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I write about horses and other creatures kissing. The gayest of kissing



This story is a sequel to Friends and Family Day, or What Happens When You Ignore Half of an Event Name

When Sandbar kissed Gallus, the griffon had no idea how to respond in any way other than running and avoiding his friends so as to not have to deal with his confusing feelings. He's been skipping meals, friendship events, and even sleeping in his room, all to avoid his roommate. However, Gallus finds that he can't hide and run forever, particularly considering that it's a small school and all his friends just want him to be happy. Including, and maybe especially, Sandbar.

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This ship is becoming a bit over saturated I think.

Eh, not any more than any other popular ship out there.

I never got why it's even a thing I'm not saying that's it's bad just I think there are better ships

Maybe they're better ships to you, but this is one of the better ones to me.

Opinions, you know?

Very True, I’m just saying we haven’t seen much else from the young six and I think there are better ships from the six that people haven’t done yet, or at least not as often as I like it to be.

This is the internet where everyone is wrong and right

D'aww... We need more of this, we need more of it.

to the author - read the first story some months ago and loved it. this sequel shows what after their kiss.
the library scene with smolder and sliverstream are betting on them while supportive friends to gallus. love it!
my only complaint is 'cat/bird hybrid' by reading that word, sounds weird to me.

9263592 Excuse me...hi. i've known about this site since 2013 (so i lurked around reading various fics. didn't make an account until last year of 2017) and have seen or noticed especially in m/m category people if it's two ponies of the same gender who aren't romantically involved people tend to downvote it.
this is the first gay interspecies relationship (besides there being the brushed away series by The Vclaw) that's openly well liked by readers.
the 'straight' paring would be spike x rarity (don't like that ship very much or at all) i have my reasons for not liking it!
so no i don't agree with you. for me it's a rare, special ship and they're adorable together:)
sorry if you're offended by any of this. i'm very open-minded but opinionated guy with a lot of things to say.

p.s: i had all these words stuck in my head for hours! also won't hate on other people's ships or will bash a certain character in mlp for my story/stories purpose. they're treated with love and respect (except for being mean to the main character or anyone else, deserve to be called out & ruined publicly. villains like a certain ex bug queen.) that's some of the things to know about me.

Parker #9 · Nov 1st, 2018 · · 1 ·

I am so, so happy to have more of this story! :heart:

Oh YES. Another adorable story. EEEEEE I die of cuteness everytime Gallus acts like a softie when it comes to romance <3

DT541 #11 · Nov 6th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Love this!! Very believable reactions and characterization of Gallus and Sandbar too :pinkiehappy: I really hope we see much more of them in the show next season

This was so lovely and adorable, it's so nice to see another non pornographic fic of these two.

This was such a nice read ❤ I'm genuinely surprised at seeing that you also had the same idea as me; I also thought that Gallus would avoid the group if he found himself having those loving feelings towards Sandbar, since he wouldn't know how to deal with it. In fact, I've actually been wanting to write a fanfic about that idea! Of course, I'd handle it differently from you (I'd write several chapters about it). But I definitely loved reading your take on the matter. Sandbar's characterization is spot on, and I liked to see the girls bet :pinkiesmile: A great sequel to a great story!! (I also LOVED the first part to this!! 💓)

Well, there's still nothing stopping you from writing the thing yourself as well. There's never enough Galbar on this site.

I've definitely been wanting to write it, 'cause yes, Gallbar is such a wonderful ship that I can never get enough for. I just hope I don't end up procastinating with it like I tend to do with writing. :rainbowwild:


Some day. Eventually.


more.. ;-;

Jayfeather...there's a character from a book series by that name. Any chance it was a reference?

Great story! Woohoo I love Gallbar

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