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If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it's another nonconformist who doesn't conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity.


"There is only one rule: If you get hit, you're out."
Apple Bloom is dragged into an all-out civil war between the students of Ponyville Elementary, and soon enough the Crusaders are the only ones left to stand against a seemingly unstoppable evil.

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You face Button Mash, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion!


"I'm getting to old for this stuff…"

Zap, nooo!

I don't know what you're talking about~ :rainbowwild:

"But in the end… her heart was… twisted."

Zap, why

Zap, you are insane.

Also, final fight is gonna be Scoots vs Apple Bloom.


Zap, you are insane.

You're not wrong... :pinkiecrazy:

so Zap, is this one of those 'public pick' fics, or one of your own fruition? :rainbowkiss:

This one worked its way into my brain completely unprompted.
It was terribly rude of it, actually.

That was insane.... Loved it!

this story is 20% cooler then kicking a bag of puppies

Awesome! It was like one of the good old action movies.

Well...in the end, all that can be said is this:

"I don't know! Sometimes I just say things!"


"Happy Ponukkah?"


Really like this so far. It's the right amount of dramatic and silly.

This was glorious in every possible way. Had me giggling like a child throughout.

Okay, this was supremely funny!
Thank you, Zappy!

All those onliners that Scootaloo and Apple Bloom had been saying are what made me laugh the most

Button Mash, nooooo! He's my favorite colt!

...This is THE single most ridiculous thing I have ever read. ...I love it!

Zap, you're insane.
...Insanely brilliant.

every pony could use a boat

Ice to meet you. Hahaha that is so punny!

Your Fired. HERE'S BLOOMY! Apple Bloom grinned wickedly. "You can call me Miss Snowball, and this is my friend," she hefted her weapon, "who is also a snowball." The filly blinked. "That… doesn't make any—" Paff!
Hahaha I love this fic!

I bet it was something dumb. God I do not know how u do it!

Oh my goodness. Cheerilee what have you done.

Scootaloo is queen of the puns.

Omg ok. Now I'm praying Scoots makes it out OK

Omg for a moment I thought Cheerilee's prize was gonna be her hitting Apple Bloom with a snowball then announcing that she had won

Hmmm, if I know my plots right, Scootaloo has a chance o popping in a the last second to save Applenbloom

Did Equestria ever have a tragedy happen to create the term "Gone Postal?" because that felt hilariously dark coming out of Apple Bloom's mouth. lol

"It's oddly blocky" and the image of a small NES end level goal of Super Mario Bro came to mind.

Dat WoW reference. I can't see what Sweetie sees endearing about that colt who has no need for friends, and likely would marry his JoyBoy if they released a date sim game for it. xD

ScootaWoo and her mad snowball flinging skills. That fortress scene makes me wish there was a type of Face Off inspired Scoots vs Tiara.

There is seems to be more punching and kicking and than snowballs. lol

That ending was as filling as Cheerilee's secret prize.And here I thought it wasn't actually a colt who was in that suit of armor and we'd reveal Silver Spoon was the one inside it. Oh well. Gotta say, so many references in this fic it almost let me snow blind.

Dang. If only the show had this many colts in it. You'd think it was a three colts for every one filly. I think my favorite part was Fort #2 with Sweetie Belle's freakout, that poor colt got it so bad. xD

Good thing for all that all this wasn't a physical battle, Silver Spoon was too OP at that point. Love how everypony practically leaves with almost a broken limb or something, yet Sil and Di just got a snowball to the face. Ponyville is weird. But as Scoots said, don't question things.

P.S. Poor unnamed blue pony of unknown origins. Forever alone that one. Skippy or whatever shall not be forgotten.

You see, Apple Bloom? This is what happens when you don't hang out or even talk to your oldest friend for four seasons. You understood her speech just fine back in season one.

With all these suited colts and fillies, I don't think I would've objected to at least one Agent Smith from The Matrix. Oh well.

This story is great! Good sense of humor and excellent dialogue between the three Crusaders. And I admit, I enjoyed how you tore into Button Mash. He is rather annoying. :rainbowwild:

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