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Gallus has some pouncing that he needs to get out his system.

However, his friends aren't really cooperating.

Featured 12/13/2019

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Now we just need a laser pointer for the sequel :pinkiecrazy:

Gallus perfectly represents my cat in this story. Perfectly happy to pounce on anything that hasn't given him PTSD yet, like banana peels or cucumbers. (Please include that in the sequel?)

Now he just needs a Mr. Bun to play with.

Homicidal Psycho Jungle Griff


Excellently written, Scyphi. Have a Thumbs Up!

This was fun.

Why couldn't the show do this with any of the new characters?

Adorable. I think my favorite was Silverstream. If you do a sequel I think I’d actually like it if it was from her perspective.


I thought his claws would snag on Yona's blanket and it would slide off when he slid off.

27 upvotes and 0 downvotes for this delightful Slice-of-life.
Not bad at all :ajsmug:

I kind of expected pouncing Silverstream to be interpreted as making a pass at her. Knew Ocelleus wasn't going to work, she's a shapeshifter so when fight or flight respose kicks in there a lot of ways for the attacker to get repelled. She could have shifted into a monster, or a large heavy rock, or a skunk, or a porcupine or any number of things crashing into would be unpleasant. Yona not ever noticing was perfect too. Also logically there is a reason Ponies, a prey species, dominates, a rock solid defense. Unicorns have magic, pegasi have mobility and earth Ponies have insane durability, stamina and strength.

Just admit you want to play, Gallus. You're a growing catbird. Surely at least one of your friends will play along. Maybe Silverstream.

This simultaneously one of the most adorable and the saddest things I've ever read, just let him get a good pounce dammit!

Haven’t read the story yet, but that picture looked familiar, the chapter title however is VERY familiar :ajsmug:

The tail end of the chapter makes the story perfectly caught.

Okay, but that was really just super adorable ; ~ ;

Sees chapter title
You just had to pull a Calvin and Hobbes reference, evil man.

This is a lot of fun -- you've got exactly the right combination of dry, serious analysis of pouncing technique and Wile-E-Coyote try-try-again comedy going throughout. Nicely done!

Gallus: "Must...catch...red...dot!"

*goes crazy trying to catch it, trashing up school in process*

*Smolder snickers to herself, standing around the corner with a laser pointer*


Mm, except Mr. Bun seems sort of comatose, doesn't he? :raritywink:

Fun fact: I used a picture of Hobbes pouncing as a reference when drawing the cover art. It seemed fitting. :twilightsmile:

I know, right? I mean, I get that the show was trying to keep the focus on the Mane 6 as always, but it meant that the Young 6 never quite got as much attention as they probably should've. :fluttershysad:

*Silverstream proceeds to successfully pounce on everybody*

Gallus: "How come you get all the luck?!"

Silverstream *shrugs* "LOL, I dunno."


I was actually thinking more about whether or not he'd accidentally scratch Yona with his claws than getting them snagged on her blanket, but in retrospect, I kinda wish I'd thought of that now. :derpytongue2:


I kind of expected pouncing Silverstream to be interpreted as making a pass at her.

I had thought the shippers among us might make such conclusions, but I made it a point to keep the ships to a minimum, seeing it wasn't really the focus of the fic.

But that being said and with consideration to my own stances on such subjects...it's probably no accident that Gallus started all of this with Smolder first. :trixieshiftright:

But it's no fun to pounce somebody if they know it's coming! :trollestia:

But of course! :ajsmug:

Considering that the Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner shorts were always my most favorite of Looney Tunes, that's a very welcome compliment. :raritystarry:


it's probably no accident that Gallus started all of this with Smolder first.

Nuuuuuuuuu Smocellus OTP!!!!

Just kidding, ship whoever you’d like. If the show hadn’t provided Yona/Sandbar as being canon my natural inclination would actually be Gallus/Sandbar, with most of the rest of the Young 6 not really being paired up while Ocellus, as a shapeshifter from a race that feeds on love, would just have...different...views on romance and sexuality and so on.

Gallus is a silly catbirb. :3 :rainbowwild:

And I'm usually fairly noncommittal to ships in general, so whenever a show canonizes a particular ship, I usually just shrug my shoulders and roll with it. And I don't really have any issue with the more popular Gallstream ship either, so had the show formally canonized it, I likely would've rolled with it too.

But, as it happens, it didn't, so that leaves me free to explore...alternatives. Besides, I was always sort of surprised the Gallus/Smolder ship wasn't the one that caught on. From the start, the two seemed to get along pretty good. It had been their idea to sluff class in "School Daze" and would've gone together and alone if they hadn't crossed paths with the others first, and before that, when Smolder and Yona were arguing, they were quick to defend each other and take each others side. They were shown to have plenty one-on-one moments on and off-screen throughout the remainder of the series, and Gallus was the first to see Smolder in a ballroom dress, and may have remained the only one for awhile afterwards (depending on whether or not Smolder humored herself and wore one for that tea party she and Ocellus were implied to have afterwards).

And I know this fanbase. Major ships have started on way less evidence than that before (I mean, let's be honest with ourselves, LyraBon only got started because they happened to be sitting together by random chance on a park bench in the background once, and everybody ran with it from there). :rainbowlaugh: So I guess I was just expecting the Gallus/Smolder ship to have taken off like a wildfire, and when it didn't, I guess I felt obligated to take up the flag for it myself.

It sort of figures, though, that after nearly eight years of being fairly indifferent about the MLP shipping scene on a whole, the one ship I finally find I can seriously go for is of course the one nobody else is doing. Oh, the irony. :rainbowlaugh:

Perhaps Gabby would start her love pouncing on Spike.


Gallus perfectly represents my cat in this story. Perfectly happy to pounce on anything that hasn't given him PTSD yet, like banana peels or cucumbers. (Please include that in the sequel?)

Ditto for my cat. Moreover, Siga is constantly attacking his own tail as though it's a snake. And screams whenever his claws or teeth nails it. (I think he's just a goat-head short of being the Lycia Chimera)


Now we just need a laser pointer for the sequel :pinkiecrazy:

Siga LOVES the laser pointer!

Oh, it was be awesome if there was a chapter on Silverstream doing the very same things, but earlier and far more successful, with all of Gallus' other targets had already experienced and WERE ready (except Yona, of course--same results) :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

The cutest damn story I've read in a while.

9988498 The show was very bipolar. It kept throwing new characters in and demanding they be 'important' to the plot... while practically ignoring their development, so they ended up more plot device than person.

He just needs a proper pouncing target, that's all! One whom nature has indicated is meant for such things.

A bunny, perhaps?


Now how am I supposed to not read a C&H reference? This is unfair. It's rigged. It's adorable.

This was adorable perfection. Too bad Silverstream didn't join in on further pouncings.

Adding to the Gallder (Smollus?) fuel, Gallus DID ask Smolder to the dance. In an extremely casual way, sure, but still.

That was fun.

And of course, giving Spike absolutely no forewarning first, leaving him rather baffled after the initial pounce.

Spike: "...what just happened?"

Gabby: *content griffonness noises*

Gallus trying to pounce on Angel Bunny...that sounds like a fight of legends waiting to happen, right there. :rainbowlaugh:

Actually, it was really more Smolder who asked Gallus, but you're right, and I can't believe I forgot that example. :twilightblush:

But on a greeting basis?

(sees that the chapter title is a Calvin and Hobbes reference)


Nya nya~! <3

Aw, poor catbirb...
Always nice to see a C&H reference!

Poor Gallus. I was rooting for him. Maybe next time.

A yak like Yona seemed to fit the ticket nicely. And with her being so large, how could you possibly miss?

I can already tell you how this gonna end Gallus buddy. I’ll send what’s left back to Gilda.

…actually, that gave his mind a really weird mental image, so Gallus resolved to never put it that way again.


Dejected, he sat down on the floor with a heavy sigh, at a loss for a solution to the problem. He supposed he could try to just make do pouncing with one of his toys…but it just wasn’t the same, and some days you just wanted the real thing . But if not his friends, what else could he use that would work?

... I’m not gonna say anything, I’ll just let this paragraph speak for itself.

Okay, if I had a friend who did this, I would probably react similar to Smolder at first, but it’s a strange type of goofy fun that I would be totally chill with afterwards. And I would DEFINITELY find myself a laser pointer.

This is way too adorable to be legal. I like your choice of title as well; you definitely gave this a Sunday-morning-funnies feel.

Cute... Guess his Tail will never ever forget the day Gallus pouched it... Yay?
Neat story :twilightsmile:

Gallus is best catbird griffon. Now let's get him a brush and brush his back. He's gonna love it.


And then they played Smolderball.

Gallus: "Smolderball? How does that work?"

Smolder: "It's pretty simple, as there's really only one rule you need to follow."

Gallus: "And that is?"

Smolder: "Survive."

I know, you were making a Calvinball reference, but I couldn't resist regardless. :rainbowlaugh:

As a Gallus booster, (rooster booster? hmmm) I fave this cute story.

So much the better—Silverstream was more likely to just play along, and then maybe they both could scratch their respective pouncing itches.

…actually, that gave his mind a really weird mental image, so Gallus resolved to never put it that way again.

I dunno, my mental image was the two of them sitting next to each-other and enthusiastically applying fine powder.

Now I'M the one having the really weird mental image. :twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

Oh my goodness that image is so adorable

For what it's worth, I used to ship Smolder/Gallus before What Lies Beneath too. They had good rapport. After Gallus promised Silverstream some hug-time later, though... :raritywink: Even if I don't get why so many folks then write Gallus crushing on Silverstream. Honestly, if anything, it would be the other way around.

Maybe there's a fic idea there. Silverstream having tea with Cadance, asking how to woo a commoner. Or even greater parallels, a guard, as Gallus later becomes.

Anyway, this was funny and cute. It's always great to see the non-human aspects of the characters incoporated meaningfully. Body language was actually one of the things the show did beautifully many times. One of the reasons I can't get into most 3D animation is because it tends to look sterile and dead to me.

Just imagine the girls getting together and talking about this. Silverstream mentioning it might've been a pass at her. The other two wondering if it was the same with them. Yona wouldn't object because she's taken and he didn't try with her when in reality, she just hadn't noticed.

And of course, the questions that arise when they learn that he DID try to pounce Sandbar...

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