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Sandbar and friends discuss things that are legal and illegal when Sandbar mentions using recreational drugs. Gallus and Smolder decided they wanted to try some for themselves, but they couldn't find any after raiding Sandbar's room. So they settle for the next best thing; Brownies!

And oh man. They are good brownies.

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I put it in the author's notes.


A teacher is dealing?! Goddammit, Neighsay was right again.

tuned in next time as they try to get beer!

Silver gasped. "Professor Pinkie gave you- Actually, that's not too surprising, all things considered."

It's really not. It's probably not wise of her to be doing that, but...it's still not surprising that she is anyway. :rainbowlaugh:

Never really saw the appeal of drugs such as this myself, but still, an amusing enough of a read.

and am gald you find it funny!

also if you like the kids give my story a read if you like!

It is pinkie pie. If there were legal drugs in equestria, Pinkie most likely either got connections to get them for more wild parties or take them herself.


Not sure 'It's Pinkie Pie' is a valid excuse this time. Though it is funny!

So, based on your stories.. Sandbar swears, gambles, and does drugs?


I don't treat my stories as being in the same universes. White Curse Sandbar gambles, this Sandbar swears and does drugs.

Not saying this Sandbar doesn't gamble or that White Curse Sandbar doesn't swear or do drugs. Just that I haven't shown either of those things yet.

Okay, but I was wondering how he is allowed to do all these stuff at his age :derpytongue2:.

Just a thought. Nice story anyway.


A lot of it is me viewing Equestrian law as being more lenient on things like that than real world (or at least American) laws. Or someone forgot to add an age to those laws in this world.

the image fits so well

curious about the origin of the term Agrabella

Did Yona not get hungover?


It's literally just something off the top of my head.


The scene is supposed to be a couple of days after the events of the rest of the chapter. After all, Smolder and Gallus couldn't move for a good couple of days.

"Because she was only out for one day, and Yona needs to make up for underage drinking."

"Beer not drugs?"

Beer is a drug by definition, though it's strange that underage drinking is a thing but that drug has no age limit.

Haven't read it yet but if this doesn't end with some implied smoulder galas nookie I'm going to be disappointed

"Headmare Twilight doesn't mind as long as it doesn't interfere with studies, and Professor Pinkie is my dealer."

Silver gasped. "Professor Pinkie gave you- Actually, that's not too surprising, all things considered."

Pinkie Pie does drugs? That's not really a shock. I always imagined her as a caffeine addict.

Incredibly funny! Though I do think you should add a profanity tag, but the story was hilarious!

It's not like the real world makes any more sense: Caffeine is more dangerous than most other drugs yet we put it in soda. Marijuana is one of the most harmless drugs in history, yet it's one of those that people freak out the most about to the point that they make up crap about it to keep it illegal.

Eh fair enough, my mom and I even had a joke about this, she would say that we could discover the cure to cancer and I would say that we did and it was made illegal. It shrank my mom's brain tumor, it cured that large cancerous tumor on my dog. The weirdest part is according to the federal government, it is considered more dangerous than cocaine.


more dangerous than cocaine

:facehoof:Like I said, people will lie and make stuff up.

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"Yakyakistan no allow drugs at all!"

Except when it comes to kumis, beer, cannabis, datura powder and other alcoholic/hallucinogenic substances used specifically for ritual purposes

"I don't think Auntie made any laws about drugs, but I wouldn't chance it."

Most of it would dissolve underwater anyway

"Headmare Twilight doesn't mind as long as it doesn't interfere with studies, and Professor Pinkie is my dealer."

Meanwhile, US schools will suspend a student for weeks or indefinitely for even having a dime bag!

"Perfect! That should make the drugs easier to find!"

Or maybe he already wiped the place out, in case you two decided to snoop through his room

"Well, let's take some brownies and bounce." Gallus grabbed five of the containers out of the closet. "I take five, you take five. Sandbar's never been good at math."

Not unless if your teacher educates your students on how to preform the perfect drug deal

"No! No! You don't get it! The brownies are what I had my Agrabella in! One brownie is one dose! Four is the amount you can have before the paralysis hits you!" Sandbar picked up one of the full containers. "He had two whole containers!"

Some creature call the hospital! I think he's dying!

"The drug might kill him, then word would reach Griffonstone, who then wage war on us, which forces us to go into hiding, then we come out years later to find all civilization wiped out and most of the survivors being slavers that sell us into slavery to be shoe cleaners!"

You're being ridiculous! The sensible thing they would do is declare a drug war against the Equestrians and threaten economic sanctions against this nation of ponies unless they enacted more stricter drug laws!

Sandbar let out a huff. "Get. Smolder. She might be able to help."

How's about you just call the nurse's office??!!!

Sandbar screamed in frustration, then got in Smolder's face. "STOP BEING HIGH!"

Stop being so goddamn over-dramatic and call the hospital!

"STOP!" Sandbar was in no mood to deal with this. "You both are responsible for taking my property. I don't know if you realized this yet, but the brownies were what had the drugs in them. Professor Twilight did the math, and you two won't be able to move for a good three days. For stealing my things, you two will be marked absent during that time, and it will affect your grades."

Meanwhile, Professor Fluttershy had to spend most of her break time transporting all that shit and piss from your diapers while you were knocked out in a coma, excessively relieving yourself

"It-" Applejack's eyes went wide and she suddenly turned away and rubbed the back of her head. "I-it wasn't a drug."

Alcohol is technically a drug; it's just a legalized drug

"Because she was only out for one day, and Yona needs to make up for underage drinking."

Alcohols Anonymous Club...

It was too much for Sandbar to handle. "YONA! NO!"
Yona leaped up on a table. "YONA YES!“

Excellent dude! :rainbowlaugh:

And that's why you don't do drugs It will get you in trouble

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