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I Thought I Was Toast

Insanity is just creativity to the nth degree.


A standalone side story to Just a Little Batty.

She has the day shift; he guards the night. One pegasus, one thestral, just trying to make things work. They've known each other since childhood, so meeting the family shouldn't be quite such a big deal. But then the family tree got involved...

A Batty-verse Story

Audio Reading

Cover art by Ashinda

Editing/Proofreading by:
Dreams of Ponies
Level Dasher

An entry for the Everfree Northwest 2018 Scribblefest.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 36 )

It's the little things like this that keep drawing me to the thestrals. :twilightsmile:

I like how flirty they where with one another. It makes me wonder just how they keep it so clean around their daughter?

Age and practice, mostly. This is a at least twelve years in the past, after all. That's a lot of time to mature.

It might be a good idea to plug this in a blog tagged for Just A Little Batty, so people tracking that will know about it. I would have missed it if I hadn't seen it get added to I Just Want A Comment.

This is amazing, now go and make little bat ponies.

“The day you lose will be the day Nightmare Moon returns to make the night last forever, dear."

Luckily, today is not that day. :rainbowlaugh:

It was fun working at translating all the German you used. :pinkiehappy:

And it was nice to see Mercy get pwned. She was totally asking for it. :trixieshiftleft:

“As a matter of fact, Mister…”

“Lord Bitter Bite.” His glare was poisonous.

“Okay then, cunt.”

Well that was the most savage thing I've read all day. :rainbowlaugh:

I kind of want to see if Mercy shows up again later on better terms. It was difficult to tell how genuine her affability may have been.

She may or may not show up in the teen years story I’ve been mulling over. I was highly amused by the idea of a more mature Mercy showing up at the door years later to ask Morning permission to be Tempered’s second wife. Watching Night’s reaction would be great.

Say if Glory got roughed up that bad how hurt is Mercy?

About the same, probably. The main difference is that she got knocked out by the impact.

I would have elaborated more in story, but I had a 6k word limit, and adding anything else threatened to easily add more than the 296-ish words I had left with how I write. It would have started with some form of acknowledgement and spiraled from there. Believe me, that happens a lot when I write. I'm a Seat-of-my-Pants writer, and that helps make things organic a lot of the time, but it also creates unplanned tangents. The sparring match and date at the beginning of the story, for example, weren't planned to be nearly as long as they were, but it felt right as I was writing it, so that's what ended up happening. It set up Tempered and Morning in a way that needed to happen at the cost of a more sudden ending.

Low Volts' Huntin' Feedin' Drinkin' comes to mind thinking about Tempered's family:

I'm just a bat in a cave
I'm trying to behave
But there's so much blood and so many things,
I can't wait for the sun to sink again
I'm just huntin' feedin' drinkin' my life away


I'm not really sure what else to say about this one other than good job. The characters were fun, some interesting side stuff on bat ponies and fluffy to boot. You did manage to get a chuckle out of me when I saw the premise of a pegasus and a bat pony dating while in the Royal Guard, but nothing less than an upvote is deserved for the fun way it was handled.

Keep it up.

This story is oh so good!

Or, what if she's suffers one of the greatest fears of young people: becoming like her parents? Just imagine that Mercy is married with a child of her own... a son *dun dun DUNNNN*. Now she has come to set up an arranged between Watching Night and her son, so the two of them are to be betrothed, marrying once of age and unifying their houses.

That would be her plan anyway.

Alternatively, it could be set up so that Mercy's child is actually same age and Tempered and Morning's second child and of the opposite gender, so she could be trying to set up their marriage instead. Which would mean that Night is watching this mare her mother clearly does not like try to force this younger sibling she feels protective of into a marriage they are not ready for and too young to fully understand.

Interesting idea, but it wouldn’t really work exactly like you’re thinking because Night has cough impure blood cough. Of course, we saw Mercy likes messing with her father, so it is an option. Doing so is just likely to get her booted out of the family—assuming she hasn’t done anything in the 12+ years she’s had to merit that already. Personally, I already imagined her dating a Canterlot unicorn just to spite her father at some point only to legit fall in love and getting disowned that way. Then, something happens and her husband dies. She ends up in finacial troubles, and who does she think to go to for help but the one who got away.

P. S. Morning doesn’t necessarily hate Mercy. Their interactions here are limited to what amounts to a very rocky start. So long as Mercy was serious about wanting to be Morning’s friend, there’s a chance they can move past all this.

Wtf? why did i cry reading this..... crud the feels are getting to me again but in a good way:twilightsmile:

only a week left, huh? man times flys when you have witters block ^^'

“Okay then,cunt.” My smile grew as his mouth dropped. “I would like it on the record that Tempered Mettle is mine, and always will be mine, regardless of your stupid politics. I’ve saved his sorry ass so many times growing up that Iownit. Me, not you, and certainly not your daughter.”

I took a moment to glare at the mare. She smirked back at me, and I knew I’d need to beat her extra good.

“I’m the one who whipped him into that prime piece of meat you want to deflower your virgins. I tamed him. I trained him. I turned him into a good, honest soldier, and I intend to collect on that. If you prissy nobles can’t swallow that, then—”

I horked a good one up and spat right in his eye, making him flinch.

“—then maybe you’d like to swallow my hoof.”

Insta-fave. Yes. Badass and not one of those cliche softie girl types you sometimes get in stories like these. I mean no offense to the gentler types, but let's be honest; some men do enjoy a woman with authority, am I right lads, or am I right lad?

Anyway, good story author. Kind of wish there was a little more build-up, maybe introduce us to the characters a bit before...oh hang on I just noticed this was a side story. Ah, gotcha. I need to go read that one to get a better understanding. Well I did enjoy this story so I'm certain to like the previous. By the way, count an extra like to your collection. :)

Heh... You might be a little dissapointed with the main story if you’re favorite part was Morning’s bark and bite. It’s at least twelve years in the future, and I have to tone things down to keep it E. Morning is also a bit mellowed from her daughter, so I don’t really get to show this side of her in the main story. That’s partly why I did the side story actually.

You might like Nightingale, their daughter, though, when she pokes out of her shell. Night is either really shy or really confident depending on what she’s doing. Also, you’d probably love Sergeant Smiles, but she doesn’t show up too often.

At the risk of sounding like a retard, there was one part in the story I was curious about. There is a part close to the beginning where you wrote something about the 'Mare In The Moon' looking down upon the main stars of your tale. Hang on let me get the exact quote so not to look too much like a dumbass...

The Mare in the Moon looked down on us as we glided over softly glowing moon lilies, stars twinkling merrily above us as we danced through a hedge maze of nebula roses.

For a brief moment when reading this part I wondered what context (or whatever the fancy word is) you meant this part. Did you mean Luna was literally watching them, or re you just using the show's take on referencing the moon? Because I was assuming there's no shadow mare in the moon during the time of these events taking place in the story. Could you clarify for me, please?

I was just talking about the moon. This fic happens roughly twelve years in the past at a point before Morning and Tempered's daughter--or Applebloom/Sweetie/Scootaloo/Diamond Tiara if that's not enough context--were born. So the phrase is simply referring to them flying under the moonlight.

I see. Thank you very much for sparing some time to reply to a silly comment.

Oh, just ONE more question if you don't mind?

Your name. Why that name?

If you're wondering why I'm asking, I just...like hearing stories behind names. Am I weird for asking? Probably, but then again I am slightly a bit of a sociopath.

Shrug? I really love games where I face a challenge. There’s nothing better than living through some encounter that should have killed you. Those “I Thought I Was Toast” moments are the best.

Mmm-mm. A person who enjoys a challenge. Admirable. Thank you for sharing this, author. And well done on your story getting into the Featured Section. :)

Love love love this!!!

There's only one problem: WHY IS THERE NOT MOAR?! T_______T

If I said I added this to my Favorite List, will you make a sequel? o.o

Make sure you view the story in BOTH Day AND Night Mode!!! There's a little easter egg if you do <3

Please tell me aunt Mercy comes to visit in the main fic sometime

Should this fanfic have a romance tag?

It depends.... Technically, it has a couple in it, but I wouldn’t personally label it romance. As I see it, I’m neither beginning Tempered and Morning’s romance nor am I progressing it to some new and higher level. It exists, but the reader is just getting a small slice of it. Hence why I just have it as Slice of Life.

“Oh, by the stars, no!” There was a brief booming laugh before he flinched and looked over his shoulder again. “The day you lose will be the day Nightmare Moon returns to make the night last forever, dear. I just have to do this now in case the impossible somehow happens. I was going to do it after tonight anyways, but given the circumstances.”

You say that as if it won't happen any time soon... oh how wrong you are.

It was fun to read a bit of Night's parent's backstory.

I wonder if Diamond Tiara will have to go through this as well with Nightingale?

What about when you kill an opponent the same time they kill you, or moments that I like to call death from the grave.

“Now you see what I mean, you loons?!” Moonshine cackled like a banshee. “Morning Glory ain’t just any day-dweller! She’s got the solfire in her soul! You mess with her, and you’d best be ready to get burned!”

Now that line was gold:pinkiehappy:!

That was wonderful little one shot! Sweet, cute, and funny all in one:rainbowkiss::heart:! I love seeing stores about the Thestrals:yay:! They so do nog get enough love:fluttershysad:!

Should I call her a bitch? I felt like that merited calling her a bitch—a friendly bitch, but still a bitch.

That is the best thing I’ve read all day.

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