.

“Now how’s that for an enthusiastic greeting?”


I really do like how sanbar has so much patient with gallus Hes a good pony 😊

I now need to see an entire fic revolving around this.

With the cucumber intentionally placed where Gallus would find it.

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