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When Bluey and Bingo find a den of fairies on the other side of their play fort, they learn what sorts of games fairies play, and experience magic for real life.

Featured 2/5/2023 - 2/8/2023

* Proudly the first Bluey crossover on FIMFiction!
* Part of the Love Bug Continuity...? :trixieshiftright:
* Cover art by DarkBlaze15
* Proofread by LevelDasher

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From the moment I started reading, I could feel my blood sugar skyrocketing like a missile.

It's just too precious-

Pharynx barely had occasion to turn around before a frantic, honking flamingo slammed into his face.

oh gosh, I absolutely adored this fic, happy to finally see a Bluey crossover

I know absolutely nothing about Bluey, but it was cute, so I approve.

Thanks again for the opportunity to create this art piece featuring such wonderful characters from two of my favorite shows of all time! I had a fun time trying to emulate the Bluey art style and capturing the sweetness and excitement of the story itself. If anyone would like to see the full picture, you can check it out at the link here:


Eeeeeee that was so precious!!! Now I want Bluey and Bingo to meet Apex and Calor-

An absolute joy and delight!

SUPER adorable! We need so much more Bluey crossover stories on here! Wonderful story that captures the charm of Bluey perfectly. <3

Oh my sweet Celestia.....I love this.

It was only inevitable, I suppose...

Really cute.
I only hope that we will see more Bluey in the future.:twilightsheepish:

This was Sooooooooo cute!!!
You really captured the show "Bluey"

Absolutely adorable fic. You did an amazing job capturing Bluey and Bingo's characters.

This was super cute, and a perfect match up for a Bluey crossover

Aw, that's just precious.

Your tone is absolutely flawless. I'm happy this exists.

Thanks both! I'm not great with twists or weaving intricate plots, but I've come to find I love writing dialogue and relationships, and so over the years I've gotten good at it. :pinkiesmile: Never thought of myself as writing primarily for a younger demographic until I discovered shows like FiM and Bluey. Now I want to write for that demographic. Healthy relationship depictions are so important for kids to see.

Looks like the pilot episode of Blue and the other worldly friends is a go! Can't wait for the rest of the series!

OK, cute story. I've seen bits and pieces of the show, my nephew loves watching it.

It's interesting that Thorax never told them their actual species name, since he's usually all about everyone having the right idea. I guess he saw how much fun they were having, and didn't want to do anything to dampen their games. Sort of like what Bandit usually does, for better or for worse.

How to Make a Bluey:

1. Take a Blueberry Poptart.

2. Add dog ears, a tail, and a doggo face.

And you have it!

There's definitely an art that goes into writing rated E stories, as I've often said to others. For media properties that get seen by children over and over again, it's doubly important that the experience they're getting is not only wholesome, but character enriching and fulfilling. I often harken back to some of my favorite stories being those written explicitly for a young audience, like Cressida Cowell's How To Train Your Dragon books. And even the movies too! A lot of the best films are those with substance that you won't find even in adult media. I like to look at Megamind and the new Puss in Boots: The Last Wish in that regard.

They're movies that tackle deep things. Things that, likely, children won't take to heart right away. But to dismiss a child's intelligence is foolhardy, and to deprive them of that experience is to close doors on them that could help them grow into better people.

But Rated E doesn't mean that it has to be just for children either, even if there's a chance children would benefit the most from them. Rated E is a rating for everyone, and no one is ever too old to enjoy the experience and learn from the stories that touch upon those concepts, even if hidden behind the mask of the child rating. It takes real skill to make a narrative engaging and deep in the face of that mask. A skill not many will adopt because of said mask. But it is a mask I myself don to reach upon those hearts in the way the stories of yesteryear touched upon mine when I was a kid.

Long-winded way of saying... Keep up the good work, friend! This was a lovely story. Only recently got into Bluey myself, but you can imagine it's everything I myself am trying to convey too, as an exclusively Rated E guy! Lovely show, and lovely work making something out of it!

Comment posted by CaptainPipsqueak deleted February 7th

Thanks so much for the words of support!

It does seem hard to craft something for everyone under the mask of 'kid's content', but I think a lot of that is based on toxic societal impressions of how dumbed down kid's content should be or is. Up until the last half-century the majority of kid's toys, media, etc has been just that. I call it 'tunnel-vision demographics.' But as you said, kids are smarter than we give them credit for and I think a lot of the industry is starting to realize that inclusive, relatable writing is more effective in the long-term than trends and stereotypes. The majority of TV-7 shows nowadays have some degree of inclusive writing.

Bluey is a great example of how things are changing even further. Bluey is TV-Y (by American TV rankings), which is the youngest possible age demo, and yet the show still manages to have amusing dialogue and stories that pull in fans of all ages. That was unheard of when I was a kid. It's great. Unless a children's show is specifically designed to aide in child development (like say, Seasame Street) and is thus supposed to water things down and go at a slow pace, I don't see why most or all of children's media doesn't deserve the kind of quality, inclusive writing that Bluey and similar shows have. Not only are children smarter than adults give them credit for, but children are (ideally) always part of a family, and so it makes sense morally and financially to offer content that everyone in the family will engage with, not just the child. Have a target but always cast a wide net.

I'm sorry, who gave you the right to make something this cute?

Pretty much everything I love about this story has been outlined by everyone else, so that'd be rehashing. Suffice it to say, keep up the great work!

Congrats on making the first Bluey crossover on FIMFiction! Have a cookie!🍪


The American broadcasts are censored to heck and back to get the TV-Y label.

A pox on the prudes who think kids can't handle the occasional poop and fart joke.

Though the Buttermilk gag might have been a dig at MLP.

American TV-Y rankings are picky yes but I think this is also a Disney problem in particular. Disney is ridiculous with their censoring. Ask Alex Hirsch

this is the cutest shit ever and it's pitch-perfect, love it

A fantastic crossover.

"Hang on, fairies don't like the rain?" Bluey asked incredulously. She planted her paws on her hips. "That's silly, rain is one of the best things about being outside! You can dance, and splash, and build little walls for the rain to go around."

Aw, a direct reference to Rain. Definitely one of my favorite episodes.

YES! When I saw a Changeling and Bluey crossover story, I was expecting it to be NavalColt, and I was right!

I do hope you getting the staff to add a Bluey tag means you'll write a whole lot more of this! Changelings could come visit them, disguised as doggies.

This is adorable but as someone who just finished writing a soon-to-be-hopefully-published oneshot involving a crossover for a different kids show nobody else has made a crossover of, uh... Celestia help me. Mine does not compare to yours. Especially with what people are saying about this. The tone, the near-perfect capturing of the characters, mine I feel is... just...

Uuuuuuuuugh I don't know what to do.

I've been writing since I was thirteen and I'm turning thirty in July, so I've had a long time to hone my craft. And even now I still struggle with things. :twilightoops:

Don't let others being farther along discourage you. :twilightsmile: They were where you are at some point. You'll get there as long as you keep going!

YOU HAVE- Sweet mother of Luna that is a lot of experience. I shall make a note to read more of your stories because of that.

This is the most ADORABLE and WHOLESOME fanfic I have read in a while. Please tell me you are planning on making this a series.

Disney, Hasbro, if this doesn't convince you that you need to do a crossover of some kind, I don't know what will.

Though I know I should be wary, still I choose to venture someplace scary! Changeling powers I let loose! BEETLEMOOSE!!! BEETLEMOOSE!!! BEETLEMOOSE!!!

Thanks so much! I do have some inspiration for another story, though it wouldn't involve Thorax and the hive. It'd be a more comedy-focused piece of Bluey and Bingo roleplaying as Rita and Janet ('grannies') and just emerging from nowhere to utterly detail The Legion of Doom from S9 (Chryssie, Tirek, Cozy.)

We'll see if it becomes tangible anytime soon. :twilightoops:

YEEESSS please write this. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, this was precious. The changelings are such softies that they'd just roll with it, aren't they? :twilightsheepish:

Congrats on being the first story to be a cross over with Bluey as well as getting a tag! Man, I want more Bluey adventures in the MLP universe

That would be hilarious if you add their cousin into the mix as well :rainbowlaugh:


Considering how Bandit sometimes calls himself "Telemachus" and their teacher is named Calypso, I've had this fantasy of an episode where the girls develop a taste for Classical Drama and rope Bandit into performing scenes from Antigone for a school talent show.

Or maybe Bluey, Bandit and Lucky and Lucky's dad do Waiting for Godot.

Maybe next the girls can be introduced to the Kirins and their community theater.

Or they meet Ember and they help her stage a Dragon performance of The Little Match Girl.

YES bring Muffin into it!

This was just....precious and adorable! :heart:

If you do another one, maybe have one where the Mane 6 (Spike included), the CMC's, and maybe some of the other fillies and colts of Ponyville interact with Buey and Bingo

Okay I need more Bluey crossovers on this site, STAT. This was too cute!

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