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The Great and Powerful Trixie returns to Ponyville, nine months after the events of the Alicorn Amulet, but this time she’s not back for revenge. In fact, Twilight Sparkle barely even registers on her radar. Trixie’s actions while under the influence of the Alicorn Amulet have come back to bite her in the flank.

Sweet Apple Acres is going to be receiving a visitor, and maybe, a little something extra.

Takes place between seasons 4 and 5.

The original idea for this story was… conceived by the great and talented writer Crystal Moose. My Humble and Meager skills were used to finish this story past chapter 5, so please forgive me for mutilating Crystal Moose’s concise prose with my florid non-sense.

Cover Art by: Norm
Edited by: Level Dasher

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 157 )

Just an FYI: BBC code is disabled in the short description. It shows up like this:

During her tenure as the Terrible and Despotic Trixie, the showmare had certain [i]needs[/i]. Needs a certain stallion helped her with. Getting in her good graces couldn’t hurt… and he got in [i]real[/i] good. And it certainly [i]didn’t[/i] hur

Well... not an idea I would have thought about, though it could explain her absence. I think I shall follow this for the unique idea and the rare ship


Thanks, I think that's an artifact of my rough draft; I usually take out that sort of stuff before posting, but I must have goofed this time.

This is gonna be one wild ride. I can see the headaches coming along.:scootangel:

The only problem I have with the story so far is that it is a few chapters too short :trollestia:


Fear not, gentle reader! You can expect a new chapter every day until the story is finished.

6874114 everyday :rainbowderp:?! The capacity to do that boggles my mind :derpyderp1:

Oh dear!:twilightoops: Is Trixie carrying Big Mac's foal?

6874114 Don't put pressure on yourself or make promises you can't keep. Many authors said the same thing and very few are able to deliver.

Ah’m gonna have a new sister!” Apple Bloom yelled from the door, darting under Applejack’s legs. “Ah’m gonna have a new sister!” she yelled as she bounced around the pregnant mare.

Actually, niece or nephew. Applejack can't be happy about this.

6874821 Technically you AND Applebloom are both right.... AB is right cause she is gonna get a new sister (through marriage) in the form of Trixie. You're right in the fact she is gonna get a niece/nephew when Trixie gives birth (and the poor, poor mare... she is so petite, and Mac's HUGE... that's gonna be a big baby to pop out lol).

Well, that was resolved quickly. In my experience, things like this aren't resolved that quickly. It's gonna be a real uphill battle towards that wedding with a lot of snags to trip on and emotions ready to run wild.


Today is your lucky day, because every chapter is already finished. Welcome to my world, where stories are NEVER posted until complete. Check out my other stories, you'll see they're all finished,

I Pinkie Pie promise to post one chapter per day until the story is finished. Preferably at 6pm PST.

“Yer stayin’ here an’ that’s final! Ya don’t wanna end up with another MUI, do ya?”

What 'MUI'? I couldn't find anything on Google.

“Trixie will leave before Granny Smith wakes, she promises!”

I have a feeling that Murphy will screw with this.

Well, if it is already written, than okay.

6876817 if I had to guess Magic Under the Influence.

Applejack doesn't know whether to think about the fact that she's going to have a sister-in-law or the fact that she'll be an aunt almost right afterwards. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeesh, Granny runs a tight ship. No WONDER Big Mac has to get his sweet pony lovin' on the fly.

Great story. Love Trixie x Big Mac ships. Keep up the great work.

T'is a wonderful world you live in.

What, he's just now figuring that out :pinkiecrazy:

“Ah’ll make these dishes sparkle so much Ah’m sure t’ get mah cutie mark!”

Dishes done!


6880578 Clever indeed. Talk about a strong case of reverse psychology. :rainbowlaugh:

This is actually really cute. Kudos.

Glad to see this one is finally getting done.

Also strange to see someone else's cover art on this one, after having stared at my own for so long.

While I am back, I'll dump a link up on my blog for ya! Can't wait to see where you take this one!

Edit: I also recall having made more jokes about Trixie thinking Twilight was gay. I assume they were cut, lol!

Was led here by crystal moose. Was immediately pleasantly surprised.

6880941 I did tell him you already had cover art, but only after I found out he'd gotten his own. *shrug*

Where's Granny's shotgun?

“I forgot the pregnant mare!” Twilight yelled. “How did I forget the pregnant mare?"


“‘M sorry… Ah didn’t think Granny’d get up b’fore us.”

Yep, Murphy was there.

“Just five more minutes, Spike!”

:moustache:: Now you know why I never wake her up.

I have a feeling that teleportation plus pregnant mare will equal messy princess (will serve her right).

Meanwhile, Applejack screams on the inside...

In fairness to Twilight (and apparently Pinkie Pie), people will look for any excuse they can to say that they're lesbians. So Twilight shouldn't be so worried about it.

That last line was messed-up.:rainbowlaugh:
And since when is Celestia in love with King Sombra???:pinkiegasp:
And who is Luna supposed to be in love with?:raritystarry:

Is this the start of a running gag, or are you taking pot shots at the fandom?


Ah, that's a reference to the micro series of comics. I consider them cannon, but I try not to use the material heavily because sometimes ppl haven't read them.


Yeah, I didn't know you had anything for the cover until way after I commissioned one. Oh well.

Take out a joke? NEVAR!

6883190 I don't read the comics.

6883516 Yeah, I'm one of them. I also don't consider them canon, but to each their own.

“Oh my gosh!” a little unicorn filly squealed as she dashed across the foyer. “Is this your special somepony, Princess Twilight?”

is this going to be thing? this whole "teasingly picking on twilight thing"? if so, then i approve :trollestia:

If Twilight had finished her statement, good luck breaking that news to Luna Trixie. I'm sure she'll take it well.

6883792 Well they are actually canon technically. The writers of the comics and the ones of the show pretty much confirmed they are semi-canon to the show. Anything that happened in the comics actually happened unless the show contradicts a particular event. Like the writer of Daring Do being Twilight Velvet in the comics and actually Daring Do in the show. She could be a co-writer or editor though for the adventurer.

Wow...I think we found the REAL reason Sweetie stays at Rarity's all the time. Then again, given Rarity's marshmellowdrama, are we really surprised her mom can be just as nuts?

6883792 I referenced them all the time in my Trixie/Mac fic. Which you read.

And this is the downside to letting strangers into your house in a show of neighborly good will. Sometimes they're crazy.

6886470 Well, they're not really strangers. They're Apple Bloom's friend and her parents... who just happen to be a bit... let's say eccentric about foal upbringing.

That they still let Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle onto their property at all is testament to the monumental good will of the Apple family. Those fillies are savages.
But their relatives should clearly be greeted with a locked door and an insincere apology.

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