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I am here to sharpen my writing skills. My objective with each of my stories is to create a narrative that dovetails with the show as seamlessly as possible.

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Working on Sequel to Spot That Changeling and something else. · 9:02pm Nov 16th, 2016

So, after poring over the responses you guys gave me, I did some serious thinking about the nature of board game-based fanfiction. At first, I was considering leaving Spot That Changeling alone and moving on to a new project, about a different board game. But when I completed the first chapter of my new project, I could help but realize it was extremely difficult to follow. Not because I wrote it poorly, but because of the nature of board games in general.

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Thanks for the favorite on Starlight Glimmer's First (Actual No-Kidding) Hearth's Warming! Have a great holiday season.

Thanks for adding my fic to your library!

I hope that you did enjoy / will enjoy my story The Trouble with Truffles :twilightsmile:

Enjoy the story!

That's too bad, but I respect your decision. (insert Twilight's speech to Pinkie in the latest episode...just kidding)

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