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Welcome to the Rites of Ascension Expanded Universe Group!

Obviously, this is a group all about stories that take place in the universe of Rites of Ascension. The original story is a unique take on alicorn ascension which takes place fourteen years after the end of season two. The Rites canon ignores Season Three and later in favor of its own timeline.

Since it starts so far after the show itself, there’s a lot of story to tell, and we’re building the resources to aid other authors in telling it!

Join our group to be the first to hear about new Rites EU Titles, and stay tuned for new announcements!

Link to the original blog post about the new EU!


"Rites EU Stories" will be for stories written in the Rites EU.
"Rites-Inspired (non-EU) Stories" are for stories whose authors have been inspired by Rites but do not take place in the Rites EU.
"CANON Rites EU Stories" are for those stories that are both written in the EU and that I recommend and enjoy well enough to certify as Rites canon and official side stories. Obviously my own side stories go in here by default. The standards for entry are relatively high here and only admins can add stories to this folder. It must be well-written and not clash with my storyline, planned or otherwise. With all the secrets I have, this may seem tricky, but it is by no means impossible.

Please be respectful to one another in this group. Trolls and troublemakers will find themselves removed quickly.

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Okay, I'm in the middle of writing a Rites-inspired story. While I can make up appropriate names, I wanted to ask if there could be a complete list of Night Guard ranks, as while I can see inspiration from several sources, there doesn't seem to be a full list anywhere.

I'd recommend posting a summary of your idea(s) on the seed ideas thread. I'd love to help you personally, but I've got a lot on my plate already.

Hello, I just joined. Could anyone help me in making a story set in this universe? I would really appreaciate if you helped:pinkiehappy:

really looking forward to learning more about this world/universe and exploring it... and seeing what others have in store! xD

I LOVE this idea! ^.^
Give me a world to frolic in and I WILL do my best to make a quality story worthy of your world!

Heck actually I might like to do... :twilightoops: nonono... idea idea idea...

right... so I have an idea beginning to form so you get me the world I'll get you the story. Ummm, also one thing Im wondering about is other countries and their inhabitance. That's something that I'm rather interested in and would love to explore. :twilightsmile:

Really looking forward to working with this world!! :twilightsheepish:


Let's Collaborate!

I like this idea! If I wasn't such a slow writer with ideas of my own I'd gladly try to do some stuff in this universe.
Maybe after the 3 side stories, the one-shot and the stupid jokefic.

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