• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Unceremonious Things

Author's Note:

I've given up on sleeping by the time that I hear Octavia's violet voice surrounded with tapering bands of amber and gold. Two other mares are in our apartment, giggling and squeeing with glee. I instantly recognize the voices as belonging to Lyra and Bon Bon. If I had a guess—I'd say that they've been invited to the Friendship Gala too. Just when did that happen? Have I not been paying attention?

I want to think that I've been super busy with preparing the latest mix, but I know better.

I sit up in my bed with a sigh. I gaze towards my window, squinting. The world outside is ablaze with gold. Hundreds upon hundreds of voices are jubilantly greeting the advent of evening. After days and days, the time has come. How many hours until festivities begin? Ten? Twelve? I swear, the collective cacophony outside is ten times louder than normal. No wonder I can't get any rest.

Yes. That's a good excuse.

The three mares' voices shuffle towards Octavia's bedroom. I can only guess they're trying on dresses. There's a festivity to life... a spontaneous embrace of cheer and reverie that I've apparently forgotten. But—then again—I was never that big on looking pretty. That was Cyan's bag.

And I know mine.

I weather a magenta sigh.

There's no time like the present.

I roll out of bed. I slip on a saddle bag. I shuffle out of the room.

When I reach my foyer—where my packed instruments are—I am alone. Scribbler sits on a table, staring at me with slitted eye. I pet his head a few times, then glance towards the far end of the house. Violet and amber currents ripple across the floor and walls of the home. They're all tasting of giggles and smiles. No sense in disrupting that.

I write a hasty note and plaster it to the kitchen counter. That way, Tavi will know where I am. She won't have to worry.

Then, giving Scribbler a final nuzzle, I grab my things and roll it after me as I exit the apartment.

It's violently loud outside. I can barely trot a straight line across the kaleidoscope of colliding auras. Nevertheless, I keep the sharp black spires of the Castle of Friendship in my vision and I head towards it. On either side of me, Ponyvilleans and villagers alike are greeting each other, smiling, chatting-and-squealing in excitement over the unprecedented event taking place tonight. Even though the colors of their voices are a random assortment of hues, I feel all of them surging in the same direction, filling in the blank lines. It's almost eerie in a way. Perhaps once upon a time I would have been excited for them.

Right now, all I want to do is get this night over with. Afterwards, I can plan my next leg of tours across Equestria. That'll be a good thing. I think I could use the "me" time on the road...

I skirt past a final line of buildings, and I see the edge of the gala event. All of the tents have been erected, full of refreshment tables, outside bars, and gathering places for attendees of all ages. A huge group has already gathered. I'm actually quite surprised. It appears to be just as well organized as the last meeting Twilight Sparkle hosted, only this time there's a huge slew of exterior activities set up. I feel as though half of the Gala is being held outside the Castle just as much as inside.

And in the center of this growingly crowded event is Pinkie Pie. She's already wearing a dress—a bright pink, flouncing affair—and she zips from tent to tent, checking up on every bit of catering on the royal property.

And yet, despite all of her work, all of the ponies that she's taking care of, all of the excitement boiling around us...

She notices me like a burning candle across the lawn.

"Oh hey! Vinyl! Viney-Viney-Viney-Vineyyyyyyy!" She dishes out a pie, skips over a snack table, and skids to a stop in front of me. "Hi there!" A voice as shiny as her teeth. "Wowsers! You sure are early!"

I cock my head to the side. I point at her.

"Me? Pffft..." She rolls her eyes and giggles. There's a little pink hat on her mane and it nearly falls off with each bob of her head. "I can't possibly wait around like the other girls! So while Fluttershy, Rarity, and the others spruce themselves up, I'm here making sure all of the pre-Gala ponies are being served! Nothing screams 'friendship' like a good sugar cookie or lump of gelatin! AAAAH! Heeheehee-snrkk! Get it?"

I smile slightly. With a shrug, I trot towards the Castle behind her.

"Oh... whoah, hey! Vinyl!" She blinks after me, ears folding. "You... uh... you're here early too?"

I turn. I nod at her.

"Oh. Uhm... huh..." She fidgets in place, eyes darting left and right. "Just... well... Twilight was gonna send a stagecoach for you and Tavi. Y'know, like last time! Heehee! Octavia even said she had two friends tagging along! Figured it would be fun-fun-fun!"

I shrug again.

"You... you really don't wanna wait back there for the stagecoach?" She blinks, pouting slightly. "And go with Tavi and your other buddies? I mean, it's not like you gotta get all dressy-dressed for it or—"

I point at the instrument case, then at the Castle.

"Oh! Yes! Guess you gotta get... jazzed up!" She giggles, waving pleasantly. "Best of luck, Viney! I look forward to introducing you when it's your time to shine tonight!"

I nod. Then, briskly, I turn and shuffle the rest of the way to the Castle.

I hear Pinkie Pie bouncing off with a golden cadence. "Hold up over there! Pumpkin pies coming right upppp!"

I greet the guards and they let me inside the dark abode—past the gathered delegates, celebrities, and news reporters.

And it's only once I'm surrounded in blackness that a thought occurs to me...

A chilling thought... but somehow not as chilling as I've expected...

For a Friendship Gala, I seem to be running out of them really quick...

I make my way swiftly to the ballroom. I set my things up so I can test my instruments before my mind can even bother to contemplate that.

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