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Proper Thestrals don't celebrate the Summer Sun Celebration. They never have; they never will, for thestrals never forget.

Deep in the heart of Mount Canter, the dirge of the Nightmother calls them, and they answer it every year. This year, however, is the year after Princess Luna returned. There is little reason to hold a funeral for the living, and yet they do so all the same.

They must always remember; they must never forget; Honor and tradition demands it.

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Submission for the Imposing Sovereigns II Contest
My prompt was Luna and The Old.

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This was actually sad and beautiful at the same time. A masterpiece.

Are you going to do a sequel involving their reaction to Luna stepping down as a princess?

Few can claim they got to attend their own funerals. Even fewer can claim such incredible attendance. Brilliant blend of emotional impact and gorgeous scenery. Especially the epic struggle against the alfalfa monster. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the contest.

Also, when PresentPerfect does his inevitable roundup of the entries, expect to see him writhe in pain. :raritywink:

Another favourite to join the rest... a beautiful moonflower to join the rest of the field... a wondrous addition to the collection.

Solemn and beautiful.

Lest we forget
History may be forgotten
History may be rewritten by those that now lead
History may be forgotten that had been rewritten
History that was, the good and the bad
History must never forgotten lest it comes back again
Lest we forget

It's times like these I wish I could write a poem.

The feelings here just call for it.

... It even feels like a hug...

Add this to the huge teetering pile of missed opportunities the show didn't feel were worth the time to explore... because we just HAD to have another episode with Flutter Brutter.


I can only echo the comments before me - beautiful.

Comment posted by Shadow Star deleted Oct 30th, 2019

huh this Is just like that chapter from Little Batt-

oh that's why.

I wanted to explore it more, but it had to be completely standalone and not part of the AU to enter the contest, so no Night and gang, just Luna. I did check I could culturally appropriate the holiday, though

I like that you included it was Celestia who armed these ponies with remembrance. It added some much needed familial touch to this. Luna needed familiarity as the emotions swept her, and she got that. From her subjects that she failed, and the very stones and bones around her - all assisted with the ghost of her sister's hoof. Because everyone who came down here needed healing, even the Sisters themselves.

...My thoughts upon reading this story's entry in the Featured box. Now... To read it.

...I remember reading in the comments of Just a Little Batty that Celestia occasionally attends... Now, we get to see Luna attend. Here's hoping we eventually see both attend at once, that would be...

I really enjoyed this story. The Royal We got a little confusing at points, but I loved the way you built up Thestral culture.

I must admit, I've never really understood the appeal of batponies--but you did a good job selling them in this tale :)

Excellent work!!

That hurt, but in a good way. Coming from a family with a long tradition of military service, it struck a chord.

Honor the fallen, respect those that serve, and never forget.

Personally I feel not enough people write Luna as an old-time Princess who doesn't understand the world.
Especially to how she speaks, was a shame when they just made her speak normally in the show.

Yes there were tears, this was absolutely beautiful.


Brilliant blend of emotional impact and gorgeous scenery.

I couldn't agree more.

A nicely done poem. Thank you.

There's something to admire in loyalty unto death, simply because loyalty is owed. I'm glad that people still use the idea of a tragic war too, even though the version we git in the show lasted all of two minutes.

It falls to us to remember
So our children do not relive

Beautifully written and a wonderful job with Luna's voice and emotions. I've nit really read any fics with thestrals, but this makes them seem like a touching, if tragic, tribute to Luna. Also the fact that Celestia helped them to remember and mourn Luna makes her part in things all the more heartbreaking and somber.

Author Interviewer

Interesting fact I learned because of this story: 'titanous' actually means 'made of titanium'. I think you'll want to use 'titanic' instead. :)

The tale of Our battle with the red queen and the bandersnatch

Okay, but where do I go to read about this? :O


Princeps Luna Invicta di superi...truly the Nightmother...

Don't change a thing...ever...

Great job on this story! It was a really nice mix of worldbuilding and emotional weight with substance. It takes a lot for me to really "feel" the emotion a writer attempts to give, but you definitely succeeded with this one.


Have you ever thought about revisiting this, with Luna guiding Celestia, Cadance, and a newly minted Twilight Sparkle as The Sovereign...??

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