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A Pony Kind of Gingerbread · 7:02pm Dec 25th, 2023

First of all, Merry Christmas, Festive Hearth's Warming, and Happy Holidays to all!

As some people may know, I'm rather fond of gingerbread. Specifically the design and construction of gingerbread houses. It's one of my more passionate hobbies, if a somewhat seasonal one.

This year I decided to tackle a new challenge (while trying a variety of new techniques, tricks, and recipe variants) in order to bring to life a classic structure from the hallowed halls of My Little Pony fandom.

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Thank you for the addition!

Which fic did you do?

An unfortunate side effect of an event like this when so many new stories get posted at once. Readers start to either get burnt out on the topic or only gravitate towards ones written by authors they were already following. Yours is doing better than mine!

I try to mentally recontextualize it as "This is a story written for one specific person; anyone who wants to read it aside from them is a bonus".

It’s sad to see the cozy-tirek fic dead in the water, but at least you like it. That’s what mattered most in this case. :pinkiesad2:

sent message, please respond

  • Viewing 97 - 101 of 101
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