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Reader, Writer, and Grammar Na— I mean, Editor. :twilightblush:


As an Education-major-turned-English-major (beware—that teacher is still hiding in me somewhere) making the best of a crazy life, I peruse this site under the name of my first Original Character.
I honestly can't believe I got involved in this fandom to begin with, but I joined the herd in 2011, and I certainly don't regret it. The Bronies are a great community. I'm a reader, a writer, an editor, and a potential friend. I've made quite a few on this website over the past few years, and I'm always happy to make more.
I hope you all enjoy my various works, as well as the stories that I've tried to help others make the best they can be. If you like any of them enough to follow me, I thank you in advance, and if I follow you back, you're welcome in advance. Same thing with faves of my stories or yours—Thank you and You're welcome in advance (I'm personally not a fan of seeing "Thanks for ________! / You're welcome!" all over people's comment sections. I get that it's to show appreciation, but I work under the assumption that if you follow someone or 'favorite' their story, they are likely appreciative of it. As is the case with me).

The words I live by: "If you're going through Hell, keep going." —Winston Churchill.

Top banner by the awesome EifieChan.
Middle banner by the astounding EZTP.
Icon by the amazing Ayemel.

Find me on Discord! @2ndHrtdHer0#6688
And you can join my SERVER, too!

What's Going On

Life (non-pony)

— Well, after a scan and a meeting with my oncologist, it's official: my stem cell transplant in December of 2014 was a success, and I am now cancer-free! That's pretty hard to follow, but I also haven't had any seizures since my brain surgery in June 2016 that I know of, and since it's been over a year, the surgery seems to have been a success; the docs are now weaning me off some of my medication, too!
— Well, I'm finally done with college, so now I need to find a job... or volunteer work, but preferably something that pays. Either way, I need to spend time searching.

- In between, I'm working as an editing consultant, so except for the few I'm already working on, and possibly a select few if I so choose, I won't be editing for free anymore. Sorry.

As usual, I'm not guaranteeing any particular update rate with stories, since practically everything I'm working on—writing and editing—is going at an indeterminate pace. I AM doing both, though, I promise.


A Daughter and Her Dragon

- I adopted this story from Crystal Moose. It's currently on break from updates so I can put together the next cluster of chapters, but I am actually working on it, slowly but surely. I promise I won't let the story die, even if there are years-long gaps in between groups of chapters.

— Estee Challenge ("Level Dasher")

- The "Create A Story Using A User's Name" challenge, which is pretty outdated now. I ended up using my own after Estee gave me an amazing prompt. I had a decent start, but I took a break from it to focus on DaD. I'll try and get back to this sometime soon, though.

— Daughter and Dragon Side Stories

- Crystal Moose and I brainstormed a few of these. I plan to present them as a collection, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to publishing them, as only one that was written by Crystal Moose is finished, and it isn't long enough to publish by itself. I've started on another one, but since I'd like to focus on the main story, I don't know when I'll be done. At the moment, there will be a total of four. There may be other potential side stories, but I would likely publish them in their own collection for reasons that are currently only obvious to me.

Editing Slots (In order of acceptance)

Topaz Moon: Protocol D
TheFaceofMercy: Me and My Daughters

Derpy. 'Nuff Said.

Stories I Have Edited/Am Editing: Full List // Readings

This is the full list of the stories I've edited (or am still editing) in alphabetical order.
Stories with a * have made it to the popular box. Stories with a ** have been featured.

Editing Completed

A Good Girl Never... by Crystal Moose**

A Pony Named 'You' by Moowell*

A Roll in the Hay by Shahrazad (Featured on Equestria Daily!)*

All That Remains by JackRipper**

Better Left Buried by Shahrazad

Big Mac in a Small Town by Crystal Moose (Featured on Equestria Daily's Super Happy Hearts and Hooves Lovefest!)*

Breath of Fire by Shahrazad

Catch Me if I Fall by Shahrazad

Coffee With A Pony Princess by Crystal Moose**

Copic Mechanisms by Crystal Moose**

Courage of Every Stripe by Shahrazad*

Cycling Pants Make Me Feel Very Uncomfortable by Crystal Moose*

Dark Magic by Crystal Moose*

The Double Entendre by Shahrazad*

Expecting by Shahrazad**

Floret by Crystal Moose (Sequel to What I Brought Back From Manehattan)**

Garden of Shadows by Dreams of Ponies**

The Great and Powerful... Twixie? by Dreams of Ponies**

Harsh Truth, or Kind Lies by Shahrazad

I Hate Apples by Shahrazad**

in tenebris by Crystal Moose*

Kindness in Bulk by Shahrazad*

Murder on the Friendship Express! by Shahrazad (Featured on Equestria Daily!)

The Music That Binds Us by Dreams of Ponies

My Wings Will Keep You Safe by Brony250**

Nightmare Moon On Oak Street by Shahrazad (M)

Nurse Discord to the Rescue by Shahrazad*

Pet Sitting a Little Angel by Shahrazad

Queen of the Night by Crystal Moose**

Shhhhhhhh by RarityEQM

"So Aria, How Are You Paying Our Bills?" by Reading is Magic**

So I Like Care Bears, Okay?! by RarityEQM

S.S.O.C. by Crystal Moose**

Sympathy for the Siren by Crystal Moose*

This Date is Going to be Perfect! by Crystal Moose**

This Date... Reprise by Crystal Moose**

'Til Sunday Do Us Part by BlazzingInferno (Featured on Equestria Daily!)*

The Trixiest Trick by Dreams of Ponies (sequel to The Great and Powerful... Twixie?)*

Twilight's Dusk by kcizsckiee

What I Brought Back From Manehattan by Crystal Moose*

Your Secret Mother by Crystal Moose**

Editing Still in Progress

Anon Saves Equestria, er... by Tactless** (M for language)

- Apparently Tactless is planning another chapter for this. When it'll be ready for editing, I have no idea.

Me and My Daughters by TheFaceofMercy**

- Writing for this story goes at an undetermined pace, but we are editing what's already finished.

Protocol D by Topaz Moon**

- Topaz claims that the next chapter is being worked on, but exactly how long it'll take to finish is up in the air.

PS: If you read any of these stories and find any mistakes I may have missed, please do call me out on it. I recommend writers to accept constructive criticism, and I try to do the same as an editor.


I was going to start doing this as well, but after my first completed reading, my computer crashed and I lost all of my files. I don't really feel like going through the process of getting everything back, so my first reading will likely be my last, but I'm holding on to the list of potential stories I might read just in case.

Completed Readings:

A Pony Named 'You' by Moowell

Artist Corner

I've had the pleasure of commissioning a plethora of talented artists (or they've been commissioned on my behalf) for artwork, whether it's been for cover art, supplemental story art, or just art for my own sake of having it. If any of you would also like to have the opportunity to work with some of these artists, I'd like to give it to you! Some of them are active here on FimFic, others can be found elsewhere. In alphabetical order, here they are, linked where you can most likely find them:

Bucket List

Eh, why not? (Thanks, Ayemel!)

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Featured Stories

  • A Daughter and her Dragon Spike longed for years to have a family of his own. With Twilight's help, he applies for adoption. by Level Dasher 92,639 words · 8,213 views · 1,048 likes · 24 dislikes
  • The Rainbow Pony In Equestria, legend tells of a pony, all the colors of the rainbow, who will grant the wish of a pony whose heart is true. But tread lightly—the Rainbow Pony will grant a wish only if the wisher completes a unique task. by Level Dasher 2,346 words · 2,036 views · 150 likes · 16 dislikes

The Crimson-verse

  • The Right Place and the Right Rhyme Zecora recounts a tale of her past to her granddaughter… in the only way she knows how. by Level Dasher 2,079 words · 458 views · 23 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Like Father, Like Son "Must you plant your face in front of a screen?" This is a common phrase heard in Crimson Star's household. "But" is also a common response, but who does that "but" come from? Crimson, or his father? by Level Dasher 2,132 words · 378 views · 9 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Through Crimson Eyes What happens when a life-changing event occurs that shapes your whole life? What if that event occurs when life has barely begun? If a kid has dealt with more issues in six years than most can handle in a lifetime, how do you think they'd feel? by Level Dasher 108,420 words · 892 views · 54 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Hidden Lily Crimson Star is introduced to a new pony when he gets lost in the Everfree Forest one day. What kind of stories does this new friend have to share? by Level Dasher 5,473 words · 189 views

My Stories

Pieces I've Written as Part of Collaborations


As you can see in the box on the right margin of my page, I've edited a plethora of stories by a variety of writers over the course of my time here on FimFic. Every story I've worked on has helped my ever-improving skills as an editor.

Now that I've finally finished school, I'm actively on the hunt for a job, so what little time I have left I've been using to write my own stories and try to get in some other 'me' time, so aside from those I'm already helping, as of now I'm reserving new editing help for those closest to me, and those who are willing to pay me (I am freelancing as an editor to the public on the interim). If you're one of the latter, send me a PM, and we can discuss from there.

If all you're looking for is some brief tips or advice, however, you can contact me in my Discord server (it's an open server, so feel free to just hop in).

BONUS: Help with Homo-phones/nyms/graphs

Some of you may have seen it when it first appeared, but for anyone that wants a little help with homophones, homonyms, and/or homographs, head over to the forum thread that I created.

Edited— Featured Authors: Crystal Moose & Shahrazad

Edited: Other Authors

  • All That Remains Starlight and Twilight are at an impasse. Equestria must be saved, but at what cost? ~ A dark twist on the Season 5 finale. by JackRipper 3,382 words · 3,030 views · 344 likes · 20 dislikes
  • The Great And Powerful... Twixie? Trixie takes a trip to Sugar Cube Corner and everything spirals wildly out of control, thanks to a certain perpetually pink pony. by Dreams of Ponies 2,206 words · 516 views · 35 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Shhhhhhhh Saving the world takes a lot out of our heroes, but luckily, there's always time for a little nap by RarityEQM 1,022 words · 2,221 views · 170 likes · 2 dislikes
  • "So Aria, How Are You Paying Our Bills?" Sonata Dusk tries to learn what Aria has been doing to earn money. by reading is magic 6,354 words · 2,723 views · 201 likes · 5 dislikes
  • ‘Til Sunday Do Us Part Rarity has an awful idea: marry Spike for the weekend to gain entrance into an ultra-exclusive club for socialite couples. Spike has a brilliant idea: go along with it. by BlazzingInferno 19,075 words · 3,627 views · 390 likes · 15 dislikes

Currently Editing

  • Me and My Daughters Celestia had always cared for Luna and Twilight as if they were her own daughters, but what happens when they become her daughters for real? by TheFaceofMercy 24,368 words · 8,279 views · 490 likes · 20 dislikes
  • Protocol D After LT. Campbell crash-lands on an unknown world, she must search for her fellow crewmembers and decipher an unfamiliar directive. Can she find common ground with the local population and acquire their assistance to succeed in her mission? by Topaz Moon 104,821 words · 5,615 views · 343 likes · 27 dislikes

Almost Late, But... · 12:54am Yesterday

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans out there. I would have posted sooner, but I'm out of the US and celebrating in Iceland instead!

Read More

Report Level Dasher · 72 views · Story: A Daughter and her Dragon ·

Favorite Stories

  • The Bun, The Oven and The Muffin Man Spike had always wondered: just who were his real parents? To properly answer that, he needs someone sincere, someone sympathetic. What he gets is Discord. by Crosis 6,588 words · 8,961 views · 825 likes · 32 dislikes
  • Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student Twilight Sparkle is being sent to Ponyville to learn about friendship. She's not happy about it. by milesprower06 91,326 words · 39,391 views · 4,780 likes · 454 dislikes
  • On a Cross and Arrow Twilight and her five friends are transported across dimensions to... Ponyville, Equestria? But not the same one they knew. by Conner Cogwork 86,362 words · 55,236 views · 4,215 likes · 91 dislikes
  • Raven Anyone who has sought counsel from Princess Celestia has met Raven, her most faithful aide. She has been a veritable second shadow to the princess for as long as the castle staff can remember... longer than they can remember, in fact. Much longer. by SaintChoc 6,033 words · 5,817 views · 920 likes · 10 dislikes
  • The Time We Have Time... It truly does fly. You don't realize you're out of it until the clock's about to ring. by Sorren 5,005 words · 5,948 views · 277 likes · 17 dislikes

PSA: Downvotes

So this is really more of a personal opinion than a PSA, but I'm putting it in its own box instead of making a blog post about it because I want it to be consistently on my page so it can be visible without using up my blog module. I'm hoping that enough people will see it, and hopefully agree with me. I actually thought about writing a story with all of these opinions embedded in it, but it probably would have bordered on metafiction, and that's not really allowed.
It's not that I think there shouldn't be downvotes. I'll admit that I don't like it when I get a downvote on one of my stories—I'm sure nobody here does—but they can be helpful. However, what I'm PARTICULARLY not a fan of is getting a downvote with NO FEEDBACK. If someone gave me a downvote along with a reason why, I'd frankly be grateful. Embracing criticism allows me to improve as a writer. Unfortunately, I find that there are very few people who will actually provide that feedback with their downvote. I know that readers aren't obligated to do it, but I think most authors would appreciate knowing WHY their story is getting a negative reaction.
That being said, next time you're about to hit that red button, I strongly urge you to give the author your reason for doing so. If your reason is something along the lines of 'I don't like that ship,' or 'that idea is stupid,' or 'that fanon is so overplayed,' I suggest you either keep that to yourself, or just write a comment instead of downvoting. If you think the writing is expressed poorly, and/or you have some constructive criticism to provide along with the downvote, I hesitantly say to proceed. Personally, I avoid that button and just write comments, but that's just me.
While I actually tend to keep the filter on, I want to emphasize this idea for mature-rated stories, especially ones that have the sex tag. Not every mature story with that tag is going to be a clopfic—it may just have some innuendos or implications—so if you're one of those people that downvotes a story with that rating and tag because it either isn't clop and you wanted it to be (especially if it explicitly says in the description that it's not clop), or you think clop is disgusting and therefore deserves a downvote right away just because you think it does, I beg of you, DON'T DO THAT. It's not fair to the author. I'm not a fan of clopfics either, but I don't go around the site downvoting every one that I see. There's a reason that filter is there.
One more thing I want to include here is the downvoting of newer stories that don't have all of the applied tags with their first chapter(s). This generally tends to apply to mature-rated stories most of the time, but I've seen it with others as well. If the sex tag (or any other applicable tag) is there, there's a reason. If there's no material that relates to that tag in the first chapter, then it's coming later. Be patient.
Alright, I'll get off my soapbox now.

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Yeah, I guess I can see that. The picture was done a while ago in a different style when the artist was still active on the site. She did the shrug, too, actually. Just found a vector and altered it slightly, then colored it in. It's nice having artistic friends. :yay:

Also a side note, the "eh, why not?" picture is adorable.

I am not sure, I think it is in part because your blue fur almost looks like a suit you pulled on. Do not get me wrong, it is a great picture for our profile, it just gives me the willies.

...Disturbed? :rainbowderp: In... In what way? I've had that icon for ages.

Your profile picture confuses me. It is adorable as a tiny icon, but when I clicked it and saw the full size it disturbed me for strange reasons. Black magic, clearly

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