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Well that didn't work.

This is a group for anyone who is interested in Eakin's Time Loop Trilogy and its related stories.

Feel free to discuss whatever's on your mind, so long as it pertains to the trilogy or related stories in some way.

Have at ye!

The series also has a TV Tropes page.

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364409 thanks, though I might retake these pictures for a better lighting, just because, but I'll take your advice on the deviant art thing :)

363020 - people aren't likely to read the front page of the group. Try asking in the forum. :) Do you want to upload them so that people can view them online? There's a few options: you could upload to tinypic and share the url. If you're an artist however, a better option would be to open a deviantart account where you can put your art on display and link to it.

Hooray I finally got around to posting these pictures I attempted of Azalea, Shooting star and Morning glow. the problem is, now I have no idea how to export them from computer file instead of an internet URL? does anyone have an idea?

Just FYI, you'll have better luck getting people to notice this if you create a thread for it in the forum.

I understand this is the optimal place to post fan art for the Time Loop Trilogy. Here is mine: chrysalis vs twilight Hope you all enjoy it! Please feel free to leave comments!


Hard Reset/Optimalverse/Winningverse Crossovers? :pinkiegasp:

By Eakin? :raritystarry:

Best. Thing. Ever! :pinkiehappy:

I stared at that group header image for about four seconds before I figured out what I was looking at. Then I snarfed, :twilightoops:

316548 316549
Azalight? Or Twilea? :facehoof:

316554 Oh, really? :pinkiehappy: I'll keep that in mind...

Moved. Sorry still new to FiMfiction.

Hard Reset/Optimalverse crossovers! Hard Reset/Winningverse crossovers (uh... more so)! The Time loops! Will last! FOREEEEEV-

*is slapped*

But don't worry, it's going to stay a trilogy (Queen Sparkle side story notwithstanding). Honestly, there's so much of Stitch that's spent setting up future callbacks that there's no way I could tack a fourth story on and have it line up as well unless I'd already been planning it, which I haven't.

If others want to write stuff set here, though, they're welcome to do so.

As much as I like the story series, I hope Eakin knows when to stop it permanently. I'd hate to see it degenerate as he starts running out of ideas and inspiration.
That said, I hope he never loses the spark that got us Hard Reset and the rest. It's been a hell of a ride.


I second that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Hmm, opinions:
Azalea and Twilight are beyond adorable.

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