• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Genuine Things

Author's Note:

There are times when the colors and sounds of this world completely overwhelm me.

Then there are times like right now...

Now... as I sit on this park bench, my head leaning back, my limbs draped over the edge...

And I lose myself in the hum... the green reverberations of all things that are.

And beyond the green, there is my friend, turquoise. And everything in between is filled with everyone's neighbor, tan.

And in a way... it's comforting.

It's comforting to know... and to feel.

But the colors are just the surface. Flismy wrapping to the real nuggets of emotion hidden beneath.

There are things that I'm guilty of. Then there are things that other ponies are guilty of. What's it matter if I owe them or if they owe me? Strife or peace... anger or kindness... either way it's a musical masterpiece... a tapestry of colors.

The only thing that bothers me is that I used to conduct the kaleidoscope.

Lately, the collage has been consuming me. And I can't help but feel as though the colors could have swirled in a different way.

Is it a matter of trying harder?

Of putting my heart and soul into things?

I have passion, yes...

But passion...


It has given me this. A world where I refuse to go home... because the sweetest things in life are that which currently haunt me.

When did it all change?

Has it been a matter of change?

If so... if not...

...is there a way that I can change it back?

I let loose a sigh, cutting a swath through the green with my magenta breath. Through the fresh slit, I hear the golden giggles of ponies in the park.

My heart jolts. My eyes open with a bit of fright.

But then—as I focus on the foals' voices—I realize that none of them are blue.

I glance across the lawn regardless.

I see the fillies and colts dribbling a hoofball across the emerald landscape. One colt threads through the needle, slides, and kicks the ball up high. It arcs through the air, twirls, then lands in the crook of a tall tree's upper branches.

The children scuffle to a stop, their wining voices filling the air with dirty yellow waves.



"Meh. What are the odds?"

"Uhhh... wanna play jumprope instead?"

"Ew. No."

"Why'd you have to be so good at kicking?"

I'm almost leaning forward to pick the ball up for them with my telekinesis... but somepony beats me to it.

I watch as an orange set of wingfeathers streak into view. With lithe forelimbs, a familiar stallion grasps the ball, then floats down to the foals' level.

"Here ya go, sport," Flash Sentry smiles, tossing the ball towards a gaping colt. "Nice kick! Bet you'll be in the pros before long." He winks with a salute.

"Jee! Thanks, Mister!" The colt salutes back and dribbles the ball back downhill. "You're awesome!"

"So I've been told," Flash says, chuckling.

The foals run after the colt, clambering for the ball as they scamper down towards a lower level of the park.

Flash watches them for a small space in time. Then, with a sigh, he turns around to resume his leisurely stroll across the park. In so doing, his gaze sweeps across me. He does a double-take, blinking.

I stare back through my shades.

A slight twitch, and he smiles. Then waves.

I gulp... then wave back.

He turns around and trots down the path. He makes it only five or six paces before he lingers to a stop. I see the quivers of hesitation rolling through him. His ears twitch, and his jaw muscles clench. Nevertheless—after much fidgeting—he turns around and slowly... quietly shuffles back towards me.

I blink.

He takes a deep breath... then says, "I heard about... uhm... a certain adventure that you undertook with Twi..." He gulps. "With Her Royal Majesty. And I just want to say... uh... thanks, you know?" He produces a genuine... albeit weak smile. "She entrusted a lot to you, and you fell through for her... especially when it wasn't very easy or familiar. I... uh..." He cleared his throat. "I think the Princess is very lucky to have such good friends. Ponies whom she can trust. So... for what it's worth... thank you. Thank you for helping her... for protecting her. It's... well... it's what I shou—... would have done." He punctuates with a nervous chuckle.

I can only nod. There's something mesmerizing about his speech. It takes me a few seconds to ascertain why.

The brown is all gone. Instead... it's a very deep... very breathy yellow... not quite gold, but an earnest recreation. Sincere.

He leaves me to be in peace before I can even contemplate the matter further...

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