My roommate's name is Octavia, or "Tavi" for short. She likes vintage red wine, soft pillows, and long walks on the beach. But, more than anything, she loves music. She loves it with a passion that radiates with every burning color of the spectrum.

Each day I spend with her... or without her, I learn a little bit more about life, about the sick beat to which we all dance, whether we know it or not. I hope you don't mind if I say a few things about her. Just a few things. One can learn a lot from Tavi.

After all, she saved my life.

Cover Art by Eztp

Playlist - Because Even Original Things Aren't Original

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This is good..... Also...FIRST!
Edit: I'm sorry.... ;( I've never been first before.

6245570 sorry... Never been first to comment before.

I still don't understand why the colors are floating in the air but oh well.

From mute Tavi to mute Scratch.:ajsmug:

"Would it truly suffer you to leave a note next time? Hmmm? You're certainly keen on leaving presents in the most inconvenient places, so I don't see why not."

Well, at least she's not named "Chocolate".

I suddenly want Vinyl to listen to this:

I'm rather digging this beat.:rainbowdetermined2:

Hmm...Vinyl seems to take a particular notice to colors...

"Now imported Red Wine," Tavi coos. "Especially of the midnight sarosian variety?"

Y'know, I'm no wine person, but something tells me that would taste really good.:rainbowderp:

I grab the clipboard again and draw a sketch of an overturned wagon caught on fire.

"Heh... Baltimare?"

I nod.


I'm still trying to understand the significance of the music in each chapter. Is this what Vinyl is listening to at that point in time? It it what she hears in her head?

I bite my lip. My shaded eyes travel to a stack of freshly made records on my side of the foyer. Even now, I swear, they resonate with a trademark violet aura...

Well, if I'm right about what this means, then d'awwww...she did them all with Tavi on her mind!:rainbowkiss:

Oh I like this one. This is mellow.:rainbowdetermined2:

I speak of moments such as right now, sitting in this train car, staring out the window as the world blows by, with the latest track by Chemical Colts blasting into my ears.

Guess that explains my earlier question, then.

Very difference since the wedding.


This is really interesting. This kind of trip through Vinyl's mind. How she percieves music and color and sound. "Kinesthesia", I believe it's called? No wait, it's "synesthesia".

That, or it's just some type of magic (going back to the violet aura around the records).

Now I'm wondering what she would see if she were to blow across the open top.


6245595 I think she has synesthesia.

I think I know what this is, and if it's what I think it is, then I thank you for it, even if it's not what the original idea was.

I liked this, though. Real interesting and made all the better with the tracks you picked out.

"Then again, my father has never been too keen on creatures he couldn't control. I should know a thing or two about that..."

Is she referencing what fic I think she is? :rainbowderp:

I'm really digging this so far. Some nice slice of life, but with undercurrents of deeper goings-on. I'm especially intrigued by the whole "saved my life" deal. I dunno if she's being literal or figurative, but I'm hungry to find out. I almost smell something very bleak in that.

What is it with you and mute characters, dude? Admittedly, canon is pretty solidly propping you up on this one, but still. The use of synesthesia is unexpected, though, and adds a certain--would people hit me if I said "color"?--to it all.

There isn't a romance tag, but am I just reading too much into things in saying that Vinyl seems to have a thing for our cellist? If so, it seems one-sided. Maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe it's all beside the point.

A moment much like the one that I am having right now, but very late tonight—in a closed off sanctuary of sonic proportions—I will likewise be sharing with them, through bright lights and bass salvos and every pulsing, booming thing that houses the nerve to jump, jump, jump.

That sentence really jumped out at me, for some reason. I recall you citing Jack Kerouac as an influence, and it's almost tangible here. Really tickles my fancy.

I grab the clipboard again and draw a sketch of an overturned wagon caught on fire.

"Heh... Baltimare?"



But yeah, this is shaping up nicely. I'll be looking forward to this one.

To be honest I'm really put off by the use of present tense instead of past; makes it seem like it's a script for some ASMR thing.

I loathe my weakness for TaviScratch fics

But I love the direction of this fic none the less.

No Background Pony reference in a Skirts fic? Now that's surprising. :trollestia:

6245660 I believe from the last chapter that she did them all with Tavi in them. A sample here and there...

What is the sketch joke referencing? I do not recognize it.


Pretty sure the showrunners stopped that train before it really kept going. They've said that Vinyl can talk, but she chose not to in any of those scenes.

Vinyl's synesthesia is so clearly a major portion of her conscious experience. Very well done!:twilightsmile:

Their laughter runs the gambit of the whole vomitous spectrum,

I think that should be 'gamut'

Hmmm...what a happy song.:twilightsmile:

That aside, I'm rather certain that one pony isn't quite aware of the other's personal feelings here.

"Oh Vinyl, don't you see?" She sighs dreamily, and the purple darkens, collecting in a coiled indigo that clings ominously to the ceiling beams above us. "All of the artifice is gone. Age has drained the pretense from them, and all that's left is sincerity. That is a love worth waiting for.


It is Dr. Pony. Praise Celestia.


Yep. My reading comprehension is stellar at times.:facehoof:

One chapter into the story, and I already love it. Given the interesting concept about Vinyl's perspective combined with your style of writing, I'll be positively looking forward for more.

Also, you don't happen to have any alternative links for the music, do you? Most of these videos happen to be blocked in my country:ajbemused:

6245915 Mind sharing with the rest of the class?

This fic is so vinyl, the tags are vinyl coloured.


A Puppet to Her Fame, by Kaidan. A word of warning though if you want to read it: it's fairly dark and contains things that you might not like. It's essentially a telling of Tavi's foalhood.

Methinks Vinyl isn't quite catching on yet to Tavi's feelings for her. :twilightsmile:


The Baltimore Riots, with lots of overturned and immolated cars.

This is interesting. I don't really read 1st-person present-tense stories, so this is different.

"I see you have an envelope there. Is it postmarked for 483 Faust Street?"

postmarked for 483 Faust Street

Faust Street

Ah... See what you did there.

This fic is amazing. I really like the present-tense theme here as well.

Blast you. Stop writing things faster than I can read them!

Actually, nevermind. I'll just read on and not worry about updates, since they'll come through before I get to them. This is perfect.

Carry on.

There's purple prose, and then there's "Let's take aaall the shades of purple, line 'em up, and then execute them one by one" prose. I like it :pinkiehappy:

Dirt and scum like the color of the words he was spewing...:ajsleepy:

FUCK YES! I'd buy tickets to that!

6247134 -shrugs- It happens, takes me a few reads to get some of the deeper works I've read. This, this is Vinyl's soul, her own blue pulsing spirit being born on wings of Octy's Violet melodies..

I freaking love this story.

Trenderhoof ruining things, as usual... :facehoof:

Well, that was awkward.

Also, I'm curious about that "lengthy sentence". I don't imagine that "I can't talk" would qualify. Perhaps an explanation?

Same here, this is a delightful take on/continuation of the Vinyl that we saw from the Slice of Life episode and with the added synesthesia it makes for an intriguing read. :twilightsmile:

Normally I detest Faust references especially when used in the same vein as 'Thank Celestia' but I'm surprisingly ok with her name being used as a street reference. Hmm. :trixieshiftright:

Wiping my muzzle clean, I can feel a deep twitch in my fuzzy pony innards. The caffeine is kicking in, and suddenly every band of color has a persistent, quivering beat to it. I smile ravenously, alive in the ever-evolving delirium around us. My eyes dart left and right, imprisoned by their thick lenses. I pierce through the translucent bars and carve a cliff. The colors bunch up against the knifing edge, and I'm already sculpting the perfect bass drop in the churning surf beyond.

Innteresting, so Vinyl can use caffeine to give her synesthesia a jump start which in turn sparks her creativity as she observes the world around her.

I look towards her, shrug, and beat a pale hoof over my chest. A red cloud emanates between us, and once it dissolves I can see a tired smile hanging off her soft muzzle.
"You're right, I suppose," she murmurs, a dull, somber indigo. "It's what lets us remember that we have hearts to begin with."
Sure, that works.

This is a good instance to point out that we see Vinyl's gestures are not enough to fully convey what she means but instead relies on others to come to the meaning or something similar from them. It's almost like telling people what they want to hear, but better because they themselves come up with the words.

I wonder if Vinyl will truly be mute or just a mare of few words.

Before I can register a response, a voice cracks from across the room, slick and black like volcanic glass: "Yo Fluttershy! Move your tail! Twilight's about to do her poetry reading! It's about Daring Do!"

An surprising description of Rainbow's voice, I wouldn't have guessed that her voice would take on such a color. I'm curious as to how Skirts is assigning the colors, is there some research put into the color choices or are they just what he feels is best?

I wonder how Vinyl will explain Fluttershy's ideas to Tavi without words. Probably sketch or write them out?

"Oh yeah," Lyra Heartstrings says, grinning. "Oh yeah, girl!" She grins wider. "I'm loving it! Loving it real hard!"

Whelp, my mind totally thought something else was happening at first with such exclamations from Lyra :rainbowwild:

"Okay, that wasn't too fair of me. Bon Bon does more than enough to carry her weight around here. After all, she works for... for..." Lyra's eyes go wide suddenly, and her amber voice cracks, shattering into white and gold bands. After a nervous fidget or two, she clears her throat and wheezes: "...for a v-very successful law firm."

Curious, this seems to suggest that Lyra's under the effects of a geis spell or at least something that prevents her from saying what Bon Bon's real job is.

"Seriously, though, it's the vocals that make this track so awesome. I... I can't quite put my hoof on it. Where did you get the samples from?"
I bite my lip. The speakers are resonating with a thick purple sheen, tapering off into scrumptious indigo fragments.
"Lemme guess... Manehattan Underground? Those archives run deep, girl."
I answer by not answering.

Seems Vinyl also has a few secrets, is the vocals that were used Tavi's? Vinyl uses the word purple and variants of it when she is 'on screen' as it were.

"How long will you be in Baltimare, love?"
And just like that, I'm awake again. I pierce through the purple cloud and hold up two hooves.

Why not stomp her hoof to indicate the amount of days?

"Two days?" She blinks, then squints at me. Somehow, she always looks five times more elegant when her eyes are thin. "Then again... eheheh..." She chuckles between the undulating bass notes. "It's hard to tell whether you're trying to say two or twenty."

Then again it might be more fun to have Octy play the guessing game. :rainbowwild:

She sees it. She sees everything... that is, almost everything.

"You're such a good friend.

Seems that Vinyl is stuck in the friend zone but with Tavi calling her 'love' there must be hope!

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