• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Groovin' Things

Author's Note:

It's still a few hours before the Gala begins proper.

I've actually found a soothing way to prepare for it... and that's not to prepare for it.

Since arriving, I've hooked my turntable up to the sound system and I've been playing a constantly-evolving funk mix live at a low volume. The speakers crackle forth a back beat overlaid with harmonic salvos of groovy samples and sporadic percussion. It isn't exactly stellar material, and the tempo's pretty laid back. Still—as I occasionally glance across the ballroom at the servants and caterers setting things up at the last second—I'm made aware of more than a few casual smiles and grins.

I smirk back, wave my hoof in the air, and really jazz it up, almost as if it's a real live dance party. The mix takes on a crazy new life, and I even start sweating a bit. Sometimes—I think—the best way to be an awesome performer is to do an even awesomer pre-show performance that next to nopony will hear.

Or so I think...

His hoofsteps follow his voice—echoing with delicious clarity. By the golden strings of his outburst, I can instantly tell that he's impressed.

"Whoah! Girl! Girl! Hold your horses! Party ain't startin' in almost two hours!"

I look up in a flash, raising my shades. Despite the blinding array of colors, I squint out across the ballroom I see his stripes slicing a path straight towards me. And he's not alone.

Son of a gun...

"There she is! There she is!" Roadie Beau scuffles to a stop below my DJ booth. "Mare of the hour right here, y'all! I dun care if there's a lavender princess up in this biz! Ha HA!"

"Wow, darling, she's just as electric as you've described." There's a dreadfully handsome creature clinging to him. At first, I think the stallion at my friend's side is an alicorn, until I realize that's just neon-feathery fluff hanging off the unicorn's dance vest. "Absolutely smashing, doll. The real DJ-P0N3 as I live and breathe."

"Viiiiiiiine, girl!" Beau waves, grinning wide. "I want you to be the first to meet Merriweather, right here. He's Trottingham's fastest up-and-coming blogger of the Equestrian night scene!"

"Charmed," Merriweather says. He bows, flouncing a pink mane that matches his vest. "Positively. It's a real honor meeting you, Miss P0N3. You literally have no idea." He giggles. "The boys back at Sherwhinny Soiree Publishings simply won't believe anything that's happening here tonight. So... good on us to enjoy the moment and sucks to be those blokes, eh?"

Beau's eyes brighten as he looks at me and jubilantly mouths: "He is the one."

I wink, lower my shades, and perform a swift salute.

"Ah!" Merriweather shudders. "It's just like in the photographs! The new Ponyville Gala is one thing, but this just wins it!"

"Yeah..." Beau nods with a chuckle. "She's one in a million." He leans in and nuzzles the stallion as they both smile proudly my way. "Guess who got VIP passessssss..."

I smirk, nodding. I wonder if this is Pinkie Pie's work. If so... damn nice job!

"Technically, we're here so that Merriweather can get first dibs on a cultural report blog, but still—I've always wanted to attend a party where I got to just... y'know..." Beau waves a hoof, smiling. "Hear you do your thang without havin' to be shouting it out to everypony. Is that selfish of me?"

I shake my head, spinning the turntables.

"My goddess...!" Merriweather coos. "Is she makin' music this entire time we've been yammering in her ear?"

"'Fraid so. She's that talented."

"Pffft... don't know why I ever doubted." Merriweather rolls his eyes and giggles. "I've heard sooooo many stories told about you and your tours ever since Baby-Beau here showed up in Trottingham. I think it's the bees knees."

I turn towards Beau, mouthing those three silly syllables.

"Erm... y-yeah." Beau gulps, blushing beneath his stripes. "Hey, Merri. You've been wondering where the punch is at." He points at a table across the way. "Feast your eyes."

"Ah! So it is!" The unicorn levitates a camera from beneath his vest and smirks. "You two darlings catch up. This will only be a second."

Beau leans in, kissing Merriweather on the cheek. "Try not to drown."

"Pffft. Same to you, ya slimy newspaper!" Merriweather slaps his tail against Beau's fetlock before trotting off.

"Guh!" Beau chuckles, shaking his head. He watches Merriweather go to take his photographs while strolling closer to the DJ Booth. "Mmmmm yeah... so... uh... that's him." He gulps and looks up at me. "Whaddya think? Too fast?"

I shake my head and smile.

"Whew..." Beau brushes a hoof over his mohawk. "I've been in this industry for far too long. Sometimes it feels criminal to be happy. But it shouldn't be, y'know?"

I bite my lip.

"So... this is it, huh? The big times?" He looks up at me with pride. "Awww... who am I kiddin'? There's no stoppin' yer climb to the top, is there, girl?"

I shrug, spinning the music into another jazzy section.

He sighs gently, staring at me with a calm smile. "It's really nice to be here, Vine. I don't know about you, but I think that... I-I feel that everything is just comin' together all beautiful-like. You and the Castle... me and Merri." He chuckles. "All that's left is for Tavi to get that sweet-ass chair in the Symphony Orchestra that she's always wanted! Hah HA!"

I nod, gazing at the black walls of the crystalline ballroom.

"But... forget about tomorrow," he says with a shrug. "Forget about yesterday. Right now... things are great. And you?" He winks, waving. "I think you're the shiniest you've ever been, girl. Go knock 'em dead tonight."

I salute back, then break into another beat with a chillaxed sigh.

For you, Beau, I'll be on top of a million worlds...

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