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An inspired linguist. An ancient stone tablet. And the story of how a new species, made in love and forged in fire, came to be.

1st Place in the Everfree Northwest Iron Author Competition 2022. Many thanks to the judges -- Aquaman, Grand Moff Pony, and Xepher -- for their kind comments, and to my fellow winners: FanOfMostEverything, Mica, Scampy, Steady Gaze, and Admiral Biscuit.

Editing by LevelDasher (who is now on a much-deserved editing sabbatical).

Cover Art by CadetRedShirt [DeviantArt] [Twitter]
(I commissioned this one. Give Cadet monies and she will make art and/or sing for you!)

Story notes in this week's MT File.

Featured on EQD, 10/23/22.

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An excellent fable. I would have assumed this took weeks to iron out, not hours.

I heard this read at EFNW. Congratulations again on your win.

:twilightsheepish: She finally said yes
:duck: A back of shining scales, fabulous mane and a coat to die for who wouldn't?
:moustache: Actually you were a better kisser then Gabby, No offence but beaks are hard on a guy... I Didn't want to lose anything...
:facehoof: He's going to die... Slowly
:twilightoops: Well that escalated quickly

I am glad to see you posted this up. :twilightsmile:

What a fabulous tale! It’s amazing that you created such a fantastic story in just two hours! Congratulations, again on winning Iron Author.:twilightsmile:

Very happy to see you posted this! This was beautifully done, and well deserving of its 1st place finish. Great job!

Wonderful story!

Editing by LevelDasher (who is now on a much-deserved editing sabbatical).

Ain't that the truth. :rainbowlaugh:

Glad I could be of help pre-site posting with this awesome story; congrats again on the win and congrats on the feature! :twilightsmile:

A perfectly plausible tale. Great story!!!:twilightsmile: Someone should add Kirin icons here....

This is nice story and an interesting origin for the kirin.



The great thing about speedwriting is that if you have an idea in your head it'll fly right out like a bat pony out of hell. Which, come to think of it, is the terrible thing about speedwriting too! :twilightoops:


The secret ingredient is crack shipping. :moustache: :raritywink:


You are a gentleman and a scholar. See you at the next Everfree!


Seconded! cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/590969388094586896.webp?size=240&quality=lossless

The emojis are firmly stuck in season 1, which is the only imaginable reason why there's no Luna.

¡Wow! This is such a beautiful story. It is nice to know that Rarity and Spike raised such a cunning linguist.

That was a good story.

Hello! Have a review. Not surprised this won a contest. A lot of world-building going on here for a 3k-word story, but it doesn't feel compressed or rushed. Might even warrant an [Adventure] tag, for the legend at least. Happy to like and fave this one. :twilightsmile:

Edit: I see there is now an [Adventure] tag. :yay:

I went back to read this just now and like the linguist in the story, I cried. I really did.


Entirely fair - I was emotional myself while writing it. Which is probably not the best thing during Iron Author... :raritydespair:


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