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Somehow, I manage to write sad fluff. I'd be concerned about my mental health, but I'm too busy writing.


In the wake of the Bugbear attack, Vinyl hears of Bon Bon's - Or, rather, Sweetie Drops's - true identity.
This, naturally, makes Vinyl curious. Could Octavia be hiding something from her?
Of course not, right?

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I'm immediately giving this story a thumbs up and a like because I need something pleasant to read after seeing the absolutely pathetic piece of filth fanfiction that was Roseluck getting raped against her will.

Thank god for people like you who at least keep things clean around here. Thank god for you indeed, sir or madam.

6699249 Indeed. Im so his happy for fluff like this!

6699362 I really needed a story like this after the crap I just read by SoothingCoffee.

This site...clopfics were bad, but now rape stories?

Sometimes I think bronies deserve to be ridiculed and made fun of. And believe it or not it hurts to say that.

6699376 Some clopfics are alright. I mean story wise.

But... fucking god damn it? Rape? SeriouslY?

Okay, so I may have not read this yet, but if the title is meant as a pun, I think I'll like it a lot.

6699635 I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Why would I make a pun that bad? It'd only lead to treble.

I like to believe Vinyl can talk, sees just very very quiet. Basically if she spoke it would shock Octavia, but Vinyl would just pass it off as if it were normal.


My working theory is the just shouts and screams a lot when she is at music venue (playing or just watching) and routinely loses her voice. So often that any who know her just carry on as usual.

Thanks for the story, perfectly charming view of the characters.

Absolutely loved it! At first I thought the secret would be one of those alternates in which Octavia's family is part of the mafia or something like that, but the guitar was simply genius! :raritystarry:
Great work. :pinkiehappy:

Aww I was almost certain that vinyl's secret that nopony must know was that she could speak

You know, i'm starting to like these mute Vinyl stories. they're soothing and charmingly funny. Though nothing will really compare to rowdy 'Nowacking style' Vinyl for me

Cute story, really. interesting choice, making Octavia the slob and Vinyl the neat freak.

One thing though, I didn't like your transitions from scene to scene. I get trying to be funny, but they were a bit on the jarring side.

That was a interesting story about Octavia and vinyl Story how they switch roles lol

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