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Not around anymore! See y'all lovely fillies around :)

For Those Who Like Details

Name (or what I preferred to be call at all times, my real name is none of your business :derpytongue2:): Frosty
Age: Not too young, not too old
Residence: It's an ultimate secret, I lay in a sanctuary of my own dreams
Gender: I would have said it doesn't matter, but you all should have figured it out by now... :twilightblush: My username contains the answer.
Orientation: Bisexual
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Element I relate most to: Light, Fire
Spirit Animal: Pegasus/Unicorn (MLP-wise), Dragon (general)
Theme Song: I honestly couldn't quite pin it down but this suits my current situation (and probably forever will) well.
Birthday: 16th May
Main language: I don't technically live in somewhere that uses English as its main language, but for me and my friends/family, we do.
Reason that I exist on FIMfiction: I'm someone who wishes to be an actual writer someday, and I love MLP so I figured writing and reading stories about it would spice up my life~
Likes: Knowing that I got new followers, knowing that my stories are loved, writing, reading, stories filled with cuteness, any ship that's gay, sad things (stories, songs, pictures, movies), animals, ridiculous theories that actually make sense, staying up late to do pointless stuff, certain video games, watching YouTube, eating, sleeping, daydreaming, my significant other (though we don't talk anymore and I'm no longer sure), knowing that I helped others, getting mature and sensible reviews, constructive criticism, a compliment or two, when someone does a reading of my story.
Dislikes: Blood, gore, anything too dark and grim, HiE stories (or stories involving humans in general), seeing others in pain, knowing that I hurt someone, trolls/ignorant people, those who leave nasty comments without reason/logic, people who are openly hateful, those that are honest until the point where they don't care it hurts, people who dislike stories just to spite the author, people who like a story without even reading it, anyone biased in general.
Favorite color: Blue (more towards light shades and light colors in general)
Favorite genres: Romance, Sad, Slice Of Life, Comedy (to a lesser extent), occasionally Drama.
Least favorite, avoid-at-all-costs genres: Horror, Grimdark, Adventure (to a lesser extent), long stories in general (anything more than 100k words).
Major strengths: Can take criticism fairly well, doesn't mind what other people think, write mostly for fun, will not make snide comments just to piss off people, will generally leave positive notes, enjoys seeing others feel happy, mostly friendly and doesn't bite, knows when to shut up.
Major weaknesses: Is actually very sensitive, actually minds negative comments (despite not having much reaction to them), procrastinates too much, is easily jealous, terrible in social situations, probably have some form of unofficial social anxiety, generally rather clumsy and slow.

More About Me

  • Has a shameless Alicorn OC.
  • Likes sadness a little bit too much.
  • Hopeless romantic.
  • Likes coffee and experiences no effect from drinking caffeine, whatever the amount.
  • If there's one word to describe me, it's misunderstood.
  • Is quiet and shy but has a crazy side and will go insane over anything that excites me.
  • Plays League Of Legends (which is the origin of my username) but is a total noob.

What I've Produced Recently

Something About Me

An important side note: I do not happen to follow anyone only because I couldn't find the commitment to read every story that shows up in my notifications, for my interests are sometimes very far apart and varies according to mood. I only like individual stories and feature them on my bookshelves, and me being me, I sometimes don't even do that. I usually only leave a like and comment on stories that I loved. I'm very sorry to those who thinks I'm stuck-up and snobbish - feel free to assume me as such, but just because I didn't follow you doesn't mean you're a bad writer. :pinkiesmile:

Hi everyone who happens to stumble upon my page~

My name is Frosty, also known as the majestic Goddess Of The Carries! If you look at my stories, I assume you are here for a feels trip because almost everything I write is sad. I'm a pretty amateur writer so don't regard anything I write as high quality, lmao. I do try my best though.

I write mostly Romance, Sad and Slice Of Life, but if there's anything I absolutely despise, it's grimdark. Also, I write almost exclusively in first-person only! I do write clop, and when I do, there would very likely be omorashi/watersports along with it!

I like playing games, reading/writing, anything yuri, listening/reading to sad stuff, fangirling over my ships, shipping characters of the opposite personalities, dying of cuteness etc. More is found in the infobox on the right.

I'm generally okay with constructive criticism, I don't even mind if you tell me you didn't like my story (even though I personally don't understand why would you dislike a story just because it has a fetish that you don't like, was based off of something you didn't like or contains a ship you don't like (if in that case why would you click on it lmao), just don't start a war within the comments :D

What I really hate is ship wars. Yeah I ship almost everything and even those that I don't support, I'll respect their shippers. :scootangel: If you're curious about what I ship, then don't hesitate to ask! Though what I mostly ship are Flutterdash :rainbowdetermined2::yay:, Twishy :twilightsmile::yay:, Trilight :trixieshiftright: (error Starlight emoticon not found) etc. I'm open to other shipping ideas though. For my stories, I have some strict off-limits: Rarilight :twilightoops::raritydespair: is one of those examples.

Oh yeah, Starlight Glimmer is love, Starlight Glimmer is life, nothing can change my mind, don't try. :coolphoto:

If there's anything I didn't cover on the list, feel free to ask. I'll answer only at my own comfort, though. Try to avoid sensitive issues - the last thing I want is to piss off someone without even doing anything. :twilightsmile:

Seriously I have yet to find a good image for my OC and I can't draw for my life so RIP me

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So are you going to continue When Nature Calls?

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