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You can't give up your laughter 'cause you're scared of a little pain; rainbows won't up the sky unless you let it rain. —Autumn Blaze


A medical veteran with an English degree. That just about sums up everything. I peruse this site under the name of my first Original Character.

I hope you all enjoy my various works. If you like any of them enough to follow me, I thank you in advance, and if I follow you back, you're welcome in advance. Same thing with faves of my stories or yours—Thank you and You're welcome in advance. I'm personally not a fan of seeing "Thanks for ________! / You're welcome!" all over people's comment sections. I get that it's to show appreciation, but I work under the assumption that if you follow someone or 'favorite' their story, they are likely appreciative of it. My apologies if that makes me sound callous.

I'm also a frequent art commissioner. Check out the boxes near the bottom!

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See y'all around!
(Now with a Ko-fi!)

What's Happening

As someone with various pre-existing medical conditions (see 'medical veteran' link up above), I've mostly holed myself up in my apartment during this whole Coronavirus pandemic, only venturing out when absolutely necessary (I hope you all are staying safe and wearing masks like me). But I'm still available for commissions as a freelance editor, so send me a PM if you'd like some help. 

What I'm Working On

A Daughter and Her Dragon (DaD)

- My main project. This story's update schedule is very sporadic, but no matter how long the length of time between chapters (or sets of chapters), I promise I am working on it, slowly but surely.

— DaD Side Stories: The Early Years

- This was inspired by comments on the main story. I'm going to wait until a few of these are finished before I start publishing them.

— DaD Prequel

- This started off as a sort of prologue for the side stories mentioned above, but it's becoming its own story with the length it's gotten to, so it looks like there are going to be two additional DaD stories coming.

Don't worry, I'm still working on the main story!

Other Projects

Estee Challenge

- The "Create A Story Using A User's Name" challenge, which is really outdated now. I had a decent start, but I took a break from it to focus on DaD. I'd really like to finish it, though, so I'll try and get back to it at some point (maybe if I have another bout of writer's block).

Silly Stories of the Student Six

- This collection was originally conceived for the Fimfiction Feghoot Festival, but I had some fun writing them and might write more if I feel like it, so it's staying up with an [incomplete] status.

— Another Anthology

- This was inspired by something else I've done in the past, but I don't have enough material to publish it yet. I can't necessarily guarantee it'll even be published at all, but it'd be nice to get it out at some point.

— Occasional Pop-Ups

- Every now and then I get some random inspiration and decide to write it down. Sometimes they turn into stories. Keep an eye out for those.

Editing by Check Mark

Check Mark here. The boss let me out of my cubicle for a change.

As you can see below, I've edited a myriad of stories by a variety of authors over the course of my time here on FimFic. Every story I've worked on has helped my ever-improving skills as an editor, and hopefully helped my clients become better writers.

As of now, aside from very few exceptions, I'm no longer accepting free editing jobs (Gotta make money somehow). However, if you would like to commission me, you're welcome to PM me. My instructions and terms can be found on my new Ko-fi page.

My Work

This is the full list of the stories I've edited in alphabetical order. Stories with a * have made it to the popular box. Stories with a ** have been featured.

Editing Completed

A Dictionary Problem by Dreams of Ponies**

A Good Girl Never... by Crystal Moose**

A Piece of You by JackRipper**

A Pony Named 'You' by Moowell*

A Roll in the Hay by Shahrazad (Featured on Equestria Daily!)*

All That Remains by JackRipper**

Anon Saves Equestria, er... by twilightsmile** (M for language)

Better Left Buried by Shahrazad

Big Mac in a Small Town by Crystal Moose (Featured on Equestria Daily's 2015 Super Happy Hearts and Hooves Lovefest!)*

Breath of Fire by Shahrazad

Canterlot Has Fallen by Pen Stroke

Catch Me if I Fall by Shahrazad

Coffee With A Pony Princess by Crystal Moose**

The Completely Clean Ponyville Cuddle Competition by Dreams of Ponies

Copic Mechanisms by Crystal Moose**

Courage of Every Stripe by Shahrazad*

Cycling Pants Make Me Feel Very Uncomfortable by Crystal Moose*

Dark Magic by Crystal Moose*

The Double Entendre by Shahrazad*

Elixir Master by Pen Stroke (Featured on Equestria Daily!)**

Expecting by Shahrazad**

Face the Dark Anthology by Pen Stroke (Print Edition)

Fire and Fury by Vertigo22*

Floret by Crystal Moose (Sequel to What I Brought Back From Manehattan)**

The Flurried Soul and the Troubled Heart by MasterThief**

Garden of Shadows by Dreams of Ponies**

The Gift of Hearth's Warming by Astral Phoenix*

The Great and Powerful... Twixie? by Dreams of Ponies**

Harsh Truth, or Kind Lies by Shahrazad

Hay to Pay by I Thought I Was Toast*

I Hate Apples by Shahrazad**

In One Moment by Dreams of Ponies**

in tenebris by Crystal Moose*

Just a Little Batty by I Thought I Was Toast**

Kindness in Bulk by Shahrazad*

Labor of Love by Dreams of Ponies*

Lest We Forget by I Thought I Was Toast**

The Life and Times of Nyx Anthology by Pen Stroke (Print Edition)

Murder on the Friendship Express! by Shahrazad (Featured on Equestria Daily!)

The Music That Binds Us by Dreams of Ponies

My Wings Will Keep You Safe by Astral Phoenix**

Nightmare Moon On Oak Street by Shahrazad (M)

Nurse Discord to the Rescue by Shahrazad*

One Batty Family by I Thought I Was Toast (prequel to Just a Little Batty)**

Pet Sitting a Little Angel by Shahrazad

Queen of the Night by Crystal Moose**

Reaching For the Stars by Nailah

Sapling to Seedling by Dreams of Ponies*

Shhhhhhhh by RarityEQM

"So Aria, How Are You Paying Our Bills?" by Reading is Magic**

So I Like Care Bears, Okay?! by RarityEQM

S.S.O.C. by Crystal Moose**

Sympathy for the Siren by Crystal Moose*

This Date is Going to be Perfect! by Crystal Moose**

This Date... Reprise by Crystal Moose (sequel to This Date is Going to be Perfect!)**

'Til Sunday Do Us Part by BlazzingInferno (Featured on Equestria Daily!)*

The Trixiest Trick by Dreams of Ponies (sequel to The Great and Powerful... Twixie?)*

Twilight's Dusk by kcizsckiee

What I Brought Back From Manehattan by Crystal Moose*

What's Left by Dreams of Ponies*

Your Secret Mother by Crystal Moose**

Editing Still in Progress

She Drives Me Batty by I Thought I Was Toast (sequel to Just a Little Batty)**

- Toast is working on some original fiction at the moment also, so he's juggling between the two. Publishing frequency is indeterminate.

Night Mares and Daydreams by Dreams of Ponies**

- Dreams seems to be picking at this piece by piece, but the publishing frequency is indeterminate.

Protocol D by Topaz Moon**

- I have no idea what's going on with this story. Topaz is around, but she doesn't seem to be working on it. Hopefully she'll keep going at some point.

Note: If you read any of these stories and find any mistakes I may have missed, please do call me out on it. I recommend writers to accept constructive criticism, and I try to do the same as an editor.


Could Use Some Suggestions · 11:44pm April 11th

Heya, Folks!

Sorry about the frequent blogging, I generally try not to do that without reason. Last time I blogged was for a sneak peek of my next chapter of A Daughter and her Dragon, since I've been suffering from some nasty writer's block and wanted you guys to at least have a taste of what's going on there.

Read More

Starry Knight's Artist Corner

I've had the pleasure of working with a plethora of talented artists for artwork, whether it's been for cover art, supplemental story art, art for my own sake of having it, or just about anything else. If any of you would also like to have the opportunity to work with some of these artists, I'd like to help you! Some of them are active here on FimFic, others can be found on deviantArt, and others are based elsewhere. A few of them may not be active at all anymore—but they still deserve to be credited. So there's no question of someone being better than another, here they are in alphabetical order.
Little Tigress
Mr Tech
Not Quite Equine
Scarlet Spectrum
Sugar Morning

Reference Guide

There have been many times when I've tried to explain the world of MLP: FiM to others so they have some context when they read stories here. After a while it became clear that it required more than a basic conversation, so I created this "Beginner's Reference Guide" for them. If you would like to share it with others, you are perfectly welcome to use it. If you think it would benefit by having other information added, tell me and I'll consider putting it in.


For You Would-Be Writers · 6:11am Jan 14th, 2019

If you're unsure whether or not you should be writing, keep this advice in mind.
Warning: crude language.

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