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Brony, terrible OC, attorney, pseudonymous, geek, Catholic, gamer, almost-not-quite-novelist, fic writer, highly amateur VA, smartass, etc.

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  • 105 weeks
    Side Project: Worldbuilding Magazine

    In addition to day job, night job, fictioning, and being a terrible OC, I have other passion projects. I'm a staff writer for Worldbuilding Magazine, an online publication dedicated to the art and craft of worldbuilding in speculative fiction, tabletop, videogaming, and movies/television. We've just put out our latest (and so far, biggest) issue, on the topic of

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  • 106 weeks
    Side-Project: alpha-testing Lords of Ponykeep

    A few months ago I came across a project on Twitter called Lords of Ponykeep. It's like our favorite little ungulate universe, but not. The art style is distinct, heavily inspired by Paper Mario and classic Dungeons-and-Dragons style tabletop games. The story revolves around a city in a realm kept in perpetual moonlight, and it is up to you and other players to crawl through the city's many dungeons and restore balance. Dare you all meet at the

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  • 106 weeks
    Almost a year later

    Greetings, followers! I did not anticipate being active here, but then I found the Quills N' Sofa's speedwrites. And Seer, Red, Zontan, and the rest got their painful little hooks into me. So now I speedwrite. And occasionally get ideas for longer stories. Which, you know, are helpful things when I'm in a procrastiductive mood (i.e. doing everything but the thing I'm supposed to be dong.)

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  • 158 weeks
    Here at BronyCon

    Today's agenda: LINES!

    If any fictioners have things going on or just want to catch up, I'm on Discord at Master-Thief#1789.

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  • 167 weeks

    That is all.

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I checked all the settings, but it still just shows the one. I'll ping someone from the admin staff and see if there's something I missed when I get a chance.

Thanks. Direct link works.
Counter at the top of the page shows "2 Stories" but only one is listed.
Is there a "publish" button maybe?

Your other story isn't listed.
Is it by design?


And thank you for all the great story critiques!

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