• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Subdued Things

Author's Note:

The crowd is a bit more subdued now as I allow myself a break. Trotting away from the DJ Booth, I approach a table full of refreshments, lifting a glass with my telekinesis. There's no Dr. Pony here tonight, but I think I can deal. This is Twilight's Gala, not one of my tours. Besides... I think my kidneys could use a break.

So, without anymore hesitation, I dip a ladel into the punch bowl and pour myself a drink. Bringing the stuff to my lips, I sip... then shiver slightly from the inside out.

Yeesh, Pinkie Pie...

What did you put in this stuff?

I'm pretty certain we want plenty more Galas to follow after this one.

I tongue the inside of my mouth. I glance left... then right... and then I take another sip. I smile to myself.

The voices behind me form a colorful tapestry over my head. With a casual breath, I turn around, adjust my shades, and gaze out at the crowd filling the ballroom. My body and brain are still buzzing from an hour-long music session. I feel just like a soldier winding down from a military endurance trial. Every exhalation is a cloud magenta raining over the floor, painting the outlines of every equine body so my eyes can study them better.

The faces of everyone in attendance is altogether pleasant. There's an impenetrable sense of comfort and relaxation filling the place. Even the elders—sitting off in the distance—gather in chatty clusters, observing the sights around them as they talk about parties of days gone by. I spot Cranky and Matilda—the old "newlyweds"—conversing with Mayor Mare and Granny Smith. They laugh and chuckle, their golden voices wafting over the rest of the crowd.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash stand side by side. On Rainbow's side are a bunch of flight ponies in uniform. On AJ's side, I recognize the Harvest family. Golden Harvest finishes telling a long-winded anecdote—no doubt about carrots and harvest season—and it sends Applejack's sides splitting with gunshot crimson guffaws. Rainbow and her fellow Wonderbolts snicker politely and shrug at one another.

Pinkie Pie—of course—is all over the place. Everypony knows that this Gala is Princess Twilight Sparkle's idea and all, but it's Pinkie whom we have to thank for making it all possible. She flocks from group to group, checking up on them, encouraging each pony to smile. With a salute and a snicker, she bounces off to the next cluster of partygoers, managing the event—and doing it with a hum and a song.

As my eyes trace after her, I stumble upon the sight of Octavia and Merriweather. Beau's new beau is chatting amicably with Tavi. Perhaps a bit too amicably. I detect the tell-tale signs of drunkenness rolling off Merriweather's slurring tongue. He teeters left and right, giggling incoherently between each pronounced phrase of an ongoing tale. It's harmless... if not goofy. Octavia tries her best not to smile, but it tugs at the velvety edges of her muzzle. She stands back as Merriweather teeters a bit too much, having to steady himself against a table with his non-drinking hoof. Octavia snickers slightly, then responds to his ongoing rambles with a stately purple voice.

I smile.

I swear...

I'll never run out of pride for her...


I turn to look ahead of me.

Lyra leans on Bon Bon's shoulder. Her eyes are rosy—as is the rest of her muzzle. After a hiccup, she waves an empty punch cup at me. "Great... mmm... grrrrreat show tonight... hic!"

Ho boy...

"No... I-I really mean it! Y'know..." She grins crookedly, her horn pulsating like a broken antenna. "There was a t-time when I d-didn't go to your concerts on purpose... HIC... c-cuz I was afraid I'd come home all depressed since I knew you were s-so much better than me..."

"Take it all with a grain of salt, Vinyl," Bon Bon says, rolling her eyes with a smirk. "She's a had a bit too much fun punch, but when she asked to say a few words to you... heehee... well, I couldn't resist."

"Few wordsss?" Lyra tries to frown, but it comes across as a melting green jack'o'lantern. "How 'bout a billion hugs? HIC! Things have changed girl! I'm no longerrrr intimidated by yousa." She blinks blearily, the crooked smile returning. "Yousa is the best!" She raises her empty cup, exhaling. "Squee! Totally... totally made this party—HIC!—happen! Princess Twilight Petticoat Pants should... mmmm... promote yousa..."

"Alright, Lyra..." Bon Bon nuzzles the mare, hoists her around, then shuffles towards the exit. "The medal ceremony can wait. Let's get yousa home."

"Awwwwwwww... but I wanna talk to Tavi too!"

"Tavi's already getting an earful of tipsy, methinks. It's okay, Lyra. We'll congratulate her on the party tomorrow."

"Hehhhh... whatever you say, Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon..."

"So long, Vinyl! It's been a blast!" Bon Bon waves from a distance, dragging Lyra out. "Heehee! Truly, it has been!"

I wave back, smirking.

And just then... I feel a burst of indigo to my far left.

Blinking, I turn to look.

Merriweather stands alone by the refreshments table. He gazes around, shrugs, and takes another sip of his drink before filing off across the ballroom.

"... ... ...?" My brow furrows. I turn and gaze across the chamber, lips pursed.


What just...?

"Heya Viney!" Pinkie scuffles up to me, nearly sliding across the polished floor and into a table. "Hey hey! You ready for the next session? Twilight's asking for something smoooooooth that'll ease the crowd's nerves down so we can properly close out the evening!"

I blink at her. I look left and right again, fidgeting.

"Is everything okay?" Pinkie's muzzle scrunches. "Do you need an inspiration hug? Maud taught me as a little filly how to give those out!"

I shake my head, waving a hoof. With a reassuring smirk, I point back at my booth, turn around, and march towards the stage.

"Okie Dokie Lokie!" Pinkie trots off in the opposite direction. "I'll tell Twilight that the last phase of the Gala is a go!"

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