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    Something has happened and Twilight finds herself in a strange and dark new world. The Bipeds here have strange magic, advanced technology, and a lot of problems. She needs a few friends, and they just might need her. WORM crossover.
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Firstly, prose stylists: King's more fantasy oriented stuff. House of Leaves (by god all of us should tremble in the shadow of THAT Hideous Strength) and Patrick Rothfuss all have either a poetic or at least in King's case a lyrical sort of voice. Also it's damn fine reading.

As for poets... That's a good question. The real question is: what poetry do you know? And further, what sort of things appeal to you? The direct? The exultant? The lopsided grin? Contemplation or riotous color?

In general, I recommend T.S. Eliot... With caveats. Eliot tends to sort of get hooks in you stylistically if you like him and he casts an unbelievably long shadow. But his first book of poems (1912? Maybe?) the one with Prufrock (remember Lovesong of T. Sparkle? I was having fun with Prufrock just for the hell of it.) that book is good. If you feel up to it, The Wasteland is worth reading.

Roll your eyes but I'll tell you truly: Shakespeare. The plays. Lear and Caesar and Richard III.

Merwin and Collins are more recent. Merwin is quieter and genuine. Collins is snider and a little more about wit. Merwin was also US Poet Laureat! Both were I think

Anything of the metaphysical poets, religious poets, etc. of the 16th century. They are fantastic. Donne is their chief. George Herbert as well. They were brilliant and adept with image on a way that is awe-inspiring. Also, just delightful.

Milton, if you have an iron will to keep up because oh boy

I personally like the Classics as well: Virgil and Horace mostly. Both are wonderful with a nice English translation and I think Virgil was hundreds of years ahead of his time.

But don't feel that you have to parrot. It's helpful to learn but like riding with training wheels, remember to eventually go out on your own. Gardez reminded while we edited Levee: short sentences can be the best. Simple ones too. Not every line can or even should be a lyric.

A worksman's straight path can make it to Jannah just as meandering bard's can!


Thanks for the words of encouragement! A quick question - one thing I know my writing lacks is flourish and artistry, mine is a workman like prose most of the time. Something I quite like in your stories are those touches and you mentioned you are influenced by an extensive poetry reading background. Would you mind suggesting a favorite poet or two as a jumping off point for someone who has never had much exposure to it?

Hmm...favorite hero in worm. You're right that there are not a lot that make the cut. Like you said even some who seem to lean more towards the light like Miss Militia have glaring moments of not holding to their ideals. Leaving Taylor out of the discussion for now, Dragon is mine without much competition. Others that I liked and wished they'd had more screen time: Chevalier struck me as solid, Narwhal (what little we saw of her - I might be being influenced by fan fiction I've read that expands upon what was there in canon).

2095269 what can I say? Chain smoking insomnia is magic, I think. So is remembering near about every friggin poem you've ever even sorta liked forever and never being to escape the little tidbits popping up all the time.

Hey, 127K is a lot of words! That's well on it's way to being as long as Return of the King, you know. And it's already a good sized novel. Some of us are like King and just burn typewriters churning out words. Some of us by time and art construct monuments more lasting than bronze.

It's continuing, that's the important part.

Oh, and of course: favorite hero in WORM? I was always torn because I honestly disliked... Almost all of them. Armsmaster the most, but even the better ones just frustrated me so much. Taylor 4 life


Awesome! Congratulations on closing in on the finish line. Can't wait to see what happens! You could say I have a soft spot for epic pony tales. It's taken me a little over 2 years to get to 127k words on one single story - your output is kinda amazing. I first found you via "When the Levee Breaks," and you have given me many many hours of enjoyment since.

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