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Smolder doesn't know how beaks work. Like, when they're not being used to peck worms out of the ground. Gallus, Silverstream and Sandbar try to explain.

There's a lot of kissing involved.

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Never even thought about the beaks, only about the fact that Gilda had both teeth and a beak... Food for thought I guess

It was adorable, thanks for sharing!

I’ve actually thought about this before, and this was a fun delve into the topic. Very sweet with a lovely hint of spice, 10/10 would kiss again.

You need to keep the embouchure firm. There must be an airtight seal between your mouth and the mouthpiece. Exercise your embouchure daily. Long tones, scales, and articulation exercises will increase your endurance.

Make sure u kiss ya homies, dawg

Parker #5 · Sep 26th, 2019 · · 1 ·

I loved this so much!! I'm such a sucker for the Student Six being in one big, beautiful relationship with each other. And delving into the magic of just how, exactly, Equestrian physics works....

I hate this!” Sandbar suddenly cried out, putting his hooves to his face. “This is like when I tried to describe how I can hold things with my hooves to you guys when we first met!”


Good story. Enjoyable fluff. :yay:

I find the pairings wonderful. They all share, they care for one another and it's a variety that any kind of story could be made. We need more student six relationships!

This is great. I am all for more Student Six poly ships.

Yeah, I can definitely go for an omni ship of those six. Even if just casual college flings.

Wanderer D

I admit this was kind of cute, good job!

Ah, college poly fun! ^^

Though I certainly hope November Rain was on the acceptable list!

Not just Gilda, there are brief moments where teeth appear in other griffons' beaks. (I know Grandpa Gruff has for sure, not sure about others.)

I'm getting saxophone lessons all over again.
Have only played it like once a year since graduating high school.

Yeah, I'll just go with magic for the explanation.
Seriously though, I like fics like this which question some of the oddities of body mechanisms among the creatures of Equus (or whatever you call the planet they're on). And seeing the students in this, I dunno what you call it, free love? Interesting and kinda heartwarming.

I've read fics where griffons and hippogriffs are simply incapable of actually kissing due to the supposed nature of beaks. (To be fair, it's not like the show has animated their beaks as really protruding, as far as I know.) So stories that espouse the contrary interest me as well.

Right when I came across this story, I knew I'd be into it (provided it was well-written) for the reasons I mentioned, along with the fact that it suggested a musical instrument.

i'm strangely ok with an omniship between the student 6

tbh i think their beaks are more like cartilage

When I read your comment, I imagined your profile picture saying it while making that face.

This was cute. I'm glad you wrote something like this. The young six make the ultimate polycule.

This is like when I tried to describe how I can hold things with my hooves to you guys when we first met!

Could even have the same biochemical basos. It's all keratin. Or something like it; some sort of context-sensitive magical shape memory polymer.

What? I don't really ship the Student Six, so I was entirely in this for the beak mechanics.

Super cute!

Casually poly student 6 with silly overthinking on beak mechanics? My lucky day!

Awww, this is really cute. They all love each other. :)

Kind of cute, kind of kinky, not bad.

Just saying you set up the premises for nsfw times lol

I don’t normally read Young 6 stories but I’m glad I read this one. :twilightsmile:

you're really just gonna write something that cute chrissakes the nerve of you

It was corny, but Smolder thought of jazz as Silverstream kissed her. The kind of jazz that was slow and brooding, but not dark. Something that was perfect for walking home alone at night, lost in thoughts that were tender and intimate. A patient, kind, mature sort of saxophone heavy piece that would pair well with a warm glass of apple cider.

They're really learning a lot about "friendship" at the school of friendship.

Power of friendship

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