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Thank you for favouriting "Equestria 485,000". I'm glad you liked it.

Someday you will die somehow and something's gonna steal your carbon

2445786 obviously I've already ready Austraeoh. Mendacity is an amazing example of using European mythOlogy in pony stories. I have read that one as well. I don't plan on reading the immortal game. The many deaths of Rainbow Dash was already in my highly recommended folder, and contraption Ology I've gotten to like chapter 4 or something. I need to start that one back up again because skywriter is absolutely one of my favorite authors and I was so happy to meet with him and chat with him again at ever free Northwest.

I'll have to read some more reviews on Harmony theory before I decide if I want to dive into it but I added it to the highly recommended. V for vendetta that I did see someone recommend once and I've added it to highly recommended. Land of the blind must've come out when I had fallen behind on notifications as I didn't realize it existed. I added that. I added Gothic. Quarts of the Magi looks like it's from a fucking long ass series though obviously I'm familiar with long ass series. Is lines and webs mind blowing Lee good?

2445595 Awesome! Out of curiosity, which ones did you add? (PM me if you like, I can talk about them more fully)

  • Viewing 113 - 117 of 117
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